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25 Unique and Easy Valentines Day Cards You Should Make

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Show your creativity and let your friends and loved ones know how sweet you think they are with these unique and cute Valentine's day cards.

Cool DIY Valentine's Day Cards For Your Loved Ones

Homemade Valentine's Day cards will surely melt their hearts by letting them know you have given time and effort to making a sweet card for them. Whether the card is for your beau, your bestfriend, mom, dad, or someone you just want to show some love to on Valentine's Day, these Valentine's day card ideas will absolutely send the message, ‘I LOVE YOU' to them — loud and clear and full of heart. So ditch the store-bought Valentine’s Day cards and stationary, and make your own DIY V-Day cards.


1. You're a Star V-day Card

There are endless possibilities with potato stamps! It's never outdated. In fact, it is a lot easier to make and more handy to use than foam stamp. The printable card is provided here.


2. DIY ‘Googly Eyes' Valentine Card

What do you think of these googly eye printable Valentine's day cards? Aren't they the cutest? All you need to do is print the template and add some stickers, glitters, washi tapes, and whatnots.


3. Candles Card

Running out of craft supplies? Not a problem! For sure you have unused birthday candles you kept from last year. Turn them into a V-day candle card. It is unique and sweet at the same time. This card doesn't look like a last minute idea.


4. Message in A Bottle

Get your significant other exhilarated! Write some cheesy lines on a strip of white paper, and make a mini message in a bottle for your Valentine – vintage and romantic!


5. Washi Tapes Valentine's Day Cards

It has never been so easy to create a DIY Valentine's day card! Just tape away colorful washi tapes and you'll be done in no time!


6. Needle Felted Heart Valentine's Day Card

Needle felting is so much fun and this Valentine's day, be crafty and needle felt your DIY card! Poking the wool needs careful attention, and doing the process might be laborious for you. But in the name of love, it's all worth it!


7. Rainbow Heart Iris Folding Card

This cute Valentine card does remind us of a beautiful stained-glass window. How to achieve this V-Day card? Colorful ribbons, colored papers, or washi tapes are your best friends in making Rainbow Heart Iris Folding card.


8. Window Confetti

Don't worry if you don't have a heart puncher! A circle one would look just as adorable! Now, this may look simple, but this Confetti Valentine's Day card is my favorite. I just love the confetti window here.


9. Handmade Card with Seed Beads

Show off your beautiful handwriting skills embellished with seed beads in this easy DIY card project. You can customize this card by adding fancy buttons, layered felt flowers, and other craft supplies.


10. Wood Veneer Valentine

If you want to give your Vday card a dash of masculine touch, this one's for you. This wood veneer V-day card is a winner. It effortlessly combines the classy and manly looks.


11. Origami Hearts DIY Card

2 hearts are better than one, right? 🙂 And you can never go wrong with origami hearts. They look simple and sweet as a V-day card? This DIY card also comes with a cute and romantic envelope.


12. Origami Bows

Since origami paper comes in a lot of pretty patterns and adorable colors, here's another cute origami card idea! The patterns of these origami papers are so dainty and perfect to help you express your love.


13. DIY Valentine's Day Card Made of Tags

I always believe there's a beauty that'll come out from stash arts and craft supplies. This DIY card is one of the many examples. Turn a few blank tags from Christmas into Valentine tags with some ribbons, lace, and tissue paper!


14. Stamped Valentine's Day Cards

Stamp away your craftiness this Valentine's day with this dainty and simple DIY V-day card! By just looking at the image, you could already tell what you need to do. Just make a heart template and then stamp away!


15. Stringy Love Valentine Card

You'll only need a few materials to make this cutie DIY card. For the materials, you need a card-stock paper, vinyl, string, and envelope. For the tools, for sure you have scissors, glue gun, and hole puncher at home.


16. Owl Always Love You Card

Owls are always popular. They're present everywhere- be it in fashion, home decors, and craft ideas. Creating one for you V-day card is obviously not an exception! In fact, these felt owls look such a darling pair!


17. Valentine's Day Cootie Catcher

Remember the silly fortune tellers called Cootie Catcher? Now you can turn them into a cute and playful V-day card! It's going to be exciting, and I'm sure your significant other will love it.


18. Superhero Valentine

Is it a bird? NO! Is it a plane?.. NO! It's SUPER VALENTINE! So cuute and literally sweet! Everyone would love to receive one from you. Since this is easy to make, this is a perfect Vday gift to your office mates too.


19. Cut-out Red Valentine Card

Grab those scissors and make this Valentine card in a few minutes! All you have to do is print and cut! But Wait! You need to know that cutting paper is also a skill, and there's a right way to do it. Number rule of thumb, always use sharp blades.


20. Sequin Embellished Card

You can never go wrong with sequins too. This is another easy yet cool craft to make on V-day! It's sparkly and fun! You can whip these babies in less than 5 minutes!



21. Pop-Up Valentine's Day Card

Make your V-day card extra special by making a pop-up card for your Valentine. All you need to do is cut the heart template, fold, stick the hearts with superglue, and that's it!


22. Mini Vday Cards

These cute mini Valentine cards are sooo much fun to decorate! Get creative and come up with more designs. Bring out your scrapbook papers, fancy buttons, felt fabric, and craft scissors set!


23. DIY Crayon Hearts Card

If you have broken and unused wax crayons lying around, you can find them useful on this DIY craft! Melt the wax crayon, then mold it in a heart-shaped aluminum cookie cutter. Let it cool down until they're harden. You can make these with your little kids, too!


24. Magazine Strip Valentine's Card

Upcycle your old magazines with this easy DIY craft from The Outlaw Mom site. Another simple yet cute project you can make with your kids.


25. DIY Confetti Vday Card

Here's another version of the beads, sequins, and window confetti  V-day cards. Again, don't worry if you don't have heart puncher. A regular circle one would still look as adorable as this.


Here's another cool DIY Valentine's Day Card from Crafting Hours!

Break away from the traditional design of Valentine's day card, even more so with store-bought V-Day cards. Surprise them with these different shapes and sizes. Your significant other or family will be ecstatic to receive something handcrafted from you. Gifts and cards make a profound difference when there's a labor of love involved.

Did you enjoy our cute Valentine's day card ideas? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are on these homemade Valentine cards.

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