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DIY-Turn Your Apron Into a Zippered Pouch

An Apron is a nifty little tool you need in the kitchen. It keeps your clothes clean and free from spills and other mess while cooking. However, if you have one too many aprons today well show you how to turn it into a convenient zippered pouch. This tutorial is courtesy of Jaime Costiglio in collaboration with The Home Depot!

Hot To Turn your Apron into a Pouch

This creative and multi-functional pouch can be used for so many different things. Use it to store gardening tools, kitchen utensils or even personal items; its really up to you. Read on for the tutorial on how to turn your apron into a zippered pouch!


Items needed:

  • Apron
  • Zipper (minimum 9″l)
  • Scissors
  • Medium weight fusible interfacing (7″w x 17″l)
  • Cotton lining (2 @ 9″w x 8″h)
  • Sewing machine or needle and thread


Cut apron strings off leaving 1/2″ each on one side.  Save the apron strings for finishing the zipper ends and to use on the zipper pull later.Iron on fusible interfacing to wrong side of apron. Make apron into a tube by overlapping short ends, then fold raw edge of cut apron string (binding) under and zig zag stitch tube closed.

Check out DIY-Turn Your Apron Into a Zippered Pouch at

Press apron tube shape flat so center of apron lines up with back center seam. Then move on and prepare the zipper. .  Measure the top apron open space and subtract 1″.  My aprons measured 8 1/2″ so my complete zipper length is 7 1/2″.  Using the apron string binding sew a short piece perpendicular to zipper on each end as pictured above.

Check out DIY-Turn Your Apron Into a Zippered Pouch at

Sew lining to zipper.  Place right side of lining up against wrong side of zipper.

Check out DIY-Turn Your Apron Into a Zippered Pouch at

Check out the for the final steps in creating this cool pouch.

Tell us if you were able to follow this easy tutorial. Share your feedback with us in the comment section below!

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