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20 Clever Car Hacks To Help Keep Your Car Clean

Clean Car | Clever Car Hacks To Help Keep Your Car Clean | Featured

For many, cleaning their car is a challenge — maintaining that cleanliness just seems to be a completely impossible task. These quick car hacks, however, should fix that problem and leave you with a car that always looks brand new.

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Quick Car Hacks for a Brand New-Looking Car

1. Clean Small Crevices With a Few Simple Tools


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A simple can of compressed air should easily clean out those small crevices and dusty air vents.

Afterward, wrap a small, wet towel around the stem of a spoon and use it to scrub hard-to-reach areas. You can also do this with cotton swabs or balls.

If those options aren’t easy enough, you can also use a cleaning slime. Just press it to all those nooks and crannies and all that grime should come right off with it.

2. Remove Gunk Using a Magic Eraser


Dampen a Magic Eraser and use it to magically scrub gunk and grime from your car’s interior. It’ll work especially well on leather and vinyl surfaces.

3. Get Rid of Crayon Stains With an Iron


Crayons left by your kids in the car tend to melt especially on hot summer days.

You can easily fix this by getting a piece of paper, placing it over the melted crayons, and running a hot iron on top of it. The wax should leave the seats and stick to the piece of paper.

4. Use a Squeegee to Remove Pet Hair


Pet hair tends to really cling on to fabric seats. One of the best car hacks to remove pet hair is to use a squeegee.

Just spray a small amount of water on the fabric seats before dragging a squeegee along them to pull all that fur off your seats.

5. Invest in a Pet Hammock

Cheap Lovely Baby Delux Quality Pet Dog SUV Hammock Multi-functional Car Seat Cover LY-Hammock001-black

Avoid the hassle of removing your furry friends’ fur from the seats altogether by investing in a pet hammock. Most of them are equipped with buckles, which makes them easy to put in the car.

6. Scatter Baking Soda to Keep Car Upholstery Fresh


Sprinkling baking soda on upholstery and carpets and leaving it there for a few minutes is one of the best car hacks for removing bad odors. It helps kill harmful bacteria that cause these odors without using chemical substances.

Just don’t forget to clean it with a vacuum afterward.

7. Leave Silica Gel in the Car to Remove Excess Moisture

Silica Gel | Clever Car Hacks To Help Keep Your Car Clean

Save those silica gel packets you can get from old shoe boxes and store them in a jar near the windshield. This should help absorb water from the air and prevent your car from getting too damp.

8. Use Seat Gap Fillers for Empty Spaces


Seat gap fillers are a great buy especially if you want to avoid having coins, keys, and other stuff falling through the Bermuda Triangle between your front car seats.

9. Apply Olive Oil or Petroleum Jelly to Polish Leather


Olive oil or petroleum jelly works great as a natural leather conditioner. Just apply a small amount on a piece of cloth before rubbing it over your dashboard and leather seats for that extra shine.

10. Shield Car Seats With Protectors


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Having kids seated at the back of the car tends to lead to dirty backs of front seats. Protect them with a car seat back protector to shield them from messy footprints.

Having a back seat organizer hits two birds with one stone as it acts as both a shield and a storage system for your things as well.

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11. Use an Organizer


Buy an organizer so you have one place to neatly store important car documents like the manual, your insurance card, registration, etc.

12. Always Have a Small Box in Your Trunk


Keep a small box in your car’s trunk so you can neatly organize things like your jumper cables, washer fluid, and the like. This should keep them from rolling around noisily and making a mess in your trunk while you drive.

13. Secure Your Bag With a Scarf


Ever had your bag falling off the front seat and inconveniently dumping out everything inside it? Well, if you’re wearing a scarf, one of the most convenient and fashionable car hacks you can do is to tie it around the front seat and use it to secure your bag in place.

14. Make a DIY Trash Can Using a Cereal Container


Place a grocery bag inside an old plastic cereal container and use it as a DIY trash can for your car. This should come in handy for those long drives with the family.

15. Use Muffin Cups on Cup Holders


No matter how much you try, gunk just seems to love your cup holders. Placing silicone muffin cups at each cupholder should catch the dirt and save you from an hour of scrubbing and frustration.

16. Buy a Tissue Box for Your Car


Always have a box of tissue and baby wipes in your car. Make sure to keep them accessible so you’re always ready for any messy emergencies.

Plus, wet wipes can also be used in cleaning your windshield. They don’t cause streaks so you don’t have to use extra cleaning agents after wiping your windshield with them.

17. Clean Your Car With Castile Soap or Conditioner

Shiny Car | Clever Car Hacks To Help Keep Your Car Clean

Most car washes use chemicals in cleaning your car. Opt for an organic car wash by using castile soap instead.

If you don’t have castile soap at home, you could also use your hair conditioner. This is one of the best cleaning car hacks since conditioners most likely contain lanolin, a type of wax that will leave your car clean and shiny.

18. Take Care of Your Wipers

Wipers | Clever Car Hacks To Help Keep Your Car Clean

Prevent wipers from just smearing water around by wiping it down with rubbing alcohol.

19. Keep Headlights Bright With Toothpaste


With time, headlights tend to get cloudy or foggy, which could prevent them from properly doing their jobs. To prevent this, scrub your headlights using a mixture of water and toothpaste, leave it on for a few minutes, then rinse it off.

20. Don’t Forget Your Wheels


Mix baking soda and water together to form a paste you can use to cover your wheels. Leave it on for a few seconds before rinsing off and your wheels should look like they just rolled off the assembly line.

If you really wanna get your car back to looking brand new, ChrisFix’s car hacks, tips, and tricks should help do the trick:

If you’re a savvy car owner, keeping your car looking brand new doesn’t have to be an impossible task. These car hacks should not only help you clean your car both inside and out, but also prolong the lifespan of its cleanliness.

Are there other simple car hacks you do that help keep your car clean? Share them with us in the comments section below!


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