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25 Awesome Fall Leaf Activities

Are you ready for some pretty awesome fall leaf activities? One of the most beloved and expressive parts of fall is all the astounding leaves of various sizes, shapes, and textures. To help you have a blast with it, here are 25 creative and fun ideas for you to browse through from some amazingly talented bloggers.

Fall Leaf Activities | Fun-filled Changing Leaves Ideas

Fall is such a beautiful time of year! The temperatures are cooling, the hues are lively and cozy, and the mood is totally warm and homey! I want to share that I discovered so many great projects and pulled together the best ones so all of you could come to one spot to discover fantastic fall leaf projects! Create wonderful decor for yourself, your friends or even simply to enjoy crafty bonding time as many of these projects are kid-friendly!


1. Fall Leaf Garland

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A lovely craft for fall that showcases the vibrant autumn colors! It’s an easy, fun fall craft to do with the kids or just by yourself. Let’s see how long it lasts, wonderfully dangling in your doorway!


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2. Amazing Leaf Maze And Labyrinth

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This amazing leaf maze and labyrinth is a sure hit of awesomeness for all ages. Let the games begin! Just don’t try it on a windy day!


3. Leaf People

Let your precious ones create a whole leaf family. Bigger leaves can be used as parents and the smaller ones are for the children. Allow them to decorate their family creation however they like, then display them for everyone to see when they visit.


4. Leaf Rubbing

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If you’re searching for something a little more rustic looking, but with a low level of difficulty, this leaf rubbing project is for you! It works the same way when you rub a pencil or crayons over things to create their impression. Simply gather a couple of leaves in different shape and sizes. Lay them side up on cardstock or construction paper, then start rubbing with crayons. Your creation will be perfect for framing and gifting to grandparents over the holidays, or simply hang them on your wall.


5. Old-Fashioned Playing In Leaves

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If you have that massive pile of leaves, you’ll sure have all the fun with old-fashioned classic leaf jumping. Another sure hit leaf activity fun for all ages. You’ll never run out to things to do with your leaves ever again!


6. Leaf Name Game

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The possibilities of this game are endless! Teach your kiddo to spell and make it fun with these leaf letters! Learning while having fun, it’s what makes this activity more awesome!


7. Leaf Clay Bowls

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Did you know that pressing clay, rolling dough, and making leaf prints is the perfect way to immortalize your child’s fall creations? If you want a fall project that will last all year round, then these leaf clay bowls are the right project for you.


8. Autumn Art – Leaf Window Painting

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Bring out the acrylic finger paints for this beautiful sensory play turned art idea. Create leaf window clings that are astoundingly beautiful. Perfect for welcoming guests for the abundance fall season!


9. Fall Leaf Confetti

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You’re sure to love this amazing tactile experience that only happens in fall! Get all the crisp and dry leaves you can find and turn them into a natural fall leaf confetti.


10. Making Leaf Placemats

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One of the focal points for friends and family to gather in the fall season is the kitchen. With all the amazing food, how could it not be? Bring your guests warmth and welcome them to your table with beautiful fall leaf placemats!


11. Real Fall Red Leaf Magnets

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Talking about preserving fall leaves for all year round display, this is it! Immortalize your leaves and keep them for lovely decorations long term!


12. Found Object Art


What a way to teach and show children the beauty of recycling? This found object art is sure to impress guests and draw in the rustic charm of autumn nature!


13. Fall Butterfly Craft

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Cuteness overload! Let your kiddos enjoy more fall leaf activities by creating any character they want with wings! Butterflies, fairies, birds, oh my!


14. Autumn Wreath

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Let your kids make an autumn wreath you can proudly hang as your fall door decor. All you’ve got to do is cut the template out of cardboard and glue the leaves in place, covering the whole template. They can also do the decorating by adding acorns, pinecones, or any other craft or scrapbook materials. Then, it can be hung with anything you have handy, a rope or ribbon will do.



15. Leaf Sun Catcher

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You and your kids will be thrilled with how this leaf sun catcher glows once it is hit with sunlight. A whimsical bright fall light is sure to delight your day.


16. Leaf Threading

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If you love the leaves this time of the year, this leaf threading activity will bring fall colors to your crafting. You can even spruce it up! All you need is a strip of yarn, rope, or ribbon, then let the kids do the threading however they want. This craft activity is great for fall sleepover parties. Little girls will spend long hours of fun making stylish necklaces they can wear or give away as gifts.


17. Leaf Animals

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Have the children collect leaves of different sizes to create their own leaf animals. Bigger leaves can be used for the body and little ones make great eyes, ears, or noses. The twigs or narrow leaves make perfect legs. Leaf animals are fun and entertaining for kids to create, and you can even frame their creations so your child can cherish them for years to come.


18. Big Leaf Printing

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I am so loving this big leaf printing! It only requires using a variety of colors on a single big leaf. If you have kids, allow them to do this simple craft and he/she will have a two-fer in painting the leaf, then using it as a stamp.


19. Leaf Alphabet

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If you don’t know what to do with your kids’ leaf animal creation, put those to good use by creating  leaf alphabet posters. I’m sure your kids will get creative. Is R for rabbit, or robot? Let them let you know.


20. DIY Leaf Crowns

Ready to host the best fall party ever? Whether it’s for the kiddos or grown-ups, these adorable DIY leaf crowns make a fun accessory to wear, making a fall party livelier.


21. DIY Leaf Mask

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The pictures of this DIY leaf mask are super cute and I’m totally taken by it! It has a very simple tutorial for creating one totally from scratch. If you already own a mask, it makes the work even more easier, simply glue some leaves to it and viola – your mask is ready!


22. Glittery Fall Leaves

These glittery fall leaves combines two of the most favorite things kids love: sparkly things, and making you clean up all the glitter they left behind. LOL! Anyway, this wonderful craft is all worth the mess because their creations can be used as an embellishment to any decor you already have and make it more admirable.


23. DIY Painted Leaf Banner

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Naturally, leaves come in shades of green, gold, and brown, but they don’t have to stay that way! Take a bold approach and transform your fall foliage, just like this painted leaf banner. It looks so modern and clean, they could be used to decorate your home all year long.


24. Acorn Fairy With Fall Leaves

Indulge your kid’s creativity and fall in love with this adorable acorn fairy. This beautiful craft is bound to bring in some magical fun into your fall leaf activity.


25. DIY Autumn Leaf Fairy Lights

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Create an interesting glow in your home décor with these easy and inexpensive DIY autumn leaf fairy lights. Perfect day or night – the light that comes through the leaves creates the most beautiful colours and glow.


Up for a fall leaves figurine challenge? Check out this video from AllAroundAudrey:

If you have kids who are not yet in school, or when they take a fall break this year, these fall leaf activities are something you can use to pass the time. These fall projects will definitely come in handy. Some are perfect for gift giving, so let your kids choose a craft and create the gift themselves. They’ll be very proud of their achievement and their recipient will simply love the thought behind it.

Which fall leaf activities will you do this fall? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in September 2016 updated for quality and relevancy. 

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