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8 Clever DIY Shoe Storage Ideas

Are you looking for ways to keep your shoes organized? Read on and get inspiration from our list of awesome DIY shoe storage ideas.


As women, it’s in our nature to love shoes. It’s part of our DNA and we might have one pair too many pairs in our closets. Just know, it’s essential to store them properly if you want to keep them looking and feeling new!

So we’ve put together a quick roundup of great shoe storage ideas on a budget that you can try at home!

DIY Shoe Storage Ideas


1. Ceiling Shoe Closet

Shoe racks can sometimes look a bit boring. Try this DIY storage solution by hanging molding near the ceiling of a closet for your non-seasonal shoes.

2. Wine Crate Shoe Storage

Do you have wine crates sitting around the house? Then try this DIY project!


3. With Images as Labels

Store your shoes in shoeboxes with printed pictures of your shoe collection as box labels, so you can easily see where everything is.


4. Repurposed School Locker

Salvage some old school lockers for shoe storage. This DIY project is perfect in a boy’s bedroom.


5. Slide-Out Shoe Rack

This might be exactly what you need to store your guests’ sneakers or your favorite pairs that you wear throughout the week. It’s clean, easy and versatile!


6. Repurposed Wall Moldings

Show off your high heels by transforming a disassembled picture frame into an array of wall-mounted display racks. Try this shoe storage solution for a quirky and colorful way to hang your heels and keep them clean.


7. PVC Pipe Cubbies

We normally see PVC pipes behind a drywall. But here, they take center stage as the basis for another creative DIY shoe rack.


8. Suspend Wire Hangers

Save floor space by storing footwear on the wall. You can store them in the back of your closet or in a bedroom corner. This DIY shoe storage project is great for sandals and flat-soled shoes.


Watch this video below for more DIY shoe storage tips from Simple Home Art Decor Ideas:

So if you’ve been trying to come up with a solution to your shoe addiction, any of these DIY shoe storage ideas are perfect for you.

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