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1. DIY String Lights To Decorate Your Rooms | DIY Projects

I’ve recently used white string lights to decorate our patio. It achieved a cozy and starry effect I just can’t get enough of. While sitting outside, it just came to me: “What other DIY decorations can I make with string lighting inside our home?” Immediately, I started researching and the results were crazy good! That’s why I’ve rounded up some cool and awesome string light ideas we can both try, and hopefully, keep our rooms stunning all year round! Click to read more

2. 9 DIY Squat Rack Ideas For Your Home Gym

My husband has recently stopped going to the gym. He said that he doesn’t have the time anymore to do everything and drop by to do weights. He did mention that he would love to have some kind of equipment at home, though. So my solution, a DIY squat rack! If you’re also tired of going to the gym and just want to do it at home, these homemade squat rack plans can help you out! Click to read more

3. 22 Curb Appeal Home Decor Ideas | DIY Outdoor Crafts

Want to add curb appeal to your home but need to go easy on the budget? I just can’t get enough of craft ideas and DIY projects that make my home look more attractive. Recently I’ve been doing so much DIY home and room decor you can only see when you step inside the house. I think I’m taking our home’s exterior for granted. So, I decided that I also need to add a little curb appeal to it… Click to read more

4. 17 DIY Bath Bombs & Homemade Bath Bomb Recipes

I don’t know about you, but I love taking baths, especially warm ones. Baths let me relax, rejuvenate, and forget about my other troubles. Between work and the family, I don’t always get to sit in the tub for hours I’d like, but I try to make time for at least one bath a week. I call it “tub therapy” and nothing makes bath time more pleasurable than using my own DIY bath bombs! If your hands are ready to start mixing, here are the recipes you must try! Click to read more

5. 24 DIY Wedding Favor Ideas to Save Money

Looking for some cool DIY wedding favor ideas? No wedding is complete without wedding favors. There should always a keepsake the guests can take home to remember the special day they shared with the newlyweds. If you want some DIY wedding favors on a budget to give your guests on the big day, then this is the list you should be checking out! Click to read more

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