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From Junk To Treasure | 9 DIY Projects