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9 Easy-To-Build DIY Dresser Plans For Your Room

Woman Painting Old Dresser Outdoor White | DIY Dresser | Featured

A DIY dresser doesn't only feature a chest of drawers where you can keep and organize your garments. It can also give personality to your bedroom. Reflect your character and style with these DIY dresser ideas.

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9 Ways to Design Your DIY Dresser | DIY Dresser Ideas That Are Easy to Make

1. Vintage Dresser

Vintage Blue Wooden Dresser | DIY Dresser

If you want to go back several years ago with your DIY dresser, this old-fashioned furniture can do the work. The dresser has a quaint design that reflects glamor and lets you revive and recreate an era in your home.

You can opt for either a French or Victorian style with gothic revival architecture or medieval influences. Involve some buttresses, spires, and decorative ironwork. You can also add heraldic motifs and make it chic, bold, and sophisticated.

Adorn your woodwork, curve your lines, and round your angles. Use flowing and soft lines with elegant colors, and incorporate important values that you hold close to your heart.

2. Antique Dresser

Commodes Antique Vintage Old | DIY Dresser

If you wish to travel back further, around 100 years ago, you can make your dresser your time machine. Additionally, if you collect furniture of considerable age, then this furniture will do the trick.

Make your DIY dresser look like a collector's item. Keep in mind to reflect the condition, age, and rarity you're looking for. Be it Colonial, Edwardian, or Tudor, think about the features and style of the period you're aiming for.

Like in the earlier times, you can also show your status symbol and lifestyle through your furnishing. Just don't forget that it should still serve its function as a chest of drawers.

3. Colorful Dresser

DIY Colorful Patterned Commode | DIY Dresser

Make your DIY dresser the center of attention in your room by applying various colors onto it.

You can use different pastel colors so it won't be too overwhelming. Light hues reflect a soothing and soft touch. Alternatively, you can paint it in neon colors to achieve that tropical vibe.

If you place the dresser in a playroom, you can use rainbow colors to make the space livelier. You can also be creative and decorate the handles or knobs with animated face masks or cartoon characters.

Whether subtle or neon, choose shades that'll complement the decor of your room.

4. Dresser With Bottom Shelf

Modern Classic White Interior Dresser Console | DIY Dresser

Maximize the use of your DIY dresser by creating a space at its bottom. Keep your overflow from your chest of drawers above, and use this area as extra storage. Alternatively, this shelf can serve as a built-in shoe rack.

Depending on what you plan to store in this area, you can use plywood or glass for the bottom shelf. Just make sure that it's durable enough to carry the weight of your belongings. You can make it open so your possessions will be easily accessible.

Afterward, complement its design with the style of the rest of the dresser.

5. Traditional Dresser

Old Antique Mahogany Chest Drawers | DIY Dresser

You don't have to worry about mismatched designs or lack of cohesiveness. This DIY dresser can suit your bedroom regardless of its style.

Additionally, you can never go wrong with its timelessness. Whether you place it in a nursery or master's bedroom, it would go well with any age group.

If you're into straightforward furnishings, this dresser would best suit you. Organize your items in an orderly and calm way. Combine comfortability with casual decor and classic designs.

Make its vibe homey, and avoid applying flashy colors. Enjoy its practicality and simplicity with a neutral color scheme.

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6. Crate Dresser

Front Decorative Panel Chest Drawers Exquisite | DIY Dresser

Make a barn your inspiration in building this DIY dresser. By using several crates, some boards, and plywood sheets, you can finish this furniture in a few hours.

Sand wood to make it even. Afterward, finish it off by painting it in wood colors of various shades. You can opt for either a smooth finish or a rustic feel.

If you want to achieve a countryside mood, you can stick with a dark stain. You can also try to run an angle grinder on the boards to imitate saw marks.

7. Contemporary Dresser

Modern Room Interior Red Chest Drawers | DIY Dresser

If you want to use your imagination in building your DIY dresser, you're free to do so. Think about the present and the future in styling your piece.

Make it one-of-a-kind by designing it differently, and let it stand out in your bedroom. Alternatively, you can use the same shade as the accent wall in your room.

You can play between being extravagant and minimalist or using metals and woods. Remember to still keep it classy and sophisticated. Lastly, you can use sleek knobs in a different hue for an impressive appearance.

8. Extra Wide Dresser

Interior Modern Dresser 3D Render | DIY Dresser

If width is your priority over height, construct a piece around 4.5 feet wide and 2.5 feet tall.

Cut wood and create the sides of your DIY dresser. Use wood glue to secure the parts, such as the panels.

Secure the back part to the sides of your dresser. Place the front boards, and attach the dividers.

It's up to you how many small and large drawers you prefer. The top is spacious enough for you to place your items. You can spray or paint the wood with your desired color before you install the drawers.

9. Chevron Dresser

Interior Dresser Scandinavian Style | DIY Dresser

If you want your DIY dresser to be gender-neutral, then this design is ideal for you. This is another take on a classic zigzag and angular motif. You can use wood pallets in a short length and arrange them in a herringbone pattern.

Apart from using plain wood, you can also paint the slats. Customize the colors and create a playful pattern for your decor. You can apply tape to ensure straight lines.

For every drawer, put lines in an opposite direction to add angles and interest to your room.

If you can't find your ideal chest in any furniture shop, then it's time to build your own DIY dresser. Watch this video by I Like To Make Stuff to learn how to create a modern dresser:

With your DIY dresser, you can personalize its size, width, and height. Start planning your drawer table now, and jazz up the vibe in your room.

What other designs do you have in mind that you'd like to use for your DIY dresser? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below!

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