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A DIY Key Organizer To Make Your Crazy Life Easier

Simplify things with this DIY key organizer that you can easily make from materials you already have at home.

A DIY Key Organizer To Make Your Life Easier

Keys are a hassle, in more way than one.

Simply finding your keys and getting them out can be a burden, especially when they’re dug deep inside your pocket, backpack or purse. Keys, when dangling loose from a keychain, always seem to find a way to get trapped in key rings, headphones and chargers, making the seemingly straightforward process of opening the front door a pain in the butt.

While key organizers would make your life easier, why should you shell out money for something you could effortlessly make at home? Thanks to Instructables’ user Sng_Yin_Jun, you can learn how to make a simple, inexpensive key organizer in just a matter of minutes.

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What You Need:

  • 2 identical flat straight brackets (2 inches in length)
  • 2 sets of screws and nuts (o.5 inch screw)
  • washers (identical in size to screws & nuts)
  • your keys


Step 1: Add Screws

Thread the two screws into the two outermost holes on one of the brackets.

Step 2: Add Washers and Keys

Next, add two washers to the two screws, then add your keys and add another pair of washers above the keys like in the image below. If you want to add another pair of keys, you’ll need a longer screw and another set of washers to place over the other two keys.

Step 3: Attach Other Bracket

Finally, add the other bracket and lock it in place with the two nuts. Make sure to fasten them tight.

Your inexpensive and sleek key organizer is now ready!


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