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10 Easy Table Centerpieces You Can DIY Before New Year’s Eve

Setting the tone for a New Year's celebration can be done in many ways. Some of us do it by preparing certain dishes, playing the right kind of music, or finding the perfect venue for a party. But if you're like me, you use decorations and embellishment to create the perfect New Year's celebration atmosphere! One thing I really take the time to make are table centerpieces! No matter how sumptuous the feast, this decor will attract the attention of everyone gathered around the table. So they better be fabulous! Here are the most amazing table centerpieces you can make for the new year!

Amazing Table Centerpieces for a Fabulous New Year!

Whenever there's a celebration, I used to not care about anything else other than the food or drinks on the table. But as I held and went to more parties, I realized good table centerpieces and a beautiful table set-up help set the mood for any affair! They even heighten the appeal of the dishes! Plus, they can be a good icebreaker. An eye-catching table centerpiece can be a good conversation topic and make sure your event isn't a dull one!

Making your own table centerpiece allows you to add your own touch. You can personalize the decor with all the elements and materials you have in mind! Whether it's a simple and subtle table centerpiece, or a loud and bold one, I've got it right here! So keep on reading to find the best table centerpiece which fits your vision for the new year! Welcome 2017 with these stunning table centerpieces!


1. Noisemaker Centerpiece

Turn your traditional noisemaker into a festive centerpiece with these easy steps! It doesn’t have to be expensive. The key to this practical centerpiece is using lots of tinsel!


2. Mercury Glass Coke Bottle Centerpiece

Don’t throw out your coke bottles just yet! Learn how to transform them into shining, shimmering, splendid table centerpieces! It’s important to retain the winter touch to fit the New Year season. To achieve this table centerpiece, all you need is glitter spray paint!


3. Elegant Centerpiece

If you’re going for a more intimate New Year’s Eve dinner with adult friends, create this table centerpiece with this simple guide! It’s the sophistication and style everyone should have as the new year dawns!


4. Festive New Year’s Centerpiece

We only have a week to transition from Christmas to New Year. With all the work and errands we need to do, there’s simply no time to create elaborate table centerpieces for the new year! But don’t worry, with this tutorial, you can use your Christmas ornaments to effortlessly shift from Christmas to New Year!


5. Glittery Winter White Mason Jars

These beautiful mason jar table centerpieces scream refinement and celebratory! A glittery winter white mason jar centerpiece is perfect for having a New Year's celebration that retains the holiday feel! Who says being extravagant cannot be done with class?



6. Glitter Centerpiece Bottle

No one can escape the glitter and sparkle required during any New Year’s celebration! Wine Bottle centerpieces can easily accommodate this aesthetic! It’s very simple and save you more time to prepare for other things.


7. Wine Glass Centerpiece

Why stop at wine bottles? Wine glasses can also make stylish table centerpieces for any New Year’s Eve dinner. Just use some holiday ornaments and you’re ready to set the mood with this unique centerpiece!


8. Glitter Vase

Have you ever wanted to do a floral arrangement for a New Year’s celebration but it just doesn’t seem to fit? Well, now you can glam up your vases! These glitter vases are the perfect table centerpieces if you want a party where subtle meets lavish.


9. Candle Centerpiece

It’s always nice to have beautiful illumination during a New Year’s Eve dinner. In fact, a good New Year’s party can use some candlelight too! These candle centerpieces will add the brilliance and sparkle that we all hope to see during the dawn of new beginnings.


10. Wine Bottle Light Centerpiece

Wine is the ultimate sign of celebration and merriment. We welcome the new year with lots of them in the spirit of good fun and high hopes! Make these wine bottle light centerpieces for some cheer and radiance as you welcome the new year! With these table centerpieces, everyone will surely have a memorable New Year’s celebration.


Watch this video from Michaels Stores for more ideas for your New Year's table centerpieces:


Never underestimate the simple act of coming together to share a good meal or some good stories. They bring everyone closer, creating a more meaningful life and making every day count! Now, gathering around a table will never be the same with your incredible table centerpieces! Everyone will be reminded of what you want the new year to be! There's no better way to celebrate a new beginning.


Which of these table centerpieces is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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