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17 DIY Scarecrow Costume Ideas From Clever to Creepy

Feature | DIY Scarecrow Costume Ideas From Clever to Creepy

Follow me toward the land of Oz with our DIY scarecrow costume ideas that will have you skipping down the Yellow Brick Road in no time!

DIY Scarecrow Costume Ideas for Halloween


1. Lady Scarecrow Costume

On the night of spooky traditions and fright-filled spirit, everyone is looking for the perfect costume to push their Halloween creativity over the edge. If you’re looking for a costume you can dress up or down and make your own, consider this DIY scarecrow costume.

Do you want to keep it simple this Halloween, but want to stand out too? Then this super easy scarecrow costume for ladies is for you! Look, I’ve been there, you were planning on a night in watching your favorite scary movie with a few friends when someone invites you to a Halloween get together last minute. This costume is the perfect way to look trendy and cute for the party!

2. Wizard of Oz Scarecrow Kids Costume

If you ‘only had a brain,’ you’d check out this adorable costume! But really, this costume is just too cute for your little trick-or-treater to miss out on! They will love the look and you will love the simplicity and price! With a pair of overalls, some face paint and odds and ends from around the homestead, you’re little monster will be decked out and ready to take the block by storm!

3. Scarecrow Costume for Toddlers

Come on, could there be a more adorable costume for your toddler? These adorable overalls embellished with patches and fringe around the ankles, a plaid button up to match and a straw hat to top it off makes this costume one for the scrapbooks! Your tot might not scare any birds away in this costume, but he’ll sure look cute!

4. Scarecrow Costume for Boys

If you’re up for something a little more challenging, then this creative project may be the right fit for you. You can either buy new jeans and a button-up or (as I would recommend) use a ragged old pair! This may be the one time of year that it is actually a good thing that your kiddo constantly gets holes in the knees of his jeans!  Put on those blue jeans and button-ups to good use!

5. Scarecrow Costume for Girls

Adorable, creative and easy. What’s more, you probably have most of these things in your closet already! To make this traditionally masculine costume a little girly, use an overall dress like the one pictured above. Complete the look by styling her hair in pigtails with a straw hat and use an old broom or shovel handle to be the ‘scarecrow support. This clever scarecrow costume is sure to be a favorite!

6. Scary Scarecrow Costume

Alright, if you’ve been reading this list and wondering when the truly scary scarecrow costumes are going to pop up, then boo! Classic turns crazy with this truly frightening ensemble. Make the look come to life with spooky fake saws and spider webs hanging from your hats. So if you’re looking for DIY scary scarecrow costume ideas, take this creepy inspiration for your own. Clearly, this is not your average scarecrow-next-door.

7. DIY Scarecrow Hat

Want to get in the holiday spirit, but don’t want to do a full costume? This floppy scarecrow hat is a perfect compromise. Feel free to wear this to an actual Halloween party, or even out and about in the fall season. This hat can be a festive addition to many outfits. The best thing about this is that you can decorate it to your taste. If you want a subtle decorative hat, then perhaps only add a leaf or two as an embellishment. If you’re ready to go to town with the spirit of fall, cover the hat with tons of leaves in bright colors!

8. Baby Scarecrow Costume

Alright, who is ready for cuteness overload? Personally, I am a believer that there are few things in life as adorable as a small baby in a festive Halloween costume. We’ve all seen the pictures and we’ve all turned into softies upon seeing them, so why not create one for your baby, or a friend’s this Halloween! Turn your little one into a darling scarecrow with this DIY scarecrow costume.

9. Cute Scarecrow Costume

Tired of the traditional scarecrow look? Then, mix it up! There are no rules here! In fact, it’s Halloween, so by definition, rules are meant to be broken on this night of fright! Try sprucing up your little scarecrow with a full fairy skirt made of multi-colored tulle. Simply use a solid brown shirt and leggings to go underneath and you’ve got yourself a simple and adorable costume for your trick-or-treater! This look will be perfect for your little princess!

10. Easy Scarecrow Costume

Need a last minute costume? This tutorial is versatile because it can be used for virtually anyone of any age. When you get invited last minute, or you are too busy during the month of October to plan out a full costume, then this idea is perfect for you. Simply take an old jean shirt (even a flannel or other color button down can work) and add patches to it to create this scarecrow look!

11. Scarecrow Tutus Idea

Your little princess will love this scarecrow tutu. Similar to the tulle skirt above, this easy tutorial will provide an easy step-by-step set of instructions to create a scarecrow skirt for women of any age! This is perfect for children, but if you are hosting a Halloween party and want to get into the festivities as well, this full fun tulle skirt could be just the costume you’ve been looking for!

12. Scarecrow Costume for Men

This one is about as easy as it gets! Whether you’re a man reading this post and wanting to participate with a simple costume or if you are looking for a scarecrow costume for your man, then this is a great option. You can even combine a few of these ideas together and go as a scarecrow couple to your Halloween party! You’ll be sure to make a lovely pair in your matching costumes!

13. Batman Scarecrow Costume

If you are trying to take a theatrical approach to this DIY scarecrow costume idea beyond the singing and dancing scarecrow of the Wizard of Oz, then perhaps this will work for you! Terrifying, but completely unique. See how Batman’s Scarecrow was made with this fantastically cool tutorial! Walk around speaking with a rasping voice to complete the look!

14. Fun Make up for Scarecrow Costume

Kick up your scarecrow costume with some super cute makeup. When it comes to applying the makeup for a classic scarecrow, it is pretty simple. However, if you are looking to spruce it up a bit and add a little sass and flare to your scarecrow makeup, then this tutorial will be helpful for you!

15. Last Minute Scarecrow Costume Idea

A fisherman’s hat, jumper, checkered shirt, boots, a little hay, and voila! The best part about this chic costume, ladies. is that you can go to that Halloween party in confidence because this is the perfect balance of cute and trendy, without showing too much. We all know what it’s like going to get a pre-made costume from a store! So don’t fall victim to the fashion choices and high prices of a costume from a retailer – make your own!

16. Scarecrow Straw Costume

Check out how this was put together here. Hint: you need ample hay! If you live out in the country or have access to a lot of straw or hay bales, then this costume might just be the easiest you’ll ever do! For this costume, you simply need overalls and a plaid shirt with a little room for straw stuffing!

17. Family Scarecrow Costume Idea

Get the whole family involved! After all, at the end of the day, this holiday is fun because you get to spend it with your family doing creative projects that you don’t generally do all year round. Even the dog got in on the costume fun with this scarecrow themed family costume idea! Make the most of your Halloween this year by making it a family affair!


Watch this video from Being Carina! DIY: Scarecrow makeup, hair & costume tutorial perfect for a last minute look:

Contrary to depictions in movies and on TV, scarecrows come in all shapes and sizes. We’ve curated this array of diverse DIY scarecrow Halloween costumes for men, women and youngsters alike. Even pets can get in on the holiday fun! So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite pair of overalls and some straw and get started on your DIY scarecrow costume!

Which of these DIY scarecrow costume ideas do you dig for your own Halloween costume? Let me know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on October 11, 2016, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.




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