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25 Smart DIY Hidden Storage Ideas For Every Corner Of Your Home

female-hands-opening-kitchen-drawers | 25 Smart DIY Hidden Storage Ideas For Every Corner Of Your Home | Featured

Utilize the spaces in your rooms with these 25 DIY hidden storage ideas for your home. If your home is crammed with clutter, you don’t need to spend on storage baskets and containers. You can make the most out of every corner of your home to make your items organized.

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Make Use of Your Space | 25 Hidden Storage Ideas for Your Home

1. Coffee Table

coffee-table-iron-trim-made-mexico | hidden storage box

Do you know that your coffee table can have hidden storage inside? All you need are some plywood sheets and tools to use the empty space inside. You can either raise the cover or put drawers underneath this table to place your books and magazines.

2. Bay Window Bench

storage-solutions-window-bench-living-room | secret hiding places in houses

You can add a storage bench by your bay windows to serve both as a seat and hidden storage. Make your room look larger with this window bench and enjoy the view of your garden or yard.

3. Hidden Storage for Jewelry

Don’t get your jewelry mixed up in your drawer. Besides, you would also want to secure those precious items in a safe place. Make hidden mirror storage for your jewelry to keep and organize your gems.

4. Murphy Desk

If you want to have a work area but don’t want a full-size table, a murphy desk is your ideal solution. Just fold it up against the wall when you’re not using it and pull it down once you’ll start working.

5. Bathroom Mirror With Cabinet

beautiful-girl-choosing-beauty-products-bathroom | hidden wall compartment ideas

Aside from getting a view of how you look, your bathroom mirror can also function as hidden storage. Simply install a cabinet behind the mirror onto your wall to clean up your bathroom necessities.

6. Picture Frame

You can make a secret cabinet out of your picture frames that are hanging on your wall. This extra storage is a perfect spot to conceal your valuables such as money and jewelry.

7. Folding Couch

Build your own couch with a drawer on the side to serve as your hidden storage. Add some pillows for your relaxation and display this couch in any corner of your home.

8. Staircase Storage

 modern-architecture-interior-luxury-hallway-glossy | how to make a secret compartment in your room

Make use of that empty space in your stairs. Transform each step into a drawer to organize your things. You can also make this a hidden storage to keep your shoes, slippers, and toys.

9. Compartment Chair

Whether you use this chair in the living or dining room, it can be lifted up to show hidden storage. Use the secret space under your seat to hide your precious belongings.

10. Above Your Doors

This shelf at the top of your doors is designed to store your items. You can keep extra towels here or other things you want out of your way.

11. Murphy Bed

small-apartment-one-bedroom-flat-murphy | hidden wall storage

This fold-down bed is placed vertically onto the wall to provide extra space in your room. Pull this bed out of the wall or your closet and rest easy when you need it.

12. Under Your Bed

apartment-bedroom-interior-design | diy

Don’t throw your old drawers and use your creativity. Refurbish and transform them into hidden storage where you can keep your extra clothes. Put the space under your bed into good use and place these drawers there.

13. Under Your Sink

storage-kitchen-under-sink | diy storage

You can make the space under your sink stylish and functional. Whether it’s in your kitchen or bathroom, you can turn this space into a cabinet to store your cleaning supplies or personal essentials.

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14. Pull-Out Pantry

female-hands-opening-kitchen-drawers | hidden storage furniture

This slide-out pantry can do wonders with the small space between your refrigerator and cabinet. Even at four inches wide, you can maximize this space to store your spices and oils.

15. Under Your Bathtub

Another hidden storage you can find in your bathroom is the space beneath your bathtub. Don’t waste this area and transform it into a cabinet where you can organize your bathroom necessities such as your soap and shampoo.

16. Built-In Bookcase Chair

Wouldn’t it be convenient to get your books from the same seat where you read them? Maximize the function of your reading chair by using the space around it to store your books. Now you don’t have to ruin that coziness and stand each time you need to get another book.

17. Under Your Stairs

 modern-architecture-interior-luxury-hallway-glossy-under-stairs | secret compartment in wall

Use the empty space underneath your stairway to build storage. Install shelves or cabinets to make the most of this vacant space.

18. Knee Wall Dresser

Having another dresser in your bedroom doesn’t require extra space. You can build one with drawers directly into the wall so you don’t have to sacrifice even an inch of floor space.

19. Kitchen Column

Make use of your kitchen wall and build columns to keep your items. You can install panels in these columns to store your dishes and cooking equipment.

20. Non-Working Fireplace

Style up your fireplace and make it useful storage when not in use. Aside from making it more attractive, you can also make it more functional by installing shelves to place your books and picture frames.

21. Cupboard Tops

man-hand-open-kitchen-cupboard-handle | hidden storagewall cabinets

If there’s still space between your cupboards and ceiling, you can use this slot and put boxes to store your supplies. If this spot is a bit high for you, you can put here the items you seldom use.

22. Corners of Shower

Take full advantage of your bathroom walls by placing a corner caddy for your bath supplies. You can use suction pads to attach this to the walls so you won’t have to drill into your bathroom tiles.

23. Inside Handbags

womens-bag-black-inside-view-hand | hidden storage space

Owning several bags can already take up space in your room. Use the space inside these bags to store your other collections such as purses or smaller handbags.

24. Electric Outlet

You don’t need storage as big as a vault with codes or number combinations. You can use a small but powerful space in an electric outlet to store your money or credit cards. It might appear as a wall outlet from the outside, but it works as hidden storage for your precious items.

25. Secret Safe

wall-safe-hidden-over-painting-copy | hidden storage containers

Safes, even though they’re protected with a metal lock, can have extra protection as well. You can mount them inside the wall and conceal it with a picture frame door.

Note: For these DIY projects, you might need these tools: drill, sander, and tool kit.

Bonus – Hidden Room!

Whether it’s under your stairs or behind your doors, these DIY hidden storage ideas will give you the space you need. Avoid piling up tons of boxes and start organizing your things with these hidden storage ideas for your home.

What other hidden storage ideas do you have in mind? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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