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23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious

Are you a crazy coffee cup lady like me? Then this post is perfect for you! Check out these awesome ways to organize your coffee mug storage as we celebrate International Coffee Day!

It's not something I admit often, but I have a seriously crazy obsession with mugs and coffee! It's one of those things that keeps me going everyday. And as a crafty person, I love to make anything less- than-attractive turn into something truly wonderful. I've found a few coffee mug storage ideas below. Take inspiration from these for your coffee mug storage goals that's just in time for International Coffee Day!

23 Awesome Ways To Organize Your Coffee Mug Storage; The Last Storage Is Ingenious

A steaming cup of coffee in the morning is the perfect ritual for starting my day. And because of that, I've provided a little space for my coffee mug storage.

If you're a coffee lover, then you're sure to collect cups or mugs or at least have dedicated a space for your coffee habit. So whether you like espresso shots, Americano, or lattes, International Coffee Day is the day to appreciate your favorite beverage. And to celebrate that, check out these brilliant ideas to make drinking coffee more enjoyable!


1. DIY Coffee Mug Holder

Make your coffee mug storage as delectable as your cup of joe every morning! Check out this DIY coffee mug holder from pennywise cook!


2. Hanging Coffee Mug Holder

When you have limited kitchen space, it is important to keep your mug collection within arms' reach especially the ones that I use quite often. Are you totally digging this idea too?


3. DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

This has been one of my absolute favorite DIYs. I tried this at home and it's actually really stylish. This idea can serve as a sweet treat for us coffee lovers! We see items exactly like this being sold on Etsy. But why spend when you can make one? Check out easy instructions here.


4. Mug Drawer

Another great idea is to create a drawer for your coffee mugs. Just make sure it's deep enough for the taller mugs. To protect their rims, store them upside down.


5. Wine Barrel Stave Coffee Mug Rack

This is a wonderful hand-crafted coffee mug rack that's made from aged oak wine barrel staves. This definitely adds a warm and cozy feeling to your kitchen. Get it here!


6. Under Cabinet Hooks For Coffee Mugs

If you're stacking those pretty mugs of yours, you're simply asking for them to topple over and break. Screw hooks under your cabinets or shelf instead so you can hang the mugs!


7. From Drawers-to-Shelves Coffee Mug Storage

If you're a vintage/rustic furniture fan, then this DIY reclaimed wood project is for you! Check out how this blogger turned her cabinet's drawers into a coffee mug storage!


8. The Glaze Coffee Station

Still have enough space in your kitchen? Then that can be a pretty good spot for a coffee station. Here the owner used a vintage pot holder and some shower curtain clips to hook the coffee mugs on it. This looks amazingly cool!


9. The Traveler's Mug Storage

If you love traveling and love to collect mugs from different places, take inspiration from this photo!

It is a functional and uniform record of where we have been. – Amy Azzarito


10. Coffee Mug Shelves

It's pretty amazing what you can with art. It can brighten up a hallway or a room. Find enough room and space anywhere in your house and display your mug collection like this!

I’m totally thrilled with how the shelves turned out, and I love having my favorite mugs on display – in rainbow order, naturally! – Heidi


11. Caryall Coffee Mug Shelf

Check out how this blogger re-purposed a carpenter's carryall into an instant coffee mug shelf! Awesome idea, right?


12. Geometric Coffee Mug Rack

This idea can serve as a sweet treat for us coffee lovers! We see items exactly like this being sold on Etsy. But why spend when you can make one? Check out the tutorial here.




13. Organized Coffee Cabinet

Your coffee cabinet can store more if you really think about it. Use hooks and organizer bins or a caddy to separate your smaller mugs from the bigger ones.


14. Coffee Cart and Mug Storage

Coffee lovers will like the idea of adding a coffee station in the kitchen. And the mugs aren't just placed on the table, to save space, the mugs were hung on a dowel. Wouldn't it be nice to wake up every morning and head downstairs to make coffee from this cute little cart first thing in the morning?


15. Free Standing Mug Shelf

When you reorganize your coffee cabinet, use a freestanding shelf to hold mugs. This will certainly work like charm!


16. Wall Mount Expanding Coffee Mug Rack

Having a lot of mugs could also mean mug clutter. Avoid this by installing a wall mount expanding coffee mug rack in your kitchen!


17. Coffee Mug Tray

Another use for a tray is for holding those precious mugs of yours. Place them in your little coffee cart if you have one!


18. Pegboard Mug Collection Storage

Another awesome idea using a pegboard for your mug collection!

Mugs. So many mugs. Dustin once threatened to divorce me if I brought home one more mug. Then, I came up with the pegboard idea & saved our marriage. – April Cochran-Smith


19. Coffee Mug Display

This looks cool! A shelf shaped like the first letter of your name as coffee mug storage is a brilliant idea.

Don’t be fooled, these aren’t even all of the coffee mugs I own (they don’t all fit) but most of my favorites. – Adriana


20. Coffee Mug Holder

Most people use a cup holder tree like this one. After all, it's super handy and you can bring it anywhere in the house. Doesn't this set up also make you feel like the holidays are fast approaching?


21. Vintage Shutter Mug Rack

Since Christmas is just a few months away, give your mug storage a makeover! Check out the tutorial here.

There is something about mugs that just makes me excited!  After taking a brief look through my kitchen cupboards it would not take long to realize that I have a minor mug collecting obsession… seeing that I have more cupboard space devoted to storing my mugs than pots and pans. – Melissa


22. Wooden Shelving Unit With Cubbies

Your mug collection deserves a spot in your home. Install or purchase a shelving unit with a lot of cubbies to create an amazing coffee nook!


23. Coffee Mug Storage and Display

Saving the best for last, this mug wall is definitely my favorite. This is awesome for someone who has a small kitchen.  Go for it and forget about the shelves and traditional racks. Truly ingenious, right?


Check out this video from Steve Carmichael and watch how he made an awesome coffee mug rack!

How will you be celebrating International Coffee Day? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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