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11 DIY Costumes for Teens

Is your teen going to a costume party? If you need some ideas that are cheap and easy to make, try these DIY costumes for teens. You’ll love to make them and they’ll love to wear them.

If they don’t really have a lot of time but need something cool and creative, this list will definitely help you out. From Elsa to something witty, there’s a DIY costume just waiting for you to make.

DIY Costumes for Teens

My teen has been planning to go on a costume party and I’m sure you know how buying costumes can be expensive. So as a thrifty mom who loves to do DIY crafts, I resorted to be best thing I can think of, DIY costumes. If you’re also in need of some of the coolest homemade costumes, then check out these DIY ideas.


1. Workout Barbie

Look sporty while being chic at the same time. All you’ll need are some workout clothes and you’re done. Don’t forget to make sure they’re pink and have the word “Barbie” to complete the look.


2. DIY No Sew Ninja

DIY No Sew Ninja | 11 DIY Costumes for Teens

Free Group T-Shirt
Free Group T-Shirt

So the tutorial shows a kid but I’m sure any teen can pull this off. All you need are some black shirt and this tutorial. You have the hood ready, all that’s left to do is grab a black overall or black clothes.


3. Error 404

There’s nothing worse than browsing and getting an error 404. Turn it into an easy costume with this DIY tutorial. Isn’t it cute when you can turn something this witty into a Halloween costume?


4. DIY Starbucks Costume

Feel like having a frappe? Why not be one. See how here. If you can be pumpkin spice latte all the better. You can optionally write your name at your back or on the side.


5. DIY Cape

DIY Cape | 11 DIY Costumes for Teens

Turn this into your next sewing project. A cape can go with a lot of costume ideas. Since it’s red, you can go as Little Red Riding Hood or a witch, or a vampire, or anything you can think of who uses a cape.



6. DIY Frozen Elsa Snow Queen Costume

I’m sure you’ve fancied to be Elsa at one point. Here’s your chance. Get the tutorial here and let it go! I’m sure the cold never bothered you anyway.


7. Chiquita Banana Costume

Here’s an easy last minute costume idea you can make. Just grab a headband and some tissue balls. See how here. You can be so adorable with this. Wear it even when you just feel like it.


8. Cutesy Minnie Mouse

The hardest thing to make in this costume are the mouse ears and you’ll be good to go. If you’re not sure how to make them, there are a lot of stores who sell mouse ears I’m sure. With that, you can probably figure out the rest, right?


9. Pinata Costume

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Be colorful on your homemade costume. Just try to keep your distance, someone may try to hit you, lol. See it here.


10. Mario Bros. Costume

Give Mario and Luigi a twist by making cute creative costumes out of it. Ask your best friend who’s going to be who then pick out your green and red shirts, some shorts and add a little detail to the hats and done!


11. Social Media Apps

Come as a group or as your most favorite social media app. You can try your stencil skills on this DIY costume idea. Honestly, these are just too cute I’d probably wear them as everyday clothes.


Still want more fast and affordable DIY teen costumes? Check out this video from Bethany Mota:


With all these great choices, there’s really no excuse for any teen not to show up unprepared for their next Halloween costume party. Some in this list are so easy to make, it will just take you minutes!

My teen and I are probably going to try and make the cape. Which one are you going as? I’d love to know! Write it in the comments below!

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