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10 DIY Room Makeover Ideas

DIY room makeover ideas are all you need to breathe life into a tired space. Take a look at these awesome projects that will instantly update your home!

DIY Room Makeover Ideas To Revive Every Room

For a dedicated DIY-er, there’s no such thing as “done.” Our homes are constantly evolving, from shifting to another design aesthetic, adding plants, or overhauling our storage strategy. We’re always on the lookout for new décor and organization inspiration and ideas! DIY home projects are always on our minds, and sometimes, we like to take on projects that will revolutionize a space—like these 10 DIY room makeover ideas you can try over the weekend. All of these are guaranteed to change the look and feel of your space, almost like you did a full renovation, but for the fraction of the cost.


1. Barn Door

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Yes, you can do DIY room makeover to create a farmhouse feel in your home! Now, my dear husband wasn’t too hyped about all the heavy lifting and carpentry, but now he agrees his efforts were all worth it! This sliding barn door makes our house feel more homey and comfortable—why don’t you try dressing yours up with luxe fittings or a bold paint color?

2. DIY Mudroom Bench

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This is one of those DIY room makeover ideas you won’t regret— I sure didn’t, especially this past winter, when it came in handy for all the bulky winter gear my family used on the regular. Make full use of your entryway or mudroom by making a functional storage system and a seating area in one, and it’s so pretty you wouldn’t mind guests seeing it!

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3.  DIY Wainscoting

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One of the subtlest ways to make a room look more “finished” and elegant is by installing some classy wainscoting. It’s an easy and inexpensive room makeover that will definitely add to your home’s value!

4. Fabric Headboard

Never underestimate the effect of a dramatic headboard! Your bedroom will instantly look and feel more polished with a nicely-designed headboard. Luckily, you can make your own fabric headboard with a few basic materials!

5. Faux Fireplace and Mantel

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If your home doesn’t have or need a fireplace, there’s no reason to miss out on the fun of decorating one! A mantel provides great décor opportunities, so this project is a fun must-try!

6. Hand-drawn Tile Backsplash Design

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I never knew you could draw on tiles with a Sharpie! What a fun and innovative way to dress up your plain backsplash tiles for pennies. Go to town with your marker give your tiles more personality.

7. Herringbone Accent Wall

Accent walls are all the rage! Why not use paint to add interest to a bland and boring wall? Your guests are going to love this statement piece of décor!

8. Plywood Countertop For Laundry Room

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The laundry area is a space we often tinker with—from adding more storage and usable space to finding ways to make it more pretty and less utilitarian. Adding a plywood countertop ticks both boxes!

9. Wooden Accent Wall

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Pallet projects will always have a spot on a list of DIY room makeover ideas! Here’s one on a grander scale: Make a wooden accent wall that will instantly make your chosen room warmer and more inviting.

10. Wooden Travel Map Wall Décor

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Wood wall art will never go out of style. Showcase your love for travel with this travel map! This eye-catching décor will surely become the new focal point of your living room. Prepare to decorate around it!


Looking for more DIY room makeover ideas to upgrade your house? Try these ideas from Simple Home Art Decor Ideas:

I can’t wait to break out my tools and rope my husband and kids into making one of these DIY room makeover ideas with me this weekend! I am in love with that herringbone wall, so I may just give that a try. Wish me luck!

Are you excited to try any of these DIY room makeover ideas? Let us know in the comments below! And if these ideas weren’t enough to inspire you to upgrade your space, maybe one of these 11 Awesome Wood Crafts to Beautify Your Home This Winter would work!


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