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17 Clever DIY Repurposed Furniture Ideas To Try This Summer

Today's post is all about repurposed furniture! Let's check out a couple of furniture pieces that have been given a new lease of life by amazing DIY-ers and bloggers. One thing is for sure – you'll never look at old furniture the same way again!

17 Repurposed Furniture For Summer Home Improvements

With the help of DIY magic and a bit of creativity, you can turn old furniture into something that is not only unique and modern but also practical and functional. I have put together this amazing collection of 17 DIY repurposed furniture ideas showcasing how clever and creative DIY-ers can be when it comes to repurposing furniture. Before you junk an old piece, or if you're able to find good pieces at a local yard sale and want to know how to repurpose it, check out the following clever ideas.


1. Old Bookcase Into An Elegant Storage Space

Repurpose an old bookcase into an exquisite accent piece with overflowing storage space. Charming, rustic, and very functional, you can make a custom look on a sneaky budget. You can whip this easy DIY in a weekend!


2. Army Ammo Crate To A Rustic Table

A wooden Army ammo crate is a perfect repurposed item to use for this easy DIY project. The easy-to-follow tutorial will lead the way to you having a lovely patio table bound to be the star during gatherings in your backyard.


3. Repurposed Pallet Coffee Table

Have you been looking for a cool project for a pallet? This repurposed pallet coffee table is just right on time to try this summer. Its unique design is sure to gather compliments! The top of the table is smooth, flat, and stable, perfect for holding a tray full of summery drinks and snacks.


4. Windowpanes To A Wood Coffee Table

If you're lucky enough to find some discarded apartment building windowpanes, you'll surely be in for a wonderful DIY furniture project. They're the perfect material to transform to something new, just like this wood coffee table. It looks like a coffee table right out of a storybook and is bound to become a conversation starter in any home.


5. Table Lamp Into A Floor Lamp

Turning a table lamp into a floor lamp is very doable. What's the great news? You can do it without any power tools nor woodworking skills. Better check your garage, your old table lamp is probably just laying somewhere collecting dust. Summer is the perfect time to give it a new life with this stunning DIY floor lamp that will elegantly illuminate any room.


6. Old Bedside Table To A Rolling Printer Cart

Got printer storage problems? This rolling printer cart is the perfect solution, especially if you've got a sad unused bedside table somewhere in the house. The transformation is amazing, no can tell it started from a neglected bedside table.


7. Sewing Table Turned Party Cooler And Drink Table

This sewing table turned party cooler and drink table is a product of creativity, imagination, and the power of paint. You can call it “repurposed fabulousness”. It's an amazing DIY you can do to your old sewing table; pick your favorite color to make it even more fabulous!


8. Thrifted Dresser to TV Stand/Buffet/Entryway Table

Thinking about trashing your old dresser? Think again, because you can transform it into a very functional and beautiful piece of furniture: TV stand, buffet, or entryway table. I'm sure you wouldn't ask for more!



9. Antique French Armoire Into A Sewing Cabinet

If you are a sewing addict, I'm sure you will find heaven in this amazing repurposed DIY sewing cabinet. Gear up your creativity and get ready to make your own transformation.


10. Old Dresser To A Bench Upcycle

Don't just let your old dresser collect dust in the corner of your storage! Take a hint with this fabulous project to repurpose it into a fantastic bench for your patio or even at the mudroom.


11. DIY Tufted Ottoman From A Coffee Table

Here is another coffee table project that brings new lease of life into a tired piece of furniture. It's DIY-ing on a budget with a wonderful result. I so love it!


12. Old Dresser Turned Portable Bar

This old dresser turned portable bar is a simply brilliant! This DIY is sure to beat the heat this summer. With the step-by-step tutorial, you can easily pull this off and have one for your home, just in time for your summer party!


13. Dress-Up Makeover From An Old TV Stand

This dress-up makeover is a work of love for your little princess! She will surely have a fantastic play time in this fabulous dress-up station.


14. Elevated Feeding Station From Old Chairs

Keep your furry friend well fed and hydrated in this elevated feeding station. A perfect project to spoil your pet without an alarming cost. It's pet-friendly and budget-friendly!


15. Old File Cabinet Turned Into A Garage Storage Unit

Will you believe that this incredible garage storage unit is repurposed from an old file cabinet? Remove the drawers and you can transform it into an amazing garage storage space for your shovels, brooms, rakes, and more.


16. French-Style Bench From Old Chairs

Transform two old chairs into one wonderful French-style bench. Then, you can position it in your garden where you can use it to relax during summer afternoons and simply enjoy and admire your beautiful garden.


17. Pet Bed And Nightstand From A Dresser

Want a project that hits two birds with one stone? This pet bed and nightstand is the one for you. You can keep your pet comfortable while having a beautiful piece that is bound to become the perfect focal point!


Want more repurposed furniture ideas? Check out this video from Mary Tardito:

Your creativity is the key when it comes to repurposing anything. But with these ideas for you be inspired by, you'll surely have your own piece that you'll be proud of while saving a lot of money! So, start repurposing now!

Which DIY repurposed furniture idea caught your eye? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.

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