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Man Cave Ideas for Real Men

10 Man Cave Ideas For Real Men

Looking for some ways to spice up your man cave? These man cave ideas will have you inspired to re-decorate your “cave” into the cool, refined, and rugged zone it was meant to be. Remember, you can still have a very masculine room without it resembling the dive-bar next door (no neon beer signs, no ripped vinyl seats). What you do need is some raw material here and there, some cleverly curated corners, and a few solid punches. The devil is in the details.

We know you loved our original “19 Man Cave Ideas” So I just had to think of some more even manlier plans for you.

 10 Man Cave Ideas For Real Men

1. Give Your Garage a Facelift

Our first man cave idea spawns from a garage, and all the cool things you could turn it into.

Via  (keep scrolling, it's a lengthy one!)


2. Get A Giant Leather Chair

Whether it's a leather couch, an armchair, or a throne; choose whatever size best fits into the space. Use real leather – the kind that gets better with age – just like whiskey.

An Eames Lounge Chair will add timeless comfort and style.

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Free Group T-Shirt


3. Expose Yourself!

Exposed pipes, exposed bricks, exposed wood… Whatever it is, walls and furniture that are “revealing” will add some genuineness to the room without even trying. Use elements that come from nature; this also includes metal, stone, glass, and plants.

Pictured here, a wonderful storage solution for your wine with exposed brick, wood, and ingenuity.


Click here to make your very own DIY Pipe-Legged Farmers Table – via DIY



4. Paint Your Walls Dark Bold Colors

Painting your walls is a cheap and effective way to make a big difference.  Choose a bold color to make a bold statement.

How cool do these dark and mysterious rooms look below? I'm a big fan of gray and navy – which happen to be classic neutrals, and suit colors!

The darker and bolder the walls, the darker and bolder the man.


5. Include Man's Best Friend

This might be a man's cave, but Fido still needs to feel welcome here too. Click here to DIY a dog bed barrel of your own.


6. Add a Cocktail Corner

Every good man cave is in need of a bar. Or at least a good bar cart. Provide a station where a drink can be crafted, shaken (not stirred), and downed in privacy…

Need some more inspiration? Just ask yourself: what would Mad Men do?

Draper's go-to drink was Canadian Club – his favorite whiskey. Mix it into an old fashioned, or drink it straight up. Or do whatever you want, it's your man cave.


7. Add a Few Of Your Favorite Things

Do you collect comic books? Vinyl? Quentin Tarantino movies? Sports Memorabilia?… Find some cool vintage or limited-edition pieces to add value and character to the space. Nothing over the top. This is not a shrine. However, a few action figures on the shelf make for cool design.

I love this Bachelor Pad with just enough comic-bookness to keep it clever, not cluttered. Tour the whole studio here, it's awesome.


8. Add Some Entertainment

This could be as big as a poker table, as simple as a dartboard, or as small as a deck of cards. Add something to the space that does more than light up and make noise… (I'm referring to a TV by the way… we're getting to that next.)

Above we have a dart board, surrounded by corks for a genius wall-saving solution. (Make it here). And below we have the man cave of Ralph Lauren himself:

What a room, what a man.


9. Get the Big Screen

When it comes to buying a TV you should definitely get the biggest baddest one you can afford. Hint: The best month for TV shopping is late January due to a certain sporting event that airs in early February. And of course, don't forget to visit best buy TV stands review for some advice.

*But Wait!* Before you get the TV ask yourself, how often do you want to see the rest of your household and its inhabitants? If they are ok with you disappearing for hours, get the TV. If you kindof like hanging out with the family (yes, even during the playoffs) then perhaps keep the TV out in the living room so you can put in some QT (that's wife for “quality time”)! This choice is up to each and every household to decide for themselves. 🙂


10. Make it Cozy

Your man cave has to be comfortable if it's going to be lived in. Add some blankets, add some pelts (faux fur please), and get thyself a “smoking jacket” (velvet robe) and some slippers while you're at it…

I love a good pendleton blanket, they're made of nice thick wool. Fur throws are great too because they add a touch of gender-neutral luxury and warmth.


Now sit back, relax, and be a man.

Here we have Clark Gable in a smoking jacket to sum things up.


Enjoy creating your very own man cave, your lair, your den… Whatever you want to call it, it's yours, and ain't nobody getting in the way of you in there. You are free to be a man.


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10 Man Cave Ideas For Real Men


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