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1. 60 Cute and Easy DIY Gifts in a Jar

Try these gifts in a jar ideas! If you’re in a hurry or simply tired of the mainstream wrapper-and-ribbon combo for your gifts, you might want to put your gifts in a jar. Aside from the all-time favorite 3C’s (cookies, candies, and candles), there is actually a wide variety of goodies that can be stored in mason jars. Is your curiosity piqued? Keep on reading and find your new favorite gift in a jar idea… Click to read more

2. The Egg Carton Fire Starter DIY

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This is a fun little project for a rainy or cold day, any day. You just need a paper egg carton, wax and dryer lint. Takes an hour from from start to finish to make them, and only about 10 minutes of your time… Click to read more

3. 100 Washi Tape Ideas To Style And Personalize Your Items

Using washi tape is one of the easiest ways to personalize any item! First of all, it is easy to decorate with washi tape. You simply use it to cover the surface of the item you want to personalize. Then, there’s an array of designs to choose from—theres’ washi tape for different themes, holidays, and special occasions. There are just so many creative uses for washi tape and we’ve collected 100 of them. Check out all these washi tape DIY projects here! Click to read more

4. 25 DIY Photo Booth Ideas For Your Next Shindig

These DIY photo booth ideas will make your next party way more fun! Rally up your family and friends and choose from one of these snapshot-worthy picks! My family and friends love crowding around the photo booth area. To be honest, we’re usually the ones who take forever because we all want a copy of our own to bring home. If you’ve got a party coming up soon, check out some of these DIY photo booth ideas. They’ll definitely add a ton of personality to your photos! Click to read more

5. 10 Epic Chicken Coops for your Backyard!


Chicken coop these days are much different than the ones you might remember from way back when- those were an eyesore. These new high-end chicken coops are so fancy, you might even want to spend a night in one of them yourself… Click to read more

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

6. Learn to Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products

Check out Don’t Miss These Posts On DIY Projects... at

Natural cleaning products are good for the environment and great for your health as well. Many over-the- counter cleaners contain harmful and oftentimes toxic products that can lead to a range of health issues. You do have the option of buying green cleaners but another option is to make them yourselves. If you dont know how to do this, we’ll show you how to make your very own natural cleaning products… Click to read more

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