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14 Funny Valentines Day Cards You Can Make Yourself

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Add humor to your greetings with these funny Valentine’s cards you can DIY, sure to spice things up a bit this love season!

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Funny Valentine’s Cards You’ll Laugh Heartily Over

1. Awkward Valentine’s Day Card

diy-valentines-greeting-card-blue-wooden | funny valentines day cards for friends

“I know we are not, like, together or anything but it felt weird to just not say anything so I got you this card. It’s not a BIG DEAL. It doesn’t really mean anything. There isn”t even a heart on it. So Basically it’s a card saying hi.”

Romance is filled with awkward moments, such as deciding whether to ask your crush out, contemplating how to make a move on your date and choosing which outfit to wear.

If you feel like you and your partner are a bit too awkward around each other, you can use funny Valentine’s Day cards to turn awkward moments into hilarious ones instead. Copy this statement if you’re into funny Valentine notes and get your awkward feels on.

2. Greatest/Gratest Printable Card

valentines-day-people-love-concept-| funny valentine quotes for wife

“To my significant otter”

Most puns are corny, cheesy, and sometimes annoying. But some people get a laugh or two out of common puns.

If you plan to use puns, the key to success is delivery. Make sure you use puns you know your partner would understand or relate to.

For example, let’s say you and your partner met at a coffee shop. One of the funniest Valentine’s Day cards you can get for them is one with the pun ” I like you a latte” written on it. You can further personalize it by adding your pictures or a coupon for a free coffee.

3. For the Harry Potter Fan

mockup-letter-envelop-on-craft-wood | cheesy valentines cards

“I a-Dumbledore you”

One of the many things that make a relationship work out is a shared interest. This coming Valentine’s Day, you can emphasize your and your partner’s love for a specific topic.

For example, if your significant other can’t get enough of Harry Potter, then you can give them funny Valentine’s cards inspired by the globally celebrated, long-running novel series.

I am a Harry Potter fan and this idea really made me laugh. Of course, you can also come up with your Harry Potter-themed puns as well.

Tip: If you’re into Valentine’s Day homemade cards, you can draw it or print out a photo. Doing so adds a bit of personality to your gift.

4. Funny Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

zero-waste-valentines-day-concept-mock |  cute valentines cards

“You are my favorite husband.” “I love our boring life.”

Let’s face it, not everyone has the artistic ability to craft beautiful Valentine’s Day greeting cards. And while your partner may love you despite your shortcomings, you should still make the effort.

What you can do is print out copies of some Valentine’s Day printable cards. Choose which ones best represent your feelings and would make your partner feel special.

5. More Funny Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

step-by-instruction-making-greeting-card |  funny valentines day quotes

“I’m no photographer but I can picture us together.” “I’d spend all 9 lives with you.”

Because we love free stuff any day of the year, we cannot let another set of free printable cards pass us by. The more, the merrier, right? Especially for your loved ones!

The first set above consisted mostly of sweet nothings. They’re great, but it might not feel very “you.”

6. ‘You Rule’ Ruler Valentine

valentines-day-card | funny valentines day cards memes

Custom Valentine’s Day cards aren’t exclusive to lovers. You can also hand out funny Valentine’s cards to your close friends, coworkers, and relatives. Like a “you rule” card that comes with a ruler.

What you can do is create a bunch of comedy Valentine’s Day cards customized to suit your recipient’s character. You can use puns based on running gags, inside jokes, or shared interests, among others.

7. ‘Wood’ You Be Mine?

young-love-couple-holding-valentines-greeting | funny valentines ecards

Do you and your crush have a shared passion for trees, woodworking, or nature in general? Then this “Wood You Be Mine” is the perfect Valentine’s Day card meme to use!

It’s witty, short, and cute all at once, so as soon as your loved one receives this, she or he will get the idea and have a laugh over it. Trust me, it sure got me!

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8. Fishy Valentine

greeting-valentines-day-card-home-symbol | Valentines card

“Whale you be mine?”

