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These Amazing DIY Storage Ideas Are Too Awesome For Words

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There’s no better way to add more space to any room in your house than with these amazing DIY storage ideas. First off, I am a big fan of anything that has to do with DIY and storage because there’s always that challenge of maximizing space against space. But when you are faced with the challenge, that’s where your creative mind goes into complete overdrive.

These Amazing DIY Storage Ideas Are Too Awesome For Words

Easily store your stuff the awesome way

You don’t need the fancy shelves you see displayed in malls. These DIY storage ideas are amazing enough in their own right that they have their own character and unique functionality. You just can’t buy that from any Home Depot!

1. Old Door Kitchen Organizer

Display and organized your kitchen items uniquely, just like this.

2. Narrow Floating Bookshelf (Behind a door)

Yes, you can make your bookshelves narrow so it would take the space just behind your door. Talk about a secret compartment!

3. Cork Accessory Organizer

Make use of the space beside your door and turn it into your accessory station. You can also pin important reminders there if you like.

4. Crate on Wheels for Toy Storage

Storage on wheels? You can bet your sweet bottom dollar that this baby can do wonders, apart from storing and transporting.

5. Mason Jar Organizer

Got more mason jars lying around? Turn those into functional storage items.

6. PVC Tool Storage

These PVC pipes are a must-have for your garage, especially when it comes to sorting out those tools.

7. DIY Doorway Shelf

Got no more space around? IMPOSSIBLE! There’s that space right between the top of the door and the ceiling!

8. DIY Window Cabinet

Got broken window frames lying about? Turn them into functional cabinets!

9. Wood Caddy with Rope Handles for the Bathroom

This wood caddy for your toiletries is just too cute and cool, and it’s also very functional. The rope handles sealed the deal for me, that’s why I made this.

10. DIY Round Hanging Shelf

Who said shelves are plain and boring? Boring is no way near this DIY piece because it’s functional and decorative!

11. DIY: Magnetic Bathroom Rack


Now you don’t need to look below the sink, under the rug or on the corners of tables and rooms for tiny things such as bobby pins, nail clippers and the like. Your magnetic bathroom rack will hold it together. More details here.

12. Storage Behind Doors


Make us of the space behind doors and this secret shelf does the trick!

13. Mod Wine Rack

When you don’t want to display your wines, you can always store them like this.

14. Bookshelves Made From Rain Gutters


Sometimes, you don’t need to have cedars to create book shelves. Like this project, all it takes are your usual tools to transform rain gutters into shelves!

15. DIY Pallet Coffee Table

Coffee table on the top, storage area below. Functional and decorative, this coffee table is very ideal for small spaces, like apartments or pads.

16. Hidden Key Storage


Store your keys away from sight by cleverly doing it behind a frame. Interesting, right?

17. Produce Food Storage Drying Rack

What better way to keep your produce food than placing them in a refreshingly drying rack like this? Full tutorial here.

Can’t get enough of storage projects? Check out this video from Beautiful DIY about 20 cool IKEA Hacks for storage:

These storage ideas can totally upgrade your house, and help you maintain its order. You can just create your own version of any storage items mentioned, with minimal cost involved. Which one do you want to add to your home right away?

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