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Amazingly Easy DIY Projects For Crafters

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Looking for some easy DIY Projects? Read on and enjoy browsing through this list and hopefully, something will inspire you to get started with DIY!

With all the available DIY projects that you can try, the range of talent required runs the gambit between novice to expert DIY-ers. But if you are just getting started, this compilation of great DIY projects will give you the inspiration and experience to feel confident moving forward into your DIY future!

Amazingly Easy DIY Projects For Crafters

What is your main reason for doing DIY Projects? Is it to save money? Maybe to stretch your creative wings? Whatever reason, DIY will help you acquire new knowledge, skills, and gain a huge feeling of satisfaction from creating and building your own products. This feeling of accomplishment is perhaps the most rewarding part of experiencing DIY. For children, the skills acquired from exploring their creative capabilities and expanding their confidence through self expression is priceless. Young DIYers become lifetime DIYers!  This list of our easy DIY projects are not only perfect for beginners, but also for children who want to get started with DIY.


1. 20 Easy Yet Amazingly Beautiful DIY Projects For Girls

Tailored to both the young and the young at heart girls who want to try their hand at accessorizing! Find plenty of ideas here.


2. 27 Easy DIY Projects for Teens Who Love to Craft

Pretty sure your teen’s creativity will shine by trying one or two of the DIY projects from this list. Get lots of ideas here.


3. Your Favorite Cheap and Easy DIY Projects for Homeschoolers

Keep your homeschoolers busy by making a DIY project from this list. Click here to find lots of ideas.


4. 10 Easy DIY Home Projects For Kids You Can Do Together

Doing DIY is the perfect excuse to spend quality bonding time with your kids! So make 2 or more DIY projects with your kids from this list. Check it out here.


5. Easy DIY Home Improvement Projects

How about DIY project for your home? Click here to find lots of ideas.



6. Easy DIY Mason Jar Lantern Projects

How to Make a DIY Hanging Mason Jar for Outside |
image via DIY Projects

An easy DIY while recycling too! Find the full tutorial here.


7. Easy Woodworking Projects

If you’re like most of us, you have spare wood stuffed in the garage or piled behind your shed. Now you have a reason to use it – as your next DIY weekend material!  Find plenty of ideas here.


8. 24 Easy Crochet Patterns For Beginners To Get Started

Crochet? Parfait! If you love to work with your hands, try some of these simple and adorable projects.  Get plenty of ideas here.


9. 25 Easy Crafts to Make and Sell

Earn a little something extra while crafting to your hearts content! Click here to find lots of ideas.


10. Easy 3D Star DIY Lamp To Keep Your Night Cozy and Bright

Sparkle and Shine! Brighten up any room with this wonderful DIY. Find the full tutorial here.


11. 15 Easy DIY Fire Pit Ideas

Warm up your outdoor space and explore what your creativity can bring to light. Get plenty of ideas here.


12. 18 Simple Yet Creative Wood Pallet Projects To Give Your Home That Rustic Look

Full of DIY wood pallet projects to give your home that amazingly beautiful rustic charm. Click here to find lots of ideas.


13. 23 Clever DIY Uses of Baby Food Jars

Your way of upcycling and repurposing baby food jars into useful and adorable home decor. Find lots of ideas here.


14. How to Build a Jewelry Box | DIY Cardboard Jewelry Box

Simple and uniquely practical jewelry box that every girl should have!  Find the full tutorial here.


15. 18 More Easy Crafts to Make and Sell

Find plenty of ideas here!


16. 18 Ingenious DIY Projects to Make in Under an Hour

Who knew an hour could be so useful? Try a few of these DIY ideas for quick crafting. Click here to view list.


17. 13 Simple DIY Home Projects For Country Lovers

Love the country look? Pull on your boots and button up that pearl snap because this list of DIY home projects will have your home reflecting the country lifestyle in no time. Get the list here.


18. 20 Simple Sewing Projects That Any Beginner Can Make

Beginner in sewing? Get plenty of beginners DIY sewing project here.


19. DIY Polaroid Frame Crafts Project

How about a DIY to display happy memories both old and new? Learn how to make it here.


20. 3 DIY Phone Cases

Glam up your phone with these DIY ideas. Click here to get the ideas.


21. 10 Cool & Easy DIY Jewelry Ideas | DIY Accessories

Find cool ideas here.


22. Easy DIY Teen Room Decor Ideas for Boys

Liven up your son’s room by displaying his talents and interests. Get some DIY boy’s teen room décor here.


23. 12 DIY Crafts for Dog Lovers

Spoil your four legged furry friend with these perfectly precious pet DIY projects. Find great ideas here.


24. DIY Pore Strips

Get ideas for DIY beauty recipes here.


25. Pie Crust Recipe Even Beginner DIY Chefs Can Make

Having trouble making the perfect pie crust? Check recipe here on how to make a perfect pie crust.


Got time for one more? Watch our video on DIY Projects To Travel Makeup Pouch:

Did you enjoy our DIY Projects’s Amazingly Easy DIY Projects For Anyone Who Love DIY post? What is your experience with these simple DIY projects? Let us know in the comments below.

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