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DIY Decorating Ideas With Actual Fall Leaves

Bouquet of the roses made of dried autumn leaves | DIY Decorating Ideas With Actual Fall Leaves | Featured

These amazing DIY fall leaf decorating ideas will bring the beauty of fall leaves into your own home!

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Fall Leaf Decorating Ideas for the Autumn Season

Autumn Home Decor Ideas

Fall in love with fall over and over again by adorning you home with autumn leaves. Why settle for normal fall decor when you can have something that shouts it, right?

All you need is a little creativity or just check out this list!

It’s impossible to muse on the loveliness of autumn without conjuring images of gorgeous deep orange, yellow, brown, and ruby leaves that replace the green ones of summer.

But why look longingly out the window when you can bring the magic of fall leaves into your own home? Get creative with your own fall interior design.

There are all sorts of ideas for wall decor where the seasonal update can be as simple as dressing up your dining room table with fall leaves — or gathering them into a vase for a lovely autumnal bouquet.

Fall Wreath from Magnolia Leaves

Inspire your front door wreath with dried magnolia leaves. Imitation magnolia leaves are also available in some craft stores which is a good option if you want the leaves to last a lifetime.

Glittering Fall Leaves

Preserve those fall leaves in glittery fashion. Make it stiff by adding more layers when coating and use actual fall leaf colors to make it look lovelier.

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Fall Leaves and Sweaters


This project is unique and quite an eyecatcher for craft lovers. Be a bit more careful when working on this craft.

Make sure the dried leaf is far enough from where the flame sits. You have an instant fall leaf art with just a glass votive, unused sweater, and a dry leaf.

Leaf Bundle Fall Mantel


Real branches, as well as imitation branches, can be used for this project. In order for your leaf bundle fresh branches to last, coat them with spray finish for preservation purposes.

Fall Leaf Print Out


Care for an art piece that doesn’t require real leaves? Look for a beautiful leaf printable, print it out, then put it inside a frame.

Feel free to change the image to match the next season!

Got more time? Why not check out five more DIY fall room decor ideas from IdunnGoddess:

Don’t you just love fall? It lets you be creative and crafty with all the fall leaves you can get your hands on.

Are you as inspired as I am after seeing all these amazing decors? You must have already made up your mind about the project you’ll be working on.

Got any fall leaf projects to add to this list? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 30, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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