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25 New Year’s Eve Party Ideas | New Year’s Eve Ideas

Looking for some unique New Year's Eve party ideas? Then you've come to the right place! It's crazy how fast time flies and now 2018 is already knocking on our doors. In fact, you can now start your New Year's Eve party planning so you don't end up hassled by last-minute planning and shopping. Ring in 2018 by hosting a fabulous but budget-friendly party at home. Here are 25 creative money-saving tips and ideas!

New Year’s Eve Party Ideas To Try


1. Sequin Letter Garland

Go for gold with this easy DIY Sequin Letter Garland! More details here.

2. DIY Party Props

Let your creativity shine and make your own DIY party props. Instructions here.

3. Neon and Glow In The Dark Theme

Make your New Year's Eve fun and colorful with a neon and glow in the dark-themed party!

4. Disco Ball Piñata

A throwback-themed New Year's Eve party or not, this DIY Disco Ball Piñata will be the talk of the night! Learn how to do it here.

5. DIY Paper Bag Party Favors

Ditch plastic and go for a DIY Party Bag using a paper wine bag instead. Instructions can be found here.

6. DIY Confetti Poppers

Make your own confetti poppers to add some flair to your New Year's Eve party without breaking your budget. DIY instructions here.

7. Paper Cube String Lights

Glam up your party with rows of glowing paper cubes! They're so easy to make and very lovely to display at your New Year's Eve celebration. Plus, they are super inexpensive!

8. Colorful Crackers

Fill these colorful crackers with sweets or confetti and decorate them outside. And, if you don’t feel like making this craft for the table, you can make some miniature ones and hang them from the tree. Plus, they also make wonderful gift boxes!

9. Moon-Shaped Piñata

You'll absolutely love the simple piñata-making technique of this DIY project! Fill this moon-shaped piñata and hang it and you can use it as a decoration as well.

10. Countdown Cookies

How about some cool countdown cookies to nibble? These cookies are super fun, and so easy to make! They would make a great party favor gift, too.

11. Or Some Midnight Snaps Cookies

These midnight snaps cookies are fun for a New Year's party centerpiece. They're also great for your guests to take home as favors. These cookies are just what your party needs to celebrate the New Year.

12. Confetti-filled Sprinkle Balloons

Simply delightful! Hang these from the ceiling and pop them at midnight. These confetti-filled sprinkle balloons will surely add a pop to your New Year's Eve party!

13. Serve Hot Chocolate With DIY Glittery Marshmallows

Who says marshmallows are just for little kids? This DIY marshmallow with gold shimmer dust would make a perfect pair with hot chocolate! Yum!

14. DIY Cocktail Stirrers

Top your drinks with these DIY cocktail stirrers you can create in just minutes. You can use gold, silver, or any other color of your choosing. These will definitely add shimmer and glam to your cocktail drinks!

15. Sequined Backdrop

Use large to make the most amazing sequin backdrop. These sparklies will really get you in a good mood. This is such as easy project but it's best to make it with a friend to help you get the job done quickly.

Happy New Year, DIY-ers! Be sure to visit DIYPROJECTS.COM (link in bio) this 2017 for amazing DIY ideas! 🎊

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16. Balloon Ceiling

This fantastic balloon ceiling effect is just so festive and charming at the same time! Perfect for a New Year's Eve celebration. It's extremely easy and inexpensive, too!

17. Gold-Dipped Stem Glasses

It's a brilliant idea to turn your set of wine glasses into a festive and gorgeous gold entertaining set. They’re absolutely stylish and will definitely brighten up your New Year's Evegoldy party!

18. Glittered Dipped Cups

Add some fun to your disposable cups on New Year’s Eve party! This is such a simple party DIY! All you need are disposable cups, glue and glitters for a party perfect New Year's Eve!

19. DIY Golden Pendants

These disco ball pendants would make the best NYE party favors. Your guests will totally dig this little disco ball pendant! So add a little golden shine to your party dress, now!

20. Shiny Matchboxes With Confetti

Give each guest a box of confetti to toss at midnight. Such a fun party accessory that’s easy to make. But good luck to whoever will do the vacuuming in the morning, though!

This prism candle light makes a beautiful table centerpiece, don't you think? Comment below if you plan on making one! 💡

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21. DIY Pom Pom Decor

New York Times Square may have a ball drop, but you got your friends and family with you, plus this beautiful DIY Pom Pom decor! Love the black and white-meets-neutral hues combo!

22. Gold-Spun Cotton Candies

This spun-sugar-curled-around-a-stick treat will definitely tickle your taste buds! Soft, fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy that's fun to eat is perfect for a NYE celebration.

23. DIY Paper Ball Chandelier

Aren’t they gorgeous? These bright paper ball chandeliers make a festive centerpiece at any party and event! They’re sure to lift anyone's mood at your New Year's Eve party!

24. Cupcakes With Clocks As Toppers

Clocks would make the perfect topper for cupcakes on your New Year's Eve party. If you want to make the countdown more exciting, you can make the hands rotate each hour – kids will really find it really fun!

25. NYE Glitter Star Crown

Want to wear something festive for the NYE celebration? Then, this glitter star crown is perfect for that occasion! Pretty, sparkly, and ready to rock the party!


There you have it – 25 New Year’s Eve party ideas that are easy and fun to make! But, however you choose to celebrate, I wish you a healthy and peaceful New Year! Let's welcome 2018 with a smile!


Watch this video from Ellie Ransom for more New Year's Eve party ideas:

Spending a great New Year’s Eve party at your home with all your family and closest friends sure is fun. But sometimes, it can get expensive. It's not bad to go a little over the top during the holiday season, but it is important to be practical. You can still entertain and make your party fun through several creative, yet money-saving tips and ideas.

Which of these New Year’s Eve party ideas are you excited to make? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on December 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


  1. I thought the ideas would be more adult worthy and not so childish and cheap looking. The only one I would consider doing would be the cotton candy. That looked fun and interesting.


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