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9 DIY Squat Rack Ideas For Your Home Gym

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My husband has recently stopped going to the gym. He said that he doesn’t have the time anymore to do everything and drop by to do weights. He did mention that he would love to have some kind of equipment at home, though.

So my solution, a DIY squat rack! If you’re also tired of going to the gym and just want to do it at home, these homemade squat rack plans can help you out!

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DIY Squat Rack Ideas and Squat Rack Building Plans

1. Cheap DIY Squat Rack Ideas

builder mixing cement plaster bucket using | cheap squat rack

You don’t need a lot of expensive materials to make your own DIY squat rack. Two plastic 5-gallon buckets, concrete mix, and some wooden bars will make a great workout buddy!

Use the buckets as a base and the wooden bars attached to it as the holder for your weights.

2. DIY Fitness Room

fit african american woman working out | cheap squat rack

If you’re looking to build your own DIY fitness room along with a squat rack, then this plan and idea will do for you. This can be a fun and cool project you can do over the weekend.

3. Homemade Power Rack

If you have space, you can build this homemade power rack. For the garage, maybe?

4. Wooden Squat Rack

athletic young sporty woman doing squat | squat rack dimensions

Bring out your power tools and it’s time for some woodworking. Assemble big planks of wood to create and reinforce a squat rack. Just add steel brackets along the joints to connect each piece for stability and support.

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5. Space Saving Power Rack

Don’t have a lot of space? Well, this rack will give you all the space, or should I say, just the space you need when working out.

6. Sturdy Squat Rack

woman leaning squat rack gym smiling | squat rack dimensions

Something you can build outside your home or inside. With a few dollars and your creative DIY mindset, you can put this plan into action.

Start off by creating a wooden base and make it wide to support the weight of the barbell. Attach planks of wood and attach metal support at the top and the middle part to hold the weights.

7. Wall Extended Squat Rack


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Use the wall as an extension for your DIY squat rack. Be creative and resourceful. By using the wall, the need for using more wood shouldn’t be a problem and you can ensure the stability of this workout apparatus.

8. Homemade Wooden Power Rack

dumb bells lined gym | squat rack dimensions

Got $50? Then you can build your own wooden power rack. Get a detailed and step-by-step guide to building a wooden power rack here.

9. At Home Squat Rack

squat rack and kettle bells | squat rack dimensions

Aside from making a DIY rack, you can also transform your garage (if you have enough space) to a full Crossfit gym. Maximize valuable wall spaces in your garage and make your own Crossfit gym.

Make the most out of your space by adding additional features to your wooden rack. An attachment for a pull-up bar, perhaps?

Need some tips on using a squat rack? Check out this informative video from Mark Coles M10:

Now you have these ideas, it’s time to get the work done and add a squat rack for your home gym.

Were you able to get ideas of DIY squat racks you can make for your home gym? Share your thoughts in the comment section provided below.

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on September 5, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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