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Waterproof Fire Starters

How to Make Waterproof Fire Starters see how at,

How to Make Waterproof Fire Starters see how at,


These waterproof fire starters are easy to make at home.

Check out these really cool small waterproof fire starters we made. You'll never get stuck in the rain without a fire again. These little guys are great survival additions to any kit you have. They can really come in handy if you are stuck in a pickle!

How to Make DIY Waterproof Fire Starters:

Supplies you will need:

  • Soda straws
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Lighter
  • Cotton balls
The tools and supplies you need to make waterproof firestarters

Step 1:

Using scissors, cut the straws into one inch pieces.

Use scissors to cut the straws into pieces that are approximately one inch long.
Cut as many as you need for the number of fire starters you want to make.

Step 2:

Take a one inch piece of cut straw and hold it with your pliers, about 1/8 inch from the end.

Using your pliers, hold one end of the straw, leaving about 1/8 inch exposed.

Step 3:

Now use the lighter to melt and seal the straw on one end.

The lighter will melt the straw and fuse it shut.
Seal all the straws on one end, but not the other.

Step 4:

Pack the straw with as much cotton as you can fit, but be sure to leave some room at the end of the straw to so you can seal it

Use cotton to pack the straws.
Homemade Fire Starters:Twisting the cotton a bit allows you to easily get it into the straw.
Use a small stick or the end of your scissors to pack the cotton into the straw. Remember to leave some space at the end so you can seal it.

Step 5:

Using the pliers, hold the open end of straw, 1/8 inch from end, and seal the other side with lighter.

Now, hold this side of the straw with your pliers.
Seal this side the same way you did the first side.


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How to use:

You are finished! Wasn't that easy?

To use these super DIY waterproof fire starters, you just cut them to use, then light!


Make sure to check out our DIY Pill Bottle Survival Kit we made that has these fire starters in them.

Pill Bottle Survival Kit Contents
Contents of our DIY Pill Bottle Survival Kit

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  1. just wondering if you could maybe soak the cotton in something that will help the initial flame last a little longer to help the fire catch easier? wax maybe ? has anyone tried anything like this ?


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