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DIY Hanging Macrame Chair For Your Porch Or Room

Young woman at home in comfortable hanging chair by the window | DIY Hanging Macrame Chair | Featured

Hanging out on a macrame chair or a macrame swing at your home is a great way to unwind in style. While it may a little intimidating to create one from scratch, that’s actually not the case as long as you have clear instructions and guides.

Instead of buying an expensive macrame chair from your local furniture shop, just opt to make your own! It’s easy and most of all, it’s incredibly rewarding.

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Here’s How to Create Your Own Macrame Chair at Home!

What You Will Need:

  • 3 pieces of wooden dowels that are one and one-fourth inches in diameter, and thirty inches in length
  • 2 pieces of wooden dowels that measure five-eighth inches in diameter, and thirty-six inches long
  • 2 hundred yards of white or colored rope for macrame. The rope needs to be thick and sturdy enough to carry the weight of one person. One-fourth inch of diameter is ideal.
  • 8 yards of rope that is one-half inch in diameter.
  • 4 pieces of one-inch wood screws
  • Electric drill and five-eighth inch bit
  • Measuring tape
  • A pair of strong, industrial scissors
  • Sanding paper

Step 1: Create Your Frame

First up, you have to create your frame for your macrame chair. You need to lay down your wooden dowels and measure them using your measuring tape.

Grab two of your 1 1/4-inch wooden dowels and measure out the following values on both ends of each dowel: two inches and three and a half inches. Mark these two measurements with a pencil and make sure that you align them properly so you will have a perfect frame for your macrame chair.

Then, get your third 1 1/4-inch dowel and do the same thing but don’t include marking out two inches. You only need to measure and mark three and a half inches on both ends for this one.

After that, you will need your electric drill to drill a hole on all the marks that you just put for all three wooden dowels. Sand the holes with sanding paper to ensure that there are no splinters left from the drilling.

Then, you are going to grab your two smaller dowels that measure five-eighth inches in diameter and slide them onto the outer holes of the two bigger dowels. You’re gonna leave about one inch of allowance on both ends.

Grab your electric drill again and drill a small hole at the center of where the thin and thick dowels meet. After drilling, secure the dowels together by screwing in your one-inch screw for all four holes.

Step 2: Macrame Chair Time!

Once you have your frame all set up and ready to go for your DIY macrame chair, then it’s time to grab your rope! Before you begin with the knotting, though, it’s advised to temporarily hang your frame against a wall and at the right height for you.

This will make it easier for you to work your rope around the frame and create your macrame pattern for your macrame chair.

Once you have that setup, get your 1/4-inch rope, and cut sixteen pieces that are all twenty-six feet in length. Line them up in your work area and grab a rope as necessary, making sure that you don’t knot them together as their waiting for their turn to be used!

Get one cord and measure the middle. Fold it there and grab the loop that you’ve just created. With the loop in front, wrap your folded cord around the dowel and pull the tail through the loop in front.

Do this for all the sixteen pieces of your 26 ft. cords and you will be left with thirty-two individual cord strands at the bottom.

After that comes the knotting! If you know how to create a simple square knot, then this step should not be a problem.

Grab the first four cords and take the leftmost cord. Bring it over the 2 cords in the center, then bring it under the rightmost cord.

Then, you’re gonna grab the rightmost cord and bring it under the 2 cords in the center. Bring it through the hole that you’ve just created using the leftmost cord from earlier. Pull everything together to make tight knots.

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Step 3: More Macrame Chair Knotting!

After step two, you’re gonna complete the knot by doing the same knotting technique above, but in reverse. Continue these steps with all the cords that you’re grouping into four.

Once you have your first set of square knots all tight and ready to go, then you’re gonna move to the next layer of your macrame chair project!

For the next layer, you are also creating square knots, but you are going to begin with the third cord and get 2 cords from each of your sections. Do the same square knot process until your strands are all used up at the end.

After that, you’ll begin to see your pattern reveal itself. So you’re going to do the same thing again from your first square knot from earlier.

Keep repeating the whole process until you have your pattern that is about 45-inches or 3.75 feet in length. It goes without saying that you need your pattern to be longer than the frame because this is a macrame chair and you need more space to sit in, of course!

Step 4: Almost There!

Now you have to attach your macrame to the frame. Grab all the cords from each section and tie a sturdy knot around your bottom dowel, making sure that you’re pulling tight to ensure that it’ll hold your weight.

You can tie a second knot after this and cut the ends accordingly. Then get your 1/2 inch rope and cut about 10 feet from it. Tie a knot with a loop at the middle.

Step 5: Final Touches

Hurrah, you’re nearing the end of this project! Get your third dowel from earlier that you’ve drilled holes on but haven’t used yet.

String your rope through each of the holes that you created earlier and secure the ends with a knot. Cut two new pieces of 1/2-inch-thick rope that are about 5.5 feet long.

Loop these ropes through the bottom dowel, then up to the hanging frame, then down to the top dowel. Ensure that your knots are big enough so that they won’t go through your holes and cause you to fall.

Do the same on the other side of the frame. When you’re done, hang your macrame chair and see if everything is even and adjust accordingly and cut off any excess rope as necessary.

Watch the full tutorial video on how to create your own macrame chair by Do It Yourself below:

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! As mentioned above, it’s quite easy to create your own hanging chair in your home, as long as you have the materials, the patience, and the right mindset!

What did you think of this tutorial on how to make a macrame chair? Tell us in the comments section below!


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