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21 Awesome Ideas For DIY Journals And Diaries

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Twenty-one DIY journals that'll go wherever your world takes you! They say writing can be therapeutic as it helps clear the mind, and bring into focus the things which really matter. Sit down, contemplate, and put pen to paper with these awesome journals.

Creative DIY Journals To Make Every Day Memorable

The start of a new year is a great time to begin writing a journal or diary, as the new beginning is always fantastic and exciting. With that in mind, I've come to a decision to start writing my own journal. So I've searched far and wide for the best DIY journals and here are 21 fabulous DIY journal ideas you can use to chronicle all the wonderful experiences you're sure to have this year!


1. Hand-Stitched Paper Journal

No special paper requirements are needed for this easy project. Just some good ol’ sewing skills! Gather up a paper stock of your choice and stitch them together to have a journal you can keep for the rest of the year!


2. Wooden Journal

Here’s something a little sturdier. If you like carrying your journal around with you but are worried the pages might get creased, this wooden journal in all its rustic glory is made for you! DIY journals have never been more practical! A light piece of wood is all you need to protect your valuable thoughts!


3. Sharpie Journal

Sometimes, less really is more. With just a gold metallic sharpie, you can create these spectacular DIY journals! It’s the contrast of the sparkle ink and the dark background which gives these journals a magical touch!


4. Anthropologie Leather Journal

Classic and elegant. Great men and women throughout history have been known to possess a good leather journal —Ernest Hemingway, James Joyce, Virginia Woolf, to name a few! Be part of the gang with these DIY journals, which feature an elegant leather touch.


5. Mini Custom Journal

If you’re the type who needs variety and assortment, this is the journal for you! This guide shows you how to make a journal with no two pages the same! The uniqueness of each page will surely motivate you to use it every day!


6. Journal With Picture Cover

Scattered memories and fragments need not be scattered anymore! This journal with a picture cover is a perfect example of DIY journals which aim to make a beauty out of chaos! Just look at the artistic combination of pictures at the cover!


7. Ombre Journals

Ombre is not just a hairstyle anymore! They’re now adorable journals too! These DIY journals will satisfy the lovers of color, texture, and gradients!



8. Long-Stitch Leather Journal

You can never have too many thoughts and experiences! The new year will feel longer than 365 days with this DIY journal which can accommodate anything you could possibly think of! This guide shows you how to master the long-stitch!


9. Personalized Moleskine Journal

Tired of the same ol’ Moleskine everyone uses? Turn them into nostalgic and artsy journals by decorating them with Polaroids of your loved ones! These DIY journals will remind anyone of the beautiful reasons they wake up every morning!


10. Altered Book Junk Journal

As much as we love books, we know they have a lifespan. But don’t throw your outdated books just yet! They can be turned into a beautiful journal with these easy steps!


11. DIY Secret Diary

Some thoughts are better left unsaid — written down and never shown to anybody! Here’s a cute little secret diary for your privacy! This amazing idea will surely keep out all curious eyes from lurking in places they shouldn’t be!


12. Washi Tape Journal

Washi tape has been a favorite stationery item all year long. And I can see why! These adorable adhesives can add beauty and personality to almost anything! You can also make adorable DIY washi tape journals using them!


13. Fabric Journal

Here’s a break from all the leather and paper: DIY journals wrapped in fabric! You won’t believe everyday handkerchiefs are all it takes to make these!


14. DIY Diary With A Lock

With the new year comes many new experiences and memories you might not be ready to share with anybody yet. Get a locking diary without having to spend too much!



15. Souvenir Journal

Works of art made out of varied paraphernalia always delight me! This souvenir journal has envelopes and stamps for pages. They’re also embellished with twine and stickers!


16. Travel Journal

What’s the point of opening up a new chapter of your life in the same old setting? Celebrate the spirit of the new year by seeing new places! And don’t forget to bring a journal with you, which is also in style!


17. Button And String Journal

An old favorite of mine! Two simple things coming together to create one of the most meaningful items anyone could ever own. Document a new chapter of your life with these lovely button string journals!


18. DIY Daily Calendar Journal

Who says a journal should always be in a book format? Take in up a notch with this DIY daily calendar journal. Write one page every day and you'll love looking back at the year that was.


19. Pressed Flower Journals

Any green thumb will surely love the idea of having a piece of their garden to bring wherever they go. Preserve the colorful bits of your garden blooms and use it to decorate your journal, so you'll have a wonderful reminder of your beautiful garden whole year round.


20. DIY Leather And Gold Leaf Notebook

Love everything about gold? Set your journal apart from the rest by simply adding some gold leaf details. This DIY leather and gold leaf notebook is easy, fun, and naturally beautiful!


21. Lego Journals

Lego bricks make most things way better, and with notebooks — it's not an exception. Add some Lego tiles to the cover, build or rearrange bricks to your heart's desires and you got yourself a journal any DIYer will be proud of.


Want to see journal making in action? Watch this video from Kalyn Nicholson for more DIY journals:

In the age of digital and social media, it’s pretty easy to be lured into ephemeral forms of memories. We like to think everything online will last forever. But tweets will be deleted and Facebook posts will be buried under a pile of new ones. Your DIY journals, on the other hand, are yours forever! They embody your personality and will hold all of your precious memories and thoughts without the threat of vanishing. They can even be passed on from one generation to the next! So, this new year, consider making a DIY journal and start truly taking in every moment of your life!

Which of these DIY journals are you excited to make for the new year? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in January 2017 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.



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