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31 Super Cool Reclaimed Wood Craft Ideas And DIY Projects

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Turn leftover wood or old pieces of furniture into these cool reclaimed wood craft ideas and projects you can DIY!

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Reclaimed Wood Craft Projects to DIY for Your Home

1. Patio Cooler Stand

Keep your drinks nice and cold with this patio cooler stand you can DIY from reclaimed wood. It's perfect for those hot summer days when all you want to do is relax and enjoy a cold one with your friends.

2. Wheelbarrow Garden Planter

This wheelbarrow garden planter will make your neighbors green with envy. This time, your flowers aren't the only gorgeous pieces in your garden.

3. Blanket Ladder

Display your favorite blankets on a blanket ladder. This will be a huge hit during sleepovers and it will give the room a more cozy feel as well.

A word of warning, be careful not to mistake the blanket ladder for the one you can step on, as it's not as sturdy as a real ladder.

4. Garden Bar


DIY a garden bar you and your friends can use during the next barbecue. This one makes use of reclaimed timber and discarded pallets, while the bar top is made of old roof joists.

5. Reclaimed Wood Bench


This ultra-chic bench looks so aesthetically pleasing thanks to its wooden top, black steel plates, and the faux sheepskin casually laid on top. It'll definitely make your home Pinterest-worthy.

6. Pallet Garden Walkway


Construct a walkway just by laying spare pallet boards in your garden. You can even line the pathway with rocks to make it look like it was built by a landscaper.

7. Storage Chest

This storage chest can hold anything from toys to old clothes. It's made of solid oak and wooden dowels and it can be passed down to generations to come.

8. Moose Head Artwork

Looking for reclaimed wood wall decor ideas? Create a moose inspired artwork on your wall sans the taxidermy.

It'll be an interesting addition to your cabin's wall décor and will look perfect above a fireplace.

9. DIY Pallet Wine Rack


You don't have to spend big bucks to keep a wine collection. Make your own pallet wine rack, as many of this project as you like, on the budget.

This is a playful design of deconstructed pallet boards sure to add a functional work of art to any home.

10. Entry Table


Have extra space in your entryway? Put in a beautiful reclaimed wood and pipe entry table.

Put an accessories tray on the table to have an area where you can put your house keys and extra coins. This way, you won't have to ask anyone where the house keys are.

11. Octagon Mirror Reclaimed Wood Craft

Aside from adding an entry table, you can also place this adorable mirror near your front door. Doesn't it look exactly like the expensive one you saw in the mall?

12. Wood Wall Reclaimed Wood Craft


Fill any room with rustic charm when you place in a wooden wall. Use a Sawzall to disassemble the pallet boards. Trust me, it makes the work so much easier and not to mention, faster.

13. Mason Jar Chandelier Reclaimed Wood Craft


This mason jar chandelier will give your dining room a nice warm glow. Ensure your knots are tight so you don't run the risk of the chandelier falling on the table.

14. Barn Wood Coffee Table


This barn wood coffee table was not sanded and painted to retain its natural weathered wood look. To help seal the moss on the wood, three coats of light spray were applied on the coffee table.

15. Jewelry Holder Reclaimed Wood Craft


Create a fun and creative jewelry holder that will act as a focal point in your bedroom! All you have to do is screw in some hooks and drill some nails to put some knobs in.

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16. Wooden Frame Reclaimed Wood Craft


The best part about this wooden frame is you can also give it as gifts to family and friends. If you place a special photo in, the gift would be even more memorable.

17. Rustic Wood Lamp


This rustic lamp will be a cool addition to your bedroom or living room. Personally, I love how the lamp is both rustic and chic at the same time.

The color of the wood is a good contrast to the colors of midnight blue and white.

18. Sofa Table


Add the beauty of simplicity with this rustic sofa table. If you look closely, you'd see there are two colors on the table's legs.

The trick to this is using a strip of tape placed around the leg, and then painting your first color. The tape helps serve as a deterrent to prevent you from painting the other part of the table leg.

19. Pallet Wood Chair


This is a piece of reclaimed wood furniture to definitely impress your guests. A pallet wood chair will look great in a living room or at a patio.

Don't forget to throw on different textures for the pillows to make it look even cozier.

20. Coat Rack


You'll only need one piece of reclaimed wood to make this coat rack. This design features vintage gate valves as the hooks, and I love how they were painted in vibrant colors. Don't they just stand out from the coat rack?

21. Candle Holder


Turn leftover wood or old pieces of furniture into DIY reclaimed wood projects. When making this candle holder, remember to leave ample space in between each of the holes. If you follow the guide, you'll be able to hold 7 candles at once.

 22. Dining Table


I adore wooden dining tables because they’re a great background for meal photos. Another thing which makes this farmhouse style dining table special is its metal pipe at the bottom, which serves as a strong base for the table.

23. Oversized Wood Dice Reclaimed Wood Craft


This would be a great project for a rustic living room. Set it on a tray, place a plant beside it, and voila! You now have a new wood dice centerpiece for the coffee table!

24. Wooden Box


Whether used as a centerpiece or a memoir box, this wooden box will look chic and classy. If you’d like, you can even put it in the backyard and grow seeds on it to make a mini garden of herbs.

25. DIY Barn Wood Shelves

This set of shelves is made from reclaimed wood, black pipes, iron caps, and floor flanges. Since it has an industrial feel, it’ll make a great accent for a bachelor pad.

26. DIY Wood Crate Shelves


Display anything from these DIY crate shelves and have interesting decor for your chic home. Salvage crates from supply stores, clean and have them stained and voila! Instant statement pieces.

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27. Reclaimed Wood Craft Pallet Art Sign


If you’ve always had a thing for Tumblr-like backdrops and quotes, then you’ll be a fan of this DIY reclaimed wood project.
It’s so easy to do! Really, the only challenge with this project is making sure you write as nice as the photos you see online.

28. Reclaimed Wood Craft Wall Art

This wall art makes use of leftover pallet boards arranged in a wavelike pattern. I particularly like how some of the pallet boards were cut shorter to create pockets of shelves within the artwork.

29. DIY Balustrade Farmhouse Coffee Table


A wooden coffee table instantly amps up the rustic feel of a home. A word of caution, when handling wood, be sure to sand the material first. You wouldn’t want to catch any splinters on your fingers.

Olee Sleep Cocktail Table with Metal Legs, Rustic Brown
  • Solid and hard pine wood - Natural tones and strong Steel legs for durability
  • Multiple functions - can be used as coffee table, end table, cocktail table, office table etc.
  • Wood shelf - shelf at the bottom provides Plenty of space for daily use
  • Basic home decor - fits well with any room
  • Easy assembly - shipped in a box and just screw in the bolts and it’s done

30. DIY Sliding Barn Door


This sliding door is a total DIY dream. It’s made from reclaimed wood and old scooter wheels. It even has an ingenious handle made from pipe fittings!

31. Rustic Headboard

Who knew making a rustic headboard could be so easy? No paintbrush at home to help you stain your rustic headboard?
No worries! Use an old sock to help you spread the stain. It’ll give you more control too.

Before you get to work on these cool projects watch this video from Popular Woodworking for tips for processing reclaimed wood:

Rustic homes don’t have to be expensive, especially when you make some DIY reclaimed wood projects.
Personally, I’m a big fan of rustic interiors because of how they give a sense of warmth in a home. I bet the coziness will get even more heightened with each addition of a DIY project.

Which DIY reclaimed wood project are you planning to start with? Let us know in the comments!
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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March 1, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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