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10 Amazing Pergola Ideas For Your Backyard

Feature | Amazing Pergola Ideas For Your Backyard | small garden pergola ideas

Are you searching for pergola ideas? Take on a backyard project by building stylish pergola plans, a structure traditionally meant to provide shade with the vines growing overhead. There are many styles of pergolas to choose from and finding the right design for your space can be a challenge. Well, don’t worry about it because there are 10 pergola images and ideas listed in this post. Look through this list and come up with designs to make your backyard more beautiful!

Pergola Ideas to Make Your Backyard Cool


1. Simply White Or Neutral

Simply White Or Neutral | Amazing Pergola Ideas For Your Backyard | pergola ideas for patio

As they say, there is simplicity in beauty. White and simple, neutral colors contrast wonderfully with the vibrant colors of the plants in your garden. Think of it this way, it’s like a blank canvas in the middle of the landscape, strategically strewn with beautiful leaves and flowers.


2. No Fuss Metalwork

No Fuss Metalwork | Amazing Pergola Ideas For Your Backyard | pergola ideas for small backyards

This is one of the modern pergola design ideas. Your beautiful climbing plants are given more emphasis if you use a simple, metal pergola. In time, the structure will be mostly concealed by the vines, giving the impression the arches are made only by plants. Varieties of clematis and roses, as well as golden hops, climbing hydrangea, and jasmine, are all pretty choices for your pergola.


3. Mediterranean-inspired

Mediterranean-inspired | Amazing Pergola Ideas For Your Backyard | pergola ideas for deck

A Mediterranean Revival design will give your pergola a rustic and classy appeal. The basics of a Mediterranean-inspired pergola are a wooden trellis, stone columns in neutral tones, large pots, and a brick floor. To emphasize their beauty, try not to overshadow the columns with vines.


4. Minimalist Wooden Pergola

Minimalist Wooden Pergola | Amazing Pergola Ideas For Your Backyard | covered pergola ideas

A minimalistic pergola with a slight industrial touch will complement a small backyard. Its subdued design will not make the ample-sized area seem overcrowded. To maintain its simplicity, use a garden set with minimal design as well and take note not to go overboard with the plants.


5. Arched Entryway

Arched Entryway | Amazing Pergola Ideas For Your Backyard | pergola ideas pinterest

A single-arched pergola tastefully overloaded with vines adds a pretty appeal to your backyard. It can be an entryway to a vegetable patch or simply a partition to another area in the garden. What’s great about this design is it’s easier to manage compared to an actual walkway pergola.


6. Wisteria Covered

Wisteria Covered | Amazing Pergola Ideas For Your Backyard | pergola pictures ideas

A blanket of purple wisteria on a pergola will make your backyard garden extra pretty, especially in spring. Start growing your wisteria from root cuttings or by grafting. Wisteria grown from seeds take longer to bloom, or in some cases, never bloom at all. It is important to note its seeds are poisonous and should not be ingested.


7. Pergola with Built-In Benches

Pergola with Built-In Benches | Amazing Pergola Ideas For Your Backyard | cheap pergola ideas

In addition to a garden set, built-in benches in between the columns of a pergola would provide more seating. You have no reason to worry about accommodating guests during a barbecue party since you have plenty of seats.


8. Green Tunnel

Green Tunnel | Amazing Pergola Ideas For Your Backyard | modern pergola design ideas

This design calls for a bigger area. If your backyard is large enough to hold a short walkway covered in vines, then you might want to try this out. It’s like a small sanctuary inside your property where you could relax and enjoy the invigorating view.


9. Naked Pergola

Naked Pergola | Amazing Pergola Ideas For Your Backyard | pergola designs for patios

Pergolas traditionally have climbing plants on them to provide shade but you can keep your pergola as it is. You can artfully arrange some potted plants around the pergola, instead of using vines. Keep the distance between the slats overhead close for better shade.


10. The Focal Point

The Focal Point | Amazing Pergola Ideas For Your Backyard | different styles of pergolas

Make your pergola a truly artful decoration in your backyard by placing it in the area’s focal point. You will find it highlights a specific location, like pools, ponds, even lakes. A strategically placed pergola would make a beautiful backdrop for special events.


Get more pergola ideas by watching this video of Grig Stamate:

The pergola ideas featured in this post are simple, even traditional. But you can always add something extra to your pergola and make it more unique. Think outside the box and try out your idea!

Do you have something to add to this list of pergola ideas? Share your ideas with us by writing a comment!

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in July 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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