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‘Puppy Monkey Baby’ DIY Halloween Costume Tips

DIY Halloween Costume Tips

If you tuned in to Super Bowl 50 last Sunday like millions of other Americans, you probably caught the Mountain Dew commercial featuring a bizarre new creature: Puppy Monkey Baby.

Puppy Monkey Baby DIY Costume

With the face of a pug, the torso of a monkey and the diaper and waddling gait of a baby, the little guy/thing elicited an array of emotions from viewers: intrigue, horror, even affection. Puppy Monkey Baby is what might happen if you put your favorite cute YouTube videos into a blender: a strange, un-cute smoothie.

If you hate Puppy Monkey Baby, you can try to forget him (though the image is hard to unsee). But if you love Puppy Monkey Baby,  you can now start planning a DIY Halloween costume based on the creature. proposed a Puppy Monkey Baby DIY costume made by wearing the top and the gloves from their wild gorilla costume, a pug mask, an adult diaper and a hillbilly beard for the greyish chest color. Don’t forget to complete the look with a tail — they found that a black boa works best.

And voila! The finished look:

So, what do you think? Will this be your next DIY Halloween costume?


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