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20 Curb Appeal Front Door Ideas To Ring In Autumn

Want a hit curb appeal front door for fall? Try one of these simple front door decor ideas to instantly win the fall season!

Welcome fall into your home with a couple of decorations and accent pieces that will set the tone for your home from the front door in! Ring in the changing seasons with these front door ideas for fall!

20 Curb Appeal Front Door Ideas For Fall

Fall is here! Decorate your home with these unique, festive, and creative front door decor ideas that pay tribute to the unique style and glamour of the harvest season. Have fun with these curb appeal front door ideas and get started with your fall decor.


1. Spruce Up Your Front Door

Spruce Up Your Front Door | Curb Appeal Front Door Ideas For Fall
image via DIY Projects

Paint your front door bright fall colors, that is sure to make the front of your home boldly pop.

2. Burlap Sack

A burlap sack conveys the unique charm to this fall front door. Stuff it with pumpkins and flowers to let your neighbors know how excited you are for fall. Click here to read more.

3. Fall Door Arrangement

In just 5 minutes add a huge festive country style decoration to your front door by mixing Indian corn and silk flowers. Get the tutorial here.

4. Eclectic Wood Slice Door Sign

This rustic country eclectic wood slice door sign is a perfect companion to your brightly painted front door. Pick bright red or orange paint for a more seasonal appeal. Click here to read more.

5. Fall Leaf Initial

Spruce up your monogram with fall makeover! Cover it with leaves. Find the tutorial here.

6. Giant Wood Tags

Amplify the lifespan of this unique decoration by writing “happy fall” instead. This will be sure to illustrate your excitement for fall. Get the tutorial here.

7. Festive Basket Of Apples

Picking apples is a favorite part of fall, hang a festive basket of fruits on your front door to show your appreciation as well letting your giving spirit is just the ticket! Click here to read more.

8. DIY Wheat Sheaf

This simple DIY wheat sheaf is sure to bring lots of elegance to your front door. Get tutorial here.

9. HARVEST Barn-wood sign

Spell out your harvest excitement on an oversized barn-wood sign and display it on your front door or porch to welcome your guests in fall flair. Click here to read more.

10. Pumpkin Garland Door Décor

Mesmerize your guest with this 3-dimensional pumpkin garland that will surely leave an impression of your fall creativity. Click here to read more.

11. DIY Marquee Light Fall Letter Pumpkins

Show off your fall creativity and unique fall style in these DIY Marquee Light Fall Letter Pumpkins. Get tutorial here.



12. Fall Pumpkin Scarecrow

Surprise your guest by setting the scene with this cute scarecrow! Creativity meets clever! Find the tutorial here.

13. DIY Boho Pumpkin Topiary

Not one for traditional decor? Go Boho and enjoy unique fall festivity in your front doorway. Click here to read more.

14. DIY Fall Flower Can

Easy, lovely, and full of fall blooms! A door decor that displays that simple beauty of upcycling. Find the tutorial here.

15. Corn Garland

Thinking about trying something different? How about corn garland to adorn your front door? Click here to read.

16. DIY Fall Letters Wreath

This DIY will give more room to showcase your creativity. Decorate your letters with a subtle fall color scheme, or opt to decorate with more Halloween themed prints. Both will look fantastic! Get the tutorial here.

17. Fall Drapery

Put a Fall bouquet on your front door and adorn it with an eye-catching corn stalk garland to welcome your guests with fall festive style. This is sure to give your curb appeal front door decor a boost!  Click here to read more.

18. Fake Pumpkins Door Décor

Purchase fake pumpkins from the dollar store, cut them symmetrically in the middle, decorate the outside, and hang them on your front door. Click here to read more.

19. Basket Of Fall Colors Door Décor

Click here to read more.

20. Rain Boot Wreath

Talk about being unique and stylish, this is a sure winner. Click here to read more.


Still up for one more curb appeal front door décor idea for fall? Check out this video from The DIY Mommy:

Which curb appeal front door décor ideas will you apply to your home? Let us know in the comments below.

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