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15 Fall Decor DIY Projects

In need of some fall decor ideas to make for your home? If you need DIY projects to work on, these DIY fall decorations roundup will give you lots of ideas. From wreaths to pumpkin decors, I have you covered. All you need is a few minutes, your creativity and of course this list so we can get the ball rolling!

Fall Decor DIY Projects

With fall here, it has always been my goal to make fall decorations for the home. It just doesn’t feel complete if I don’t do anything for this season. I wanted to try some new things for my DIY fall decorations so if you want some fall decorating ideas, continue scrolling. I’m sure you’ll be inspired with these cool DIY projects to get your home fall-ready in no time!


1. Fun Fall Wreath Ideas

Fall is the perfect time to adorn your front door with the coolest DIY fall wreath. If you need some fall wreath ideas, check out this list.


2. Fall Wood Banner

Make your house look festive with this DIY banner. See how you can make it here.


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Free Group T-Shirt

3. Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Fall decorations are never complete without pumpkins. Try some or all of these decorating ideas.


4. Thanksgiving Pine Cone Banner

In case you didn’t want to make a wood banner, here’s an alternative. It doesn’t really have to spell out thanksgiving. Get the steps here.


5. Fall Leaves and Burlap DIY Candles

Light up any room with this creative fall decoration. Get the tutorial here.



6. DIY Pumpkin Flower Pot

This will look great on your front porch or anywhere in your home. Get the instructions here.


7. Fall DIY Picture Frame

Display your memories with a fall theme with this DIY picture frame, it will cost you almost nothing. Check it out here.


8. Fall to Winter Decoration

Hit two birds with one stone with this easy to make planter idea. Find out how here.


9. DIY Tealight Nut Fall Centerpiece

Create a stunning centerpiece that will make everyone wow. Check it out here.


10. Slatted Lantern

Get the building plans for your next woodworking project. Light up any room with this DIY tutorial.


11. Reclaimed Wood Pumpkins

Don’t want to use real pumpkins for your fall decorations? Try your skills in this wood project from reclaimed wood. Get the steps here.


12. DIY Copper + Gold Foil Wrappers

It’s so easy, I’m wondering why I did think about it myself. See it here.


13. Ombre Wine Bottles

Have some wine bottles lying around? Put them to good use with this repurposing idea. Get the tutorial here.


14. Burlap and Ruffles Fall Topiaries

It’s so cute and simple you may even keep it whole year round. Get the steps here.


15. Autumn Leaf Table Runner

Sometimes all you need is a table runner to complete your home’s fall look. Get the tutorial here.


Still want more fall decorating ideas? Then check this video from Niki and Gabi:


Which fall decor are you making this season? Let me know below in the comments!

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