If your partner has a passion for whales, fishes, dolphins, or marine life in general, then this card would be one of the funniest Valentine’s Day card photos you can use!

To make the card even funnier, try personalizing it with other marine animals your partner likes. For example, if they’re into sharks, turtles, and crabs as much as they’re into whales, feel free to add them to your card.

The great thing about marine life is just about anyone loves them. Everyone from young kids to senior citizens have a soft spot for our underwater friends.

9. Feeling Cheesy

making-handmade-valentine-greeting-card-felt | funny valentine quotes

“You’re looking so GOUDA today.” “Let’s BRIE friends forever.” ” You are the bomb, you FETA believe it.” “I would be so PROVOLONE without you.”

Crack up your Valentine (or your friends) with these literally cheesy ideas for Valentine’s Day cards. These are guaranteed to be the cheesiest Valentine’s Day cards you’ll see online.

If you’re giving these out to your friends, you can make the occasion even more special by handing them out over a cheese party. Invite your close friends for brunch, then serve up some wine, deli meat, salads, and of course, cheese!

Not only will these Valentine’s Day Valentine cards crack your friends up, but the thought of you organizing such a sweet event will also move their hearts.

10. For Coffee Lovers

making-pink-red-hearts-felt-your | funny valentine cards meme

“Words cannot espresso how much you mean to me.”

Is coffee a very integral part of your partner’s routine? Then why not compare your love for them to their favorite drink?

We cannot get enough of or get far enough away from puns on an already-mushy occasion, indeed. But that’s how love can be sometimes so I’m sure you have one in mind for this super corny entry!

If you plan on giving this to your crush, you can take this as a chance to ask them out on a coffee date. Even if they refuse, you’re bound to get at least a cute giggle from them.

11. EYE Love You!

valentines-day-composition-female-hands-| funny valentine's greetings

If you refuse to order Valentine’s Day cards and want to make your own, then a fun, easy one to try out would be this funny “Eye-Love-You” card.

Use wobbly eyes for the “I,” draw a heart for the “love,” then a “U” for “you.”

These kinds of funny gag Valentine’s gifts and cards are best given to people who can appreciate a bit of gross, dark humor. They’re not intended for people who loathe anything related to monsters and freaks, so choose your audience.

12. Find Love in the Hole of a Donut

valentines-day-background-card-roses-gifts | valentine's day funny

“I DONUT want to spend another day without you.”

Nothing says undying love like…a donut. Now, if this doesn’t make you go “Awww” with a little chuckle, I don’t know what will.

To make your funny Valentine’s cards even better, you can opt to include an actual box of donuts. Find out what flavor your crush or partner likes, buy a dozen, stick the card in the box, and then win their heart forever.

13. You Light Up My Life

valentines-day-card-gentle-love-message | funny valentines

Add matches to your “you light up my life” Valentine’s Day card.

14. Apple Computer Lovers Valentine’s Day Card

making-handmade-valentine-greeting-card-crochet | funny valentine sayings

Looking to add a modern twist to a classic favorite? Then try “You are the apple of my eye. And this one sure doesn’t require WiFi :)”

You can grab some Valentine’s Day coloring cards and then write the phrase on them. Make sure you customize it perfectly so your Valentine understands the joke.

Perfect this Valentine’s card idea and you might give someone a prank for a funny Valentine, indeed!

Pop-up Valentine’s Day cards aren’t taking the back seat just yet, so learn how to make one with this video from Love For Crafts:

These funny Valentine’s Day cards will add humor to this occasion celebrating love, indeed. With all the cheesiness and mushiness of the season, it’s nice to add a few laughs to all the love in the air.

Your loved ones might even appreciate getting tacky Valentine’s cards, as long as they’re funny and creatively done. On that note, take these ideas now and make your own funny Valentine’s Day card your loved ones will be sure to keep.

Which of these funny Valentine’s cards cracked you up? Will you be making any of them? Let us know in the comments section below!

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