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17 DIY Bedroom Furniture Makeover Ideas For Minimalists

Are you a minimalist looking for a DIY bedroom furniture makeover? If you are, have fun browsing this list and give your old bedroom furniture a face lift!

No matter what your DIY skill level is, you can definitely give your bedroom furniture a makeover that will suit your minimalist style. Rather than buying new bedroom furniture, why not do DIY bedroom furniture makeover and express yourself while adding comfort and a fresh look to your bedroom.

17 DIY Bedroom Furniture Makeover For Minimalists

The bedroom is the place where we start and end each day, so it must be a place that provides functionality and comfort – a perfect place for relaxation and a sleep sanctuary that will meet our needs. Having the perfect fresh furniture that blends perfectly into the style and comfort of your bedroom will help you achieve this sanctuary.

Check out this list of ideas for a DIY bedroom furniture makeover, and get some inspiration to freshen up your bedroom with a brand new look!


1. DIY Headboards for Every Home

There’s a headboard that sure to fit your style and taste. Look for that headboard here.

2. Gorgeous Dresser Makeover

Transform this gorgeous dresser with simple Wood Icing texture paste, chalk paint, and various supplies. Pretty sure you will fall in love with its color and texture. Find the tutorial here.

3. DIY Rustic Industrial Dresser

If rustic is your thing, then you will love this dresser transformation. Super cool! Get the tutorial here.

4. DIY Spray Painted Dresser

I so love the boyish look of this dresser! This could be perfect for your son's big boy bedroom. Click here to read more.

5. Ombre Drawers Make Over

Super chic and lovely! Get the tutorial here.



6. Distressed Side Table Revamp

A shabby chic transformation that is amazingly beautiful and surprisingly easy to do. Find the tutorial here.

7. Shabby Damask Dresser Remake

I was totally impressed when I saw this. It is an unexpectedly fresh and gorgeous take on damask. Click here to read more.

8. Botanical Dresser

If you’re not into paint, try doing decoupage. The result is just as lovely as having a fresh garden in your room. Find the tutorial here.

9. Reupholster a Chair

If you think upholstery is just for expert, think again! Because you can certainly achieve this look for your chair and add some colors to your bedroom. Click here to read more.

10. French Farmhouse Headboard Bench

This could be lovely right beside your bedroom window. Click here to read more.

11. Cast Iron Bathtub Into a Cozy Sofa

Put it outside or inside your room. This is a perfect reading spot for you. Find the tutorial here.

12. Adding Legs To A Dresser

Add legs to your dresser and paint it with a bright color of your choice and be surprised with the result. Click here to read more.




13. Accent Table Makeover

Have this one as a bench or your little side table. I just love how it was painted. Check it out here.

14. French Country Dressers Before & After

If you have an old piece that needs a makeover, this could be your perfect inspiration. Click here to read more.

15. Red Empire Dresser

From the name itself, Red Empire, you will never be disappointed. Check it out here.

16. Modern Navy Nightstand Makeover

Fall in love with the classic combo of gold and navy! Click here to read more.

17. Metallic Silver Dresser Makeover

Have a stunning finish of silver metallic and black glaze, an awesome combo. Check it out here.


Still up for another DIY bedroom furniture makeover? Let’s watch this video from Laci Jane:

Which of the DIY Bedroom Furniture Makeover projects will work for your bedroom furniture? Let us know in the comments below.

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