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15 Easy Last-Minute Valentines Day Decorations

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Valentine’s day decorations are a nice touch to any home looking to celebrate the day dedicated to romance. Here are some ideas that you can do yourself, even with a time crunch.

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Valentines Day Decorations DIY: 15 Last-Minute Ideas to Try

1. Glass Candle Holder Decorations


This simple Valentine’s day decoration is something you make out of aluminum foil, and you stick it on your candle holder. All you need is to cut out a pattern, preferably with the use of letterpress dies, and then stick the foil on the glass holder with hot glue.

It adds that subtle romantic touch to your candle holder — perfect for setting the mood.

2. Chandelier Made out of Paper Hearts


Another last-minute DIY Valentine’s Day decoration that you can do is a chandelier hanging from the ceiling made out of paper hearts. All you need are a pair of scissors, a variety of pink, red, and white paper, a wooden ring, and some string.

Cut out heart shapes from the paper, then fold it to create a crease. Paste or tape the inward fold of the heart on the string.

Do this for all of the paper hearts. Do multiple strings of at least four.

Then, stick the string to the ring and then hang it in a place that needs a little dash of decor.

3. Dual-Purpose Wine Glass Valentine Table Decorations


You don’t need to do anything too extra to make this decor work for you. All you really need is candles, some cupcakes, and wine glasses.

By flipping the wine glass upside down, you can use the glass to encase the cupcake. Simultaneously, the flat bottom of the wine glass can be used as a candle holder.

You can even replace the cupcake with a rose for an added romantic effect.

4. Photoboard Valentines Day Decorations


Gather and print out photos of you and your Valentine. Find a relatively empty wall, and then simply paste your photos like a collage of sorts on the wall.

Make sure to add some decorative touches to it to make it more special. Also, you can filter your photos black and white so that the heart decorations will stand out even more against the board of black-and-white photos.

It’s a great way to look back at all your sweet moments with your significant other while also decorating the space for Valentine’s.

5. Kiss Mark Balloons


For this one, all you need are white balloons and red lipstick. Fill up the balloons then simply kiss all over the balloon and make kiss marks all over it.

It’s a simple and cheeky Valentine’s day decoration that anyone can do.

6. Garland With the Queen of Hearts


You will need a puncher, some yarn, and a deck of cards. You can also spice it up by adding some ribbons.

Get all the Hearts cards from the deck then punch two holes on each side at the top of the card. You will put your yarn through these holes and you’ve got yourself a garland.

You can add ribbons between each card to make it look more visually appealing.

7. Tree of Hearts


If you have an empty vase available, then you should create the tree of hearts as one of many simple Valentine’s day decorations. Pick up some branches that aren’t too long that they’ll sag while in the vase.

Then, cut out hearts from a variety of shades of pink or red. Paste these on the branches and you have yourself a simple Valentine’s day tree to brighten up any space you place it in.

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8. Heart Candy Garland


The famous heart candies with words like “Kiss Me” or “Love” are a staple during the season of love. Therefore, you should make a decor that mimics this iconic candy.

All you need are pastel-colored papers and red lettering. Cut out heart shapes from these papers, write your own short but sweet messages.

Punch two holes on each heart and then string yarn through it, and you’ve got yourself a romantic garland.

9. Red Glitter Wine Bottle


If you and your significant other have plans to imbibe, then you might want to personalize the bottle to spice things up. One way you can add that spark is by adding a sparkly glitter coat on the bottle.

When doing this, you want to be someplace where you won’t get glitter everywhere.

Coat the bottle of wine including the label with glue, like Mod Podge. Then, sprinkle glitter around the bottle.

Tap the bottle lightly on a surface to shake off any excess glitter. Shake it a few times more to be sure you keep an even layer of glitter on the bottle.

10. Fingerpainting Mason Jars


You can also use mason jars as small flower vases to use all over the house. To turn these into Valentine’s Day decorations, you should paint the whole jar white.

Then, using your thumbs, paint hearts all over the jar with different colors. It’s a cute and simple way of decorating your jars to make it fit for Valentine’s theme.

11. Wall of Fresh Flowers


If you’re holding a small get-together in your house during Valentine’s Day, then you might want to have an Instagrammable corner or vignette.

One interesting decor that you can do is to tape flowers in a vertical pattern on one part of your wall. It’s a great concept that will surely make a great backdrop for photos.

12. Red Tissue Paper Heart Wreath Valentine Door Decorations


If you want your door to be decorated for Valentine’s as well, then you can’t go wrong with a wreath.

Get a bunch of paper with different shades of pink and red and a puncher with scalloped edges. Pile different shades of these punched papers on top of each other.

Scrunch the first paper and then the paper below it, and continue until you have a flower. With your foam wreath, you can simply pin these flowers onto the wreath and cover it to create the flowery heart wreath. Hang it in front of your door.

13. XOXO Table Cloth


Another simple Valentine’s day decoration that you can do is an XOXO table cloth. What you’ll need is a plain tablecloth with no patterns and the fabric paint color of your choice.

It could be anything as long as it’s visible when applied on the table cloth. Then, create an X and O pattern all over the table cloth.

14. Yarn Heart Valentine Light Decorations


For this one, you will need a heart-shaped balloon, yarn, lots of glue, copper string lights, yarns in romantic colors, and washi tape.

Blow up the balloon then wrap glue-soaked yarn pieces all over it. Once you’re satisfied, let it hang and dry for 48 hours.

After that, your yarn should harden in the shape of the balloon. To remove the balloon, simply pop it.

Then, you can start putting copper fairy lights inside and around the hardened yarn shell. You now have a light decor that you can place anywhere.

15. Bathroom Mirror Love Notes


Giving your significant other positive affirmation is not only sweet, but also great for their mental wellbeing. With a marker and some sticky notes, start off your partner’s day by making a heart from plenty of sticky notes on the bathroom mirror.

Fill these sticky notes with sweet nothings that your partner will definitely appreciate. It’s inexpensive but still quite romantic.

Here’s a simple heart garland valentine’s day room decorations from Komali Arts:

All of these Valentine’s day decorations are easy to do and don’t require a lot out of you. If Valentine’s Day is approaching and you’re looking for something you can do on the go, then these decoration ideas should help.

May you have a happy Valentine’s day with your partner!

Which of these Valentine’s day decoration ideas are you most interested in making? Let us know by leaving a comment down below!


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