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13 Rainy Day Crafts For Kids

These rainy day crafts will keep your kiddos from getting restless when they can’t run around in the yard. A few showers here and there are inevitable, so best be prepared to keep the fun going indoors!

13 Rainy Day Craft For Kids To Go Crazy Over

“Rain, rain, go away, come again another day!” Remember that song from your school days? Too bad rain doesn’t listen to the likes of you and me. You can’t change the weather, but you CAN change your routine. These rainy day crafts will keep your kiddos (and you!) occupied, while it’s splashy outside. Hey, you might even look forward to the next storm!


1. DIY Play Dough

DIY Play Dough | Rainy Day Crafts For Kids
image via diyprojects

Kids love play dough — it’s fact. Make some for little ones to play with on rainy days. Playdough is super simple to make, using only 4 ingredients. You and your kids will have an awesome time making some DIY playdough and getting creative with it afterward.


2. Walking On Pillows

Challenge your kids and even yourself by walking on a line of squishy pillows. It’s good fun, and a great way to expend your energy indoors. I’m sure you got everything needed for this smashing activity.


3. Long Reach Gizmo

Using a few brads, wide craft sticks, cardboard, and lots of your creativity let your kid’s inner monsters come to life or simply create a menagerie of giraffes, ostriches, flamingos, and crocodiles!


4. DIY Rain Sticks

If you think noisy toys indoors are stressful, have your kiddos create a rain stick. This way their active playing can at least bring your some relaxation. This craft needs lots of adult help when getting started, but the decorations are all down to the hands of your little artist. The sticks are full of fun and will keep your novice crafter busy for hours.


5. DIY Marble Maze

If you got big kids, they won’t be needing your help making this fun craft. After all the fun in setting this up, they can start a battle and find out who will be the quickest to get the marble out of the maze.


6. Easy Marshmallow Catapults

This marshmallow catapult is so easy to set up yet loaded with so much fun. Even you will get caught up in the competition to see who can fling the marshmallow into the target.



7. DIY Indoor Bowling Set

Everyone loves to bowl and making your own special bowling set makes it even more special and fun. This monster set is sturdy and will last for quite a while. It is created using recycled materials, making it simple for children to be included from start to finish.


8. DIY Walking Stilts

Another perfectly clever idea! Put together a pair of stilts from the dollar store and wait when the chuckles begin. These DIY walking stilts make just walking around the house an adventure.


9. Tollhouse Cookie Recipe (Printable For Kids)

Who doesn’t love eating yummy Tollhouse cookies? Use the rain as an excuse to bake some with your kids. This easy-to-follow printable let pre-readers follow the delicious recipe and make it easier for older children to keep track of everything while they’re making cookies all by themselves.


10. Finger Knitting

Rainbow loom bracelets and friendship bracelets are always a hit, but the easier version to try and let your kids have fun with is finger knitting. If you have never done this before, it is a perfect craft to do with your kids.


11. DIY Baby Toy Slot Box

Here’s one that is ideal for your younger children: a shoebox with slots cut on top for dropping in “coins.” Make this simply by utilizing poker chips, or invest more energy and cut your own “coins” in various sizes for different sized slots.


12. Perler Bead Jewelry

Perler beads make a great rainy day craft, but these gals have made them more fun and cooler! Find beautiful jewelry and links to other great patterns in this creative post.


13. DIY Sail Boat

Easy to make and absolutely a frugal project, perfect to make on a rainy day. You can follow the amazing story to create this fun and simple milk carton sailboat and allow your kids have fun floating them in puddles after a heavy rain.


Want more rainy day crafts for kids? Check out this video from Plaid Crafts:

Every year when rainy season sets in, it is a common scenario that kids getting tired being stuck inside and you dreading to hear the “I’m bored” phrase. Fight boredom during storms and showers with these simple yet totally fun and creative rainy day crafts you can do with your active kids.

What do you think of these rainy day crafts for kids? Which one will you try with your kiddos? Let us know in the comments below.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in March 2016 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.


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