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50 Kid’s Party Food Ideas They’ll Actually Eat | DIY for KIDS

Planning to throw a kids party? Make your next party a success with these 50 kid's party food ideas. They’re guaranteed to be simple and perfectly delicious recipes that will make your child's party pop.

Most parents want to make their kid's birthday party as fuss-free and perfect as possible. However, it can be tough if you’ve got a picky little eater. Worry no more! Check out this post as we share with you some of our favorite kid's party food recipes to help you get started on a celebration your child will love.

50 Kid-Friendly Party Foods You'll Love To Serve  | Cooking Lessons

—This post was originally by Cooking Lessons, (original publish date August 1, 2016) shared with permission —

The key points to feeding a child are taste and most of all, presentation. In a child’s mind, “if it doesn’t look good, then it ain’t yummy.”

Behold, these imaginative food presentations that will make any child gasp in awe and want to take a bite! Right from the main course to the desserts and down to the drinks, allow us to help you with these unique kiddie recipe ideas.

May it be an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party or a Peter Pan Pirate-Inspired Kids’ Party. These party foods will perfectly fit themselves right into your theme.


1. Pizza Pinwheels

They are just the right serving size for your little juniors’ bellies while leaving enough room for drinks and dessert. Replicate these bad boys by getting the recipe here.


2. Kid's Party Food Veggie Shooters

This plate is so colorful and pleasing to the eye. These crunchy vegetable pieces will surely set their mood so they can enjoy the colorful party. See this served in an actual kid’s party here.


3. Silly Apple Bites

They could be served during a Monster Inc. movie inspired children’s party, a Halloween party or just for fun! Grab the complete recipe here.


4. Corn Dog Nuggets

The thing with parties and kids is that they can never hold their seats. These corn dog nuggets are the perfect party foods to just pick up and go during a party. For the complete guide of this recipe, go here.


5. Easy Apple Fruit Donuts

Dipping fruits in colored chocolates and sprinkles will keep the kids crunching on their apples, thinking that they’re having a different one each time. You can follow the step-by-step recipe here.



Want the rest? Head over to Cooking Lessons for all 50 Kid-Friendly Party Foods You Love To Serve | Cooking Lessons!

So, what do you think? Did you like our kids party foods ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

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