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10 Surprisingly Easy Wood Projects For Beginners

You have wood waiting to be used, you have some tools handy, and you have the time to spare this weekend. Plus, you've always been eyeing to add a piece to your home. A wooden frame or decor to give life to your wall perhaps? An additional shelf for the new items? Or a hanging garden to take care of your plants? Whatever your new project will be, we have just confirmed that you are totally up for some DIY work to do. Here, we provide you easy wood projects for beginners that you can start with, so you don't get overwhelmed with the more complicated wood projects. Let's start light and simple.

10 Surprisingly Easy Wood Projects For Beginners

Begin woodworking with the simple ones

If you are up for some DIY projects but would want to start easy, we have just the right stuff you need. Below are easy projects with wood you can start with. Woodworking for beginners should not be stressful. A little hard, maybe, but not burdensome. You can simply turn a piece of wood into a work of art that is useful and adds aesthetic features to your already beautiful home. Enjoy the DIY process, and you will surely appreciate your project once it's done. Read on and check out this wood projects for beginners.

1. Candleholder from scrap wood

Got scrap wood? You can still transform that into something beautiful like this candle holder. You can put some scented candles in it to brighten and change the mood.

2. DIY Project: How To Build A Simple Cheap Work Bench In 60 Minutes

You will be needing this, so you better make one for yourself. It's easy, so no need to worry. With a little amount of time and effort, you can create this simple yet useful piece of furniture.

3. $10 Cedar Cubby Shelf

This is an easy project that will also help the storage in your home. This is one inexpensive way to have a useful storage.

4. Hanging Garden

Upgrade your gardening by involving a hanging garden. A simple project and space – saver, this garden will also organize your plants.

5. DIY Lamp Post

Add this lamp post to your outdoor area, involving minimal woodwork. Light up your porch or your patio with this simple wood project for beginners.

6. Simple Storage Box

This basic box is something that will keep you occupied but will totally pay off because of its usage. If you're looking for another storage, then here it is.

7. DIY Pet Bed

This pet bed can easily be done with a few materials involved, no pressure. What's more, your pet will love you more for this.

8. DIY Wood Slat Doormat

Add this interesting piece in your doorway. With this, you can showcase your woodwork and creativity in one DIY project.

9. DIY Wooden Arrow

Get artsy with this woodwork that will not let you sweat. With a little effort, you can come up with a design that can give a huge attraction to your home.

10. Rustic Outdoor Storage with Wooden Crates

This type of woodwork won't demand much of your time. It will also beautify your garden. Simple wood crates will turn your garden into something interesting.

Check out DIY Pete's simple video tutorial about How to Make a Frame out of a Pallet:

Start with the simple but functional pieces to launch your hobby for woodworking. Creating DIY projects should be the right balance of fun, passion, and work. You may get tired, but you know it's the kind of tired that is worth it. Are you up for more?

Click here for more DIY wood projects.

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