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51 Terrific Ways To A DIY Kitchen Upgrade | DIY Projects

From basic kitchen hacks like cooking boards, storage ideas that are both space-saving and decorative is really cool. There is a DIY for that – and we got you covered here. Check out this DIY kitchen upgrade that you can do that will be a good addition to the aesthetics of your home.

51 Terrific Ways To A DIY Kitchen Upgrade | DIY Projects

Step up your game by improving your kitchen with these DIY projects!

Upgrading your kitchen is definitely expensive. You will need to add appliances, decorations, and storage cabinets which are enough to empty out your wallets. However, with DIY kitchen upgrades, you can save money by upcycling, just simply follow our storage and decor solutions! Below are inspirations to help you make your kitchen how you picture it to be.

1. Custom DIY Rolling Kitchen Island

This kitchen island can easily be adjusted and placed in small spaces, thanks to its wheels. Roll your way to the tutorial here.

2. Cutting Board and Bins in a Drawer

With this innovated cutting board in your kitchen, just simply scrap, slide and dispose! Convenient eh? See the full tutorial here.

3. DIY Kitchen Island with Trash Storage

A kitchen island and a trash compartment in one! What a way to save space! See how it’s done here.

4. Wash Tub to Kitchen Island

Upcycle your old wash tub and make it into a sturdy kitchen island like this. See full tutorial here.

5. Kitchen Island from an old door

Open up to new upgrades in the kitchen, like making an old door as a kitchen island! Check here how!

6. DIY Pullout Baking Sheet Drawer

These smart drawers is the best way to keep baking sheets organized in the kitchen! See how it’s done here.

7. DIY Brick Backsplash

Give your kitchen an break and upgrade with this brick-inspired backsplash! Find out how, here!

8. Kitchen Mirror Backsplash

The combination of mirrors and bright colors of this backsplash will definitely make anyone smile! Get the full tutorial here.

9. Kitchen Table from an old sewing machine

This sewing days of this table may be over, but not for long! Get it back in shape as a fresh addition to your kitchen.  Get the full tutorial here.

10. Lego Backsplash

This cool backsplash, will remind you that playtime is anytime – even in the kitchen. See the inspiration here.

11. Kitchen island Inspired by Pottery Barn

Bring the barn accent into your kitchen space with this kitchen island! Get the step by step tutorial here.

12. Temporary Brick Grill

Treat your family to a barbecue weekend. Grilling out is still an extension to your kitchen, right? Here’s the tutorial.

13. Make Your Own Coolest Bottle Opener

This magnetic bottle opener will surely come handy especially for drinking sessions. Pass that cold beer now and see the tutorial.

14. DIY Reclaimed Wood Countertop

Give your kitchen countertop a make over with the step by step tutorial here.

15. DIY Concrete Counters

Make your kitchen counters concrete. Know how to do it here.

16. Kitchen Cabinet hack: Adhesive Hook

Simple adhesive hooks can go a long way – even in kitchens! Learn more ways how to organize your stuff here.

17. How to Install a Pull – Out Garbage Bin

These pull out garbage bins are really a kitchen must have. Learn how to install these here.

18. DIY Wood Floating Shelf

Give your kitchen a fashion and function upgrade with this easy DIY project. Learn the step by step process here.

19. DIY Rotating Cooking Utensils Rack

Hanging your landles in the kitchen is a convenient and useful upgrade.Get the tutorial here.

20. DIY Butcher Block Cutting Board

Because a kitchen ain’t a kitchen without a cutting board – so might as well make your own. Learn how to do this project here.

21. DIY Coffee Mug Display

Enjoy a wood project this weekend by making this coffee mug display. Get the full tutorial here.

22. DIY Wall Hanging Canned Food

What a practical way to replace a typical kitchen cabinet when storing canned goods. Learn this project, here.

23. Old Rake Head To Rustic Utensil Holder

Just grab what you need and cook! Make this upgraded rake a part of your  improved kitchen. Learn it here.

24. DIY Farmhouse Coffee Cabinet

This worthy woodwork is great for storing tea or coffee in the kitchen. Get the full tutorial here.

25. Upcycled Milk Crate Wine Rack

Outgrew the milk and love wine now? Upcycle your milk crate into a wine rack too! Know how in this tutorial.

