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22 Unique Q-Tip Crafts | Cheap DIY Crafts For Kids

Feature | Happy kids doing arts and crafts together | DIY Kids Crafts You Can Make In Under An Hour

Have you tried making a fun craft with q-tips? Today in this post we’re sharing some unique and creative q-tip crafts. You’ll love how fun and beautiful these cheap DIY crafts for kids will turn out!

22 Unique Q-Tip Crafts

Unique Q-Tip Crafts

While it’s amazing what you can make out of q-tips, art activities are always those that use unique materials for creating. Indeed, q-tips are such a fun and unique tool to use. So get creative and check out these unique Q-Tip Crafts.

22 Unique Crafts You Can Make With Q-Tips

1. Mandala Q-tip Craft

Beautiful! Love how we can make different types of patterns, colors and shapes with this craft! Make it with this tutorial.


2. Anthropologie Inspired Q-Tip Flowers

Cute, cheap and easy decorating idea. See how you can make it here.


3. Q-tip Snowflake Winter Craft

Nothing gets much simpler than these Q-Tip snowflakes. Check it out here.


4. Q-Tip Painted Handprint Cherry Blossom Tree

Make some flowers using q-tips! This is such a great project for kids! Instructions here.


5. Painting Rainbow With Q-tips

Q-tips are the perfect paint brush for little ones. See how you can make it here.



6. Q-Tip Weaving Loom for Kids

This is an easy way to introduce weaving to kids! See how here.


7. Flower Bud Spring Tree with Q-Tips

Have you ever dyed cotton balls before? See how you can make it here.


8. Bows and arrows With Q-tips

Kids usually are fascinated with bows and arrows, so this craft stick/Q-Tip combo seemed liked the perfect starter set for the little knights. Make it with this tutorial.


9. Q-Tip Handprint Skeleton Craft

Q-tips are always fun to do art with and they work great for looking like skeleton bones! Get the instructions here.


10. Q-Tip Lamb Craft

An absolutely adorable craft that you can do with your kids! Make it with this tutorial.


11. Q-Tip Flowers Craft

Make some flowers using q-tips! This is such a great project for kids! Get the instructions here.


12. Erasing letters with a Q-tip 

This activity is brilliant! The kids get to practice identifying letters. Make it with this tutorial.


13. Q-Tip Calla Lily Flowers

You only need cotton rounds, q-tips and straws and viola, you’ll have a wonderful calla lily bouquet in your hands. Get the instructions here.


14. Q-Tip Fireworks Craft for Kids

Have your kids make this q-tip fireworks craft! It’s a great art project for the 4th of July or Memorial Day. Instructions here.


15. Q-Tip Skeleton Halloween Craft for Kids

This skeleton craft is really easy, even the toddlers can make their own. Make it with this tutorial.


16. Easter Bunny Rabbit Art for kids using Q-Tips

Turn it into a card or hang it on the wall, it will look super cute both ways. Get the instructions here.


17. DIY Colorful Hand-Dotted Tumblers

You and your friends will surely have a fun afternoon crafting with these colorful and unique hand-dotted tumblers. Instructions here.


18. Creative Gift Wrap Ideas with Q-Tips

This gift wrap looks fabulous and is very easy to make. See how here.


19. Dandelion Craft with Q-tips

This is super adorable for the kids to make! Get the instructions here.


20. Q-tip Shamrock Craft for St. Patrick’s Day

If you are looking for an easy St. Patrick’s Day craft for kids, this one is for you! Check it out here.


21. Q-Tip Porcupine Craft

This is great for toddler & kid friendly activities & crafts. See how you can make it here.


22. Q-Tip Letter Craft

These cotton swab artworks are ideal for children, they love pushing the swabs into the styrofoam. Tutorial here.


Are you up for one more q-tip crafting? Check this video from Early Learning at Home and learn how to make daisy with q-tips.

Did you enjoy our list of q-tip crafts? Let us know below in the comments! 

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