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22 Curb Appeal Home Decor Ideas | DIY Outdoor Crafts

Want to add curb appeal to your home but need to go easy on the budget? I just can’t get enough of craft ideas and DIY projects that make my home look more attractive. Recently I’ve been doing so much DIY home and room decor you can only see when you step inside the house. I think I’m taking our home’s exterior for granted. So, I decided that I also need to add a little curb appeal to it.

Hiring someone to do landscaping in your home can be expensive, but what if you can DIY it? Here are some great ideas to give your home extra curb appeal on a budget!

22 DIY Curb Appeal Ideas For The Budget Friendly Home


1. Acid Stain Your Walkway

Acid Stain your Walkway | Curb Appeal Home Decor Ideas | DIY Outdoor Crafts | Curb Appeal On A Budget
How to Acid Stain a Concrete Floor Photo by DIY Projects

Got a concrete walkway? Why not acid stain it to give it an instant makeover? Add some elegance to the floor in your garage or your patio with stained concrete.  Click here to read more!


2. Spray Painted Paint Flower Display

Head over your local thrift store and get these crates. These wooden pieces are very affordable and make a unique addition to your home. Spray them with some paint to match the color scheme you’re going for. Check it out here.


3. Eyesore Camouflage

I’m sure somewhere there’s a big electrical box and piping that just stands out from your perfect home. Make it disappear by taking out your brush and some paint. See it here.


4. Colorful Front Door

Paint your front door in a bold and vibrant color. Even small doors can look so dominant with the right touch. It will make your home stand out instantly. See it here.


5. Spray Painted Doormat

Did it even cross your mind that doormat and spray paint could make a nice piece for your home? Show how crafty you are before anyone steps foot inside your house. See how you can upgrade your doormat here.


6. House Number Flower Pots

Make your guests and the delivery man find your house easier with this easy DIY project. This flower pot idea is just brilliant and will make passersby give it a second look. Check it out here.


7. Window Shutters

Replace the old shutters and make way for newly-colored ones. Installing some window shutters in unexpected colors will look amazing in any home. Get the tutorial here.

Check out more Shutter Repurposing ideas here!


8. DIY Garage Door Makeover with Stain

Is your garage door becoming an eyesore? This DIY garage door makeover is definitely worth the time and effort to achieve it. Make it look fabulous with some gel stain. Check it out here.


9. DIY Window Box

Window boxes are great for adding instant curb appeal to your home. The color and texture the flowers will add to your home is just superb. Get the tutorial here.


10. $1 Front Porch Light Makeover

Does this front porch light look familiar? I’m sure you may have something similar. Here’s a cheap and easy way to give it a makeover. Check it out here.


11. Tire Flower Planter

Need something unique and durable? Upcycle an old tire and turn it into a DIY planter. Painting it would also make it look more appealing. Get the instructions here.


12. Rustic Wood Patio Table

If your porch has a big blank space you just don’t know what to do with, why not make a DIY patio table? Salvage some of the old wood in your backyard and start working on this project. Get the tutorial here.


13. DIY X Leg Bench

It’s a simple design and very easy to make. With just a few hours of woodwork, you can add a sitting area and instant curb appeal with this DIY bench on a budget. See how you can make it here.


14. DIY Recirculating Fountain

Installing water features can make a difference in your front yard. The sound of water is very refreshing and creates a natural cooling effect in the area surrounding it. Get the tutorial here.


15. DIY Porch Swing

Nothing’s more comforting to have on your porch than an old porch swing. If you don’t have one yet, I highly recommend you build one over the weekend. Check it out here.


16. Side Yard Makeover

Here’s another side yard makeover and a great curb appeal landscape idea. Start adding some flowers and plants to your side yard. It’s an easy makeover for people with green thumbs. See it here.


17. Build a Picket Fence

Some old ideas just won’t easily go out of style. It’s every homeowner’s dream to have a white picket fence outside their home, so why not build one? Check it out here.


18. Lattice Privacy Screen

Have privacy while adding a great accent piece at the same time. This lattice privacy screen allows air to pass through while shielding you from prying eyes. Get the instructions here.


19. Hide Your Outdoor Air-Conditioning Unit

You have to admit it, outdoor air-conditioning units are so bulky and can be an eyesore. Here’s a great way to remedy that problem. Check it out here.


20. Wooden Pathway

Such an easy way to add instant curb appeal to your front yard. Make a simple uniform wooden path leading to your front or back door. Get the instructions here.


21. Huge Entry Sign

Let visitors feel welcome each time they visit your humble abode. Nothing says welcome than a huge entry sign everyone can see on your front porch. Get the tutorial here.


 22. The Importance of Curb Appeal

In case you still need some quick tips on curb appeal, you can check this informative infographic.


Need more curb appeal ideas for your exterior? Get it here from Lowe’s Home Improvement:

These curb appeal ideas will give your home a nice DIY makeover. Try some of these tips to beautify the outside and wow your guests at every turn. Whether you’re trying to enhance your already wonderful garden or hide an eyesore somewhere, this list will help you find the best ideas. And of course, try to avoid making curb appeal mistakes!  Here are 9 common faux pas homeowners do when pampering their curb appeal.

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Did you enjoy our list of curb appeal on a budget? Let us know in the comments section below what your thoughts are!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on May 4, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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