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DIY Bedroom Home Recording Studio Design Without Breaking The Bank

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Assuming you have all the recording materials you need, it’s time to have a home recording studio design that can fit your needs and can be easy on the pocket for your bedroom.

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Home Recording Studio Design to Try on Your Bedroom on a Budget

1. Soundproof a Room Using Drapes

Soundproof A Room Using Drapes | Bedroom Home Recording Studio Design

Soundproofing is very important especially when you’re making a recording studio. Preserving the best possible sound from a source such as an instrument or voice is very important. How you record and how you listen to playback can be affected if the room is not insulated properly.

When starting your own bedroom studio, windows or mirrors can become an obstacle. Sound waves reflect on them and could make a huge difference in the sound quality in terms of unwanted echo.

To get past this hurdle, you can add thick drapes on the windows. For mirrors, you can cover them with thick clothing.

If you want to add insulation in the room, you can use throw pillows on the wall as sound panels.

For your room door, patching it up with a carpet could help. Just leave a hole for the doorknob. Apply weather stripping on the seams but make sure it still fits snugly.

2. Use Your Closet as a Recording Booth

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A smart and budget home recording studio design is using your closet as a recording booth. May it be for your instruments or for vocals, using a closet can be a wise decision.

Closets are filled with clothes that can be great sound insulators. It is a confined space and a great way to record an amplifier. Whether it’s for recording a guitar or vocals, it’s a great option you should consider.

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3. Consider Making a DIY Vocal Booth


For when recording your vocals, it is also important to insulate and make a sound booth for you to record. A proper vocal booth can be found online but can cost a lot.

I have two options for you: First, grab some soundproofing foam and a box with one whole that can act as the opening for the booth. The box should also be big enough to fit your microphone.

For a more budget design, record vocals under a thick blanket. Create a mini tent, cover yourself up with the microphone with you. It might get warm but it will get the job done.

4. Use Other Options for Loud Instruments

Use Other Options For Loud Instruments | home recording studio design

Recording drums or percussions can be loud and can bother the neighbors. Also, they take too much space, and fitting it inside your bedroom can be an issue.

What you can do is consider other options or cheaper instruments that you may have lying around. A drum pad perhaps or a maximize the use of a MIDI controller for the beats.

There are pre-programmed beats available in most DAWs as well.

Watch this video from Josh and Katie for a minimalist home recording studio design:

When thinking of a home recording studio design, put into account the furniture lying around your room. You may have to ask for help with the carrying and re-organizing the bedroom. Use all the spaces you could use to create the best design.

Do you have other home recording studio designs in mind? Share it with us in the section provided below!


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