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Nifty DIY Desk Organizer Ideas To Keep You Productive

Whether you work from home, in a corner office, in a cube, or on a big shared table, a desk organizer plays an essential role to keep you productive. To help you keep things organized and within easy access, I give you these 17 DIY desk organizer ideas! You don’t have to worry about cost or your DIY skill level because these DIY projects are easy to make and are mostly made from recycled items or inexpensive materials.

17 Super Cool DIY Desk Organizer Ideas

Today I bring you ideas that will help you create your own desk organizer for your work space. For these DIY projects, you don’t need a lot of equipment, just some simple tools. These are also easy enough (and fun!) to make on your own. Browse through this inspirational collection and find ideas for a functional desk organizer for your home or office!


1. Recycle Empty Food Cartons To A Multi-purpose Organizer

Empty food cartons give you a perfect organizer shape. Add some patterned or colorful duct tape and you’ve got a trendy organizer to house your work essentials.


2. Minimal Wood Desk Organizer

This project may not be entry-level skill-wise, however, you surely won’t regret the finished product: a simple and minimalist organizer to hold smaller items and can also be used as your phone station. If you want it a bit fancy, drill a little hole underneath for your phone charger to go through.


3. Wood Photo Frame DIY Desk Organizer

I love this wood photo frame DIY desk organizer! It keeps your supplies organized and your inspiration in sight! It may take a bit of a work, but it’s so adorable that it can also make a great homemade gift!


4. Wood Block Modern Desk Organizer

With a bit of your creativity, transform a small wood block into a functional piece to hold your tiniest things neatly. These little things are commonly the ones that are always out of place on your desk. Now you have a perfectly chic solution!


5. Glasses Organizer

Put some old glasses to good use! Simply label them for the items you use most and then store them accordingly. Your creativity is the limit! This is one of the easiest ways to organize your desk!


6. Stack Up Empty Cans

If you are a fan of symmetry and geometry, stack up empty cans to create a clever organizer. This is a beautiful way to organize your desk. It looks simple, yet practical and eye-catching!


7. Anthropologie-Inspired DIY Desk Organizer

At Anthropologie, this type of organizer will cost you a whopping $300, which is perfectly fine if you are willing to spend such an amount. However, if you love to do things on your own, you’ll definitely save a lot. The DIYer made her own for about one-tenth of its cost. That’s enough reason to get started with your DIYing. This Scandi-style desk organizer is made from some dowels and plywood put together to look a lot more expensive.

You can make this Diy Key Ring Organizer

8. Tin Can Caddy

I bet every hard working person loves coffee! If you are one of those who cannot live without it, most probably you already have a collection of empty coffee cans. Give them a new lease on life by using them as your desk organizer. Use your creativity to jazz it up, then simply store your supplies inside them.


9. DIY Clip-On Desk Organizers

If you want your desk neat and empty but require your supplies to be ready when you need them, these DIY clip-on desk organizers will work wonders. Simply mount some grip clips on the side of your table to hold containers of your most used items.

10. DIY Desk Organizer + Cork Board

The remarkable combo of catch-all and cork board is bound to keep your desk exceptionally tidy. The corkboard will give you a space to pin your schedule and reminders for the day.


11. Recycled Juice Carton Desk Organizer

Here’s a very eco-friendly solution to keeping your desk organized – recycled juice box as an impressive pencil holder. This will give you tons of room to house your crayons, pens, and markers.


12. Repurpose Phonebook Into A Desk Organizer

Don’t throw away your old phonebooks, instead, use them to create a smart desk organizer. With only a few very easy steps, transform your old phonebook into an awe-inspiring holder for your supplies.


13. DIY Desktop Carousel

Of course, there’s always a new life waiting for those empty jars you’ve accumulated and don’t wish to throw away. Give them interesting details that will add some personality to your desk and will keep it organized at the same time.


14. Anthropologie Knock-off: Gold Pencil Holder

I’m really beginning to think that tin cans are becoming a DIY staple. Here’s another amazing project using tin cans that look like an expensive designer organizer. I for myself would love to have this on my desk. It’s a very functional piece and doubles as a beautiful decoration.


15. DIY Paper Holder

Instead of stuffing your papers into your already crowded drawer, recreate this ingenious paper holder. It’s great for all the vital things you need to keep near, and can also hold other supplies.


16. Easy Triangle Organizer

Made from super-easy-to-find supplies, nothing will go missing with this easy triangle organizer. While other desk organizers only offer space for small or large things, this triangle design is perfect because it will provide tons of extra space for different size items.


17. DIY Gold Desk Dishes

If what you need is only to contain your tiniest objects, create little desk dishes like the one pictured above. They will give not just a place to keep little things but also a chic aesthetic for your desk.


Want some DIY organization and desk decor ideas? Check out the video below from Nim C:

For a thoroughly organized working station, the main place you must keep in order is your desk! There are tons things that require an ideal coordination and arrangement, from pencils and pens to some basic files and important documents. That’s why you need a desk organizer which will truly help you organize the space intended for your work. I hope you find the right desk organizer from this list! Happy crafting!

Which one of these DIY desk organizers are you going to try? Let us know in the comments section below!

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