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DIY Corner Desk Ideas Perfect For Your Home Office

Home Office Interior With Corner Desk | DIY Corner Desk | Featured

Transform a corner of your home into a functional workspace with these DIY corner desk ideas. Choose from this list to help you find the perfect desk that would fit your office environment needs.

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13 DIY Corner Desk Designs to Build for an Efficient Work From Home Setup

1. Gaming-Style Corner Desk

Professional Gamer Girl | DIY Corner Desk

If you're a gamer who wants to make a multi-functional table, then this corner desk is perfect for you. You can use this setup for your studies, work, and gaming needs.

This desk provides the personal space that you need. Put on decorative lights, and you'll feel like you're in a different world. You can even add a gaming chair to complete your experience.

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2. Single-Person Corner Desk

Writing Desk | DIY Corner Desk

If you're the only one who'll work and use the table, then build a corner desk for you and you alone. Make it as compact as possible so it would fit even in the smallest corners of your home.

This DIY corner desk doesn't take up too much space. If you need an additional storage area, you can create compartments where you can keep your other items.

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3. Wooden Corner Desk

Wooden Table | DIY Corner Desk

Give your workspace a rustic and Scandinavian look with this DIY open wooden table. Put emphasis on natural products, and apply your woodworking skill.

It might seem complicated to build, but you don't have to be an expert to complete this project. Whether you need a big or small desktop, you can cut the wood to your preferred size. This way, you can accommodate the space you want to use in your home.

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4. Bar Corner Desk

Coffee Shop Bar Counter Wine Bottles | DIY Corner Desk

It won't be a problem if you only have a small space in your home. You can still turn it into an effective workspace with this DIY corner desk.

Gather some plywood and brackets, and set your table to a height that's as tall as a bar. Then, you can either stand or sit down while working. Just ready your barstool in case you want to do the latter.

Alternatively, you can convert the existing bar in your home, and make working hours both fun and productive. Sip some liquor to energize you while working, or stay until the end of the day, then open the bar.

5. L-Shaped Corner Desk

Home Office | DIY Corner Desk

If you have an area that's large enough to fit three persons, this setup can make use of that space. You can socialize with others as you work since this desk can fit multiple people at the same time.

You'll also have sufficient room to place your other work stuff such as monitors, printers, and more. You can create a leg space as well so you'll feel more comfortable while working.

6. Desk With Cabinets

With this desk, you can store your items in cabinets or drawers, and make them accessible at the same time. Make use of vertical storage, and create as many compartments as you wish. You can also build a lap drawer where you can keep things you use most of the time.

Aside from cabinets, you can also leave spaces under your desktop, and place baskets or bags as substitutes.

7. Crafty Corner Desk

Style Hobby Room Interior Workspace | DIY Corner Desk

Show your personality with this DIY corner desk. Style it according to your liking, and make it colorful if you want to. Customize not only your table but your walls, windows, and shelves as well based on your character.

The overall vibe in this corner of your room can jazz up and increase your productivity at work. Additionally, it can boost your mood and improve your performance as well.

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8. Glass Window Corner Desk

Workplace Corner | DIY Corner Desk

Enjoy the brightness of natural light when you place your desk beside a glass window. When you feel stressed at work, simply look outside and appreciate the beauty of nature. It can make you feel energized and focused on what you're doing.

Additionally, this setup lets you take breaks between hours and allows you to have some breathing room. This is also a perfect desk for writers who want to feel inspired while working.

9. Minimalist Corner Desk

Corner Contemporary | DIY Corner Desk

If you don't want a fancy table for your home office, adopt some minimalist and modern concepts. Build an item that would fit in the corner and provide enough space for your necessities at the same time.

Since you'll occupy a small area, you can put shelves under your table for extra storage. Another key would be your color combinations. Opt for white to make your corner desk look neat so you can work comfortably.

10. Floating Desk

If you have floating cabinets at home, why not pair them with a floating desk? This is also a unique way to save a lot of space. It can give you extra legroom as well so you can relax and stretch your muscles.

Mount your desk onto the wall, and it would result in a floating appearance. However, keep in mind to exert less pressure on your table.

11. Antique Corner Desk

Corner With an Antique Desk | DIY Corner Desk

Do you want your work table to match the rustic decor in your home? Then build a corner desk that's made of 100% wood.

Use some reclaimed wood and apply paint on it so your table would look vintage and full of character. You can also design your desk according to your personal style. Instead of putting wood color, you can experiment with other hues that would go with your room.

Alternatively, you can combine wood with metal to make your DIY corner desk more durable.

12. Bookcase Corner Desk

Comfortable White Bookcase and Computer Table | DIY Corner Desk

Whether you love reading or need books for work, this corner desk will make those publications accessible at all times. You'll feel as if you have your own personal library in your home office.

Mount bookshelves onto the wall, and place them either above your head or beside your table. Aside from books, you can also make these shelves your storage for your other office items.

13. Standing Desk

Man Working on Computer Standing Desk | DIY Corner Desk

You might think that standing while working is more tiring than when you're seated. However, standing does a brilliant job in improving your health and wellness. If you want to increase the frequency of standing that you do, this DIY corner desk is ideal for you.

This setup provides several benefits. It can help you lose weight and prevent back pain. Additionally, it can regulate your blood sugar levels.

Be it a short or long table, or standing or sitting desk, you can draw inspiration from these DIY corner desk ideas. Maximize a small corner in your room so you can work from the comfort of your home.

Do you have other DIY corner desk ideas you can make by yourself? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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