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10 New Year’s Eve Dinner Recipes To Kick Off 2019 In Style

Feature | New Year's Eve Dinner Recipes to Kick Off 2019 in Style

If you’re looking for some delicious New Year’s Eve dinner recipes to start the new year in high style without breaking the bank, I got you covered with these scrumptious dishes!

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New Year’s Eve Dinner Recipes to Welcome 2019!

New Year’s Eve Buffet Menu Ideas

Whether you are celebrating the New Year with a few close friends or a huge family gathering, these recipes should definitely be on your list. Make your New Year extra special by preparing any of these delicious, fast, and fabulous New Year’s Eve dishes. If everyone likes them enough, you can also add them to your New Year’s Eve food traditions!

My hubby and I wanted to do something special this New Year’s Eve. I started looking into making restaurant reservations and was shocked —holy moly!— New Year’s Eve dinner prices are crazy expensive. (A couple wanting to eat at a private table at Ruby Tuesday in Times Square on NYE would have to shell out $799!) So yeah, after nearly passing out gasping at the New Year’s Eve dinner prices, I started looking something else up: recipes.

But just because hubby and I will be eating at home this year doesn’t mean we won’t be doing up the New Year in style! With the thousand-plus bucks we’re saving by making dinner ourselves, I decided to whip up something really fancy. Prime rib? Lobster? The choices are endless! I’m still working on finalizing my menu, but I wanted to share some of the fantastic recipes I found while researching.

1. King Crab Legs Drawn in Butter

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Are you and your other half seafood lovers? This recipe is the perfect idea for a seafood lover or those who want to eat light. The recipe for King Crab legs with drawn butter only takes less than 30 minutes to prepare, so it’s an excellent way to start the evening. You may want to have the shells cracked first before starting your special time with hubby. Things can get a bit messy when seafood is involved.

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2. Mediterranean Pork Chops

Check out 10 New Year's Eve Dinner Recipes To Kick Off 2019 In Style at

Start the new year with a refreshing taste of the Mediterranean by creating this sumptuous pork chop recipe. This dish has so much color and flavor to offer, I can’t wait to make this for our NYE dinner. Unlike the King Crab legs, you can just use the traditional knife and fork for this one without creating a mess as you eat.

3. Filet of Beef

Check out 10 New Year's Eve Dinner Recipes To Kick Off 2019 In Style at

Here’s another great recipe for a special New Year’s Eve dinner for two. This simple recipe will suit your busy schedule, too, since you won’t have to spend too much time cooking it! For a delectable NYE dinner, give this simple, yet flavour-packed recipe a try. This is sure to be a hit at your New Year’s Eve gathering.

4. Brown Sugar Barbecue Chicken Drumettes

Check out 10 New Year's Eve Dinner Recipes To Kick Off 2019 In Style at

These brown sugar barbecue chicken drumettes are a sure-fire party pleaser. I’m drooling just looking at the picture! If you decide to celebrate the upcoming year with family, these drumettes would make great New Year’s Eve finger foods! This recipe is not only a flavorful snack, but it’s also healthy, too. Plus, kids will love gnawing on them!

5. Swiss Cheese Chicken

Check out 10 New Year's Eve Dinner Recipes To Kick Off 2019 In Style at

So tempting I can already taste it! Prepare to amaze your family and friends. Cutting up the chicken into bite-size pieces is an excellent idea. They’ll be excellent appetizers while you wait for 2019 to roll in. This yummy recipe is definitely going into my New Year’s Eve dinner party menu!

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6. Prime Rib Roast

Check out 10 New Year's Eve Dinner Recipes To Kick Off 2019 In Style at

This recipe is a classic! There’s so much flavor going on – truly a feast for the eyes and the belly, too! What a perfect recipe to celebrate New Year’s Eve festivities with. Steaks are great for dates, too. So if you wanted to go on a special date with your significant other during New Year’s but got stumped by the price, try making this steak at home. You won’t regret it!

7. Sriracha Lime Chicken Chopped Salad

Check out 10 New Year's Eve Dinner Recipes To Kick Off 2019 In Style at

Prefer a guilt-free New Year’s Eve dinner? Is your New Year’s resolution to lose weight? You don’t need a cheat day for this next dish! Prepare this fresh and healthy salad recipe. This is just the perfect food to start the year right!

8. Black Eyed Peas Casserole

Check out 10 New Year's Eve Dinner Recipes To Kick Off 2019 In Style at

A traditional comfort food that brings good luck. This looks like a great dish my family would surely love. It’s pretty healthy, too! This delicious casserole recipe is definitely a keeper. Perhaps you can even use it for future get-togethers with your loved ones.

9. Glazed Ham in Ginger

Check out 10 New Year's Eve Dinner Recipes To Kick Off 2019 In Style at

This glazed ham in ginger is a must-try recipe for New Year’s Eve. Learn how to master the perfect ham with a twist of flavor – sweet and delicious! An easy hit recipe for the family.

10. Pennsylvania New Years Dutch Pork and Sauerkraut Dinner

Learn this traditional Pennsylvania Dutch recipe from our friends at sauerkraut recipes. This is a restaurant quality meal you can prepare at home for New Year’s Eve dinner. Serve it with some pretty plating and you’ll both feel like you’re at the most expensive restaurant in NYC for New Year’s Eve.

What Is a Sauerkraut? It is a pickled cabbage from a brine solution.


Lobster is also one of the perfect New Year’s Eve dinner recipes. Want to know how to cook them? Watch this video from Festival Foods and learn how to cook a delicious lobster tail:

Voila! Delicious and easy New Year’s Eve dinner recipes for you. Serve one, or two, or perhaps all of these New Year’s Eve dinner recipes at your party along with your favorite desserts. These recipes will give your guests something to stuff their bellies with as they load up on spirits and prepare to welcome the New Year. You’ll definitely have everything ready long before the clock strikes 12! Bon appétit!

What New Year’s Eve dinner recipes you will be preparing for your family? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 29, 2015, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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