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10 Cool Ways to Reuse Your Old Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat DIY? Hold your horses before you toss out that old yoga mat. You can recycle and create something unique from your mat. Read on for some great examples below.

10 Upcycling Ideas For Yoga Mats

1. Clutch

Yoga Mat

Himane Sustainable Designs created this super cool and creative clutch using an old yoga mat and some heavy duty thread.

2. Counter Protect

Yoga Mat

Don’t damage your counter tops with hot pots and pans instead cut out a small section from  your old yoga mat and use it to protect your counter.

3. Place Mat

Use an old yoga mat to cut out some squares or circles and use them for place mats on your table.

4. Mouse Pad

Yoga Mat

Use a sharp stencil knife or scissor to cut out a circle or square and you instantly have a new mouse pad.

5. Jar Opener

Having a hard time opening tight lids in your home? Well an old mat can solve those problems. Just cut out a small enough piece to cover the size of the lip and use to to protect your hands and add a bit of cushioning to help open tight jars.

6. Chair cover

This is such a creative idea, and one you should definitely try. Plus your recycling two things instead of one, imagine how your contributing to the environment.  Instead of throwing out your old, worn out chairs at home just replace the seats with your old yoga mat.

7. Door Mats

Check out 10 Cool Ways to Reuse Your Old Yoga Mat at

It might be too worn out for a good yoga session but it can still serves it purpose as a door mat. Just cut in half and you’re done!

8. iPad Case

Cut out 2 large rectangular shapes from an old mat then join the two pieces by putting one of the rectangular shapes on top of the other. You can either use a sewing machine or heavy duty needle and thread to sew the bottom and both sides together, leaving the top open to insert your Ipad.

9. Cup Coozie

Just cut a section long enough to wrap around a soda can or a coffee cup and sew both ends together to create this cool cupholder.

10. Litter Box Mat

Your cat can get pretty messy but a simple solution is to put old yoga mat underneath the litter box and problem solved.

We sure hope you enjoyed these 10 cool upcycling ideas. Either way share your comments with us; we love hearing from you.

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