26. DIY Suspended copper pipe paper towel holder

Keep pipes from being an eyesore in the kitchen and upgrade it into a paper towel holder. Get the tutorial here.

27. DIY Kitchen Pegboard

Adding pegboards to your kitchen will help you keep track of all your light kitchen utensils. Learn this project here.

28. DIY Faux Bar Table

Now this is what I call a truly unique kitchen upgrade! Get the step by step tutorial here.

29. DIY Unique Pallet Wine Rack

This wine rack is what we call, styling with a purpose. Know the steps here.

30. Rake as DIY Wine Glass Rack

Keep your wine glasses ready at any time with this rack hack. Learn how to make yours here.

31. DIY Basket Space Saver

An easy project, these baskets help save space and avoid clutter in your kitchen space. Know more on this project here.

32. Kitchen Charging Station Disguised In Bread Box

This clever project allows you to prepare a meal without sacrificing a moment away from your charging phone. Get the step by step tutorial here.

33. Cabinet Turned Kitchen Island

Don’t buy a new kitchen island, just repaint an old cabinet and tada! Learn it here.

34. Color Block Wooden Spoons

Give your kitchen a taste of color and paint enjoy decorating your wooden utensils. Get the tutorial here.

35. DIY Rustic Wood Tray

This convenient piece is but a reasonable addition to your kitchen. Make this your weekend woodwork project. Get the tutorial here.

36. DIY Cappucino Cups

Upgrade and get artistic by designing plain coffee mugs you see in your kitchen counter. Learn it here.

37. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Have your soap dispensed from something you personally made. Get the tutorial here.

38. DIY Door Organizer

Who knew doors could work as organizers too? Add this to your kitchen area now. Learn it here.

39. DIY Chalkboard Painted Fridge

Avoid unnecessary scratches that might ruin your fridge. Spray chalkboard paint instead and scratch away with any design. Get the tutorial here.

40. DIY Wooden Vent Hood

Create your own wooden vent hood instead of installing an expensive one. Get the step by step process here.

41. DIY Kitchen Sink Tip Outs

This kitchen hack is very useful you should definitely have one in your home. Learn how to do it here.

42. DIY Magnet Spices Jar

This clever DIY kitchen upgrade hack will save you space at the same time utilize your fridge – on the outside this time. Get the tutorial here.

43. Pot Lid Organizer

You will never forget where you put the lid on, when you got the perfect place to leave it. Learn this DIY here.

44. Making A Ceiling Light With a Diffuser From A Lamp Shade

This is totally an upgrade your kitchen needs. The best part is, it looks expensive – but it really isn’t. Try this one and get the steps here.

45. DIY Concrete Countertop

Another countertop project, upgrading yours is not as hard to do! Get the full steps of the tutorial for this DIY project here.

46. How To DIY a Wood Planked Ceiling

It’s time to change things a bit, and let’s start with your kitchen ceiling. Get the tutorial here.

47. DIY Plate Holder From A Crib

Pamper your plates with the crib that once pampered your young ones! This is an interesting DIY project you must try. Click here for the steps.

48. DIY Craft Crate Open Pantry

This is a fresh way of storing your food! Definitely a pantry to try! Learn this project here.

49. DIY Concrete Coasters

Enjoy this DIY project using concrete, because these pieces will be totally be useful in the kitchen and during enjoyable meals. Get the tutorial here.

50. DIY Produce Stand

Another convenient and must-have kitchen piece, your DIY produce stand will help in keeping your kitchen organized. Plus, your produce will be easily seen and accessed to. Learn more on this project here.

51. DIY Stackable Fruit and Veggie Crates

What makes this kitchen DIY project interesting and different is that you can stack ’em up or not, depending on your space and available produce. Brilliant, right? Get the full steps of this project here.

Here’s DIY Pete‘s video that will show you how to make these DIY Floating Shelves :

There are just so many ways to upgrade your kitchen space! Start making your own projects for your home now, and enjoy spending less by hacking more. These projects will transform your kitchen into a more interesting and fascinating part of your already beautiful home. Penny for your thoughts? Tell us what you think about this list by sharing your two cents in the comments below.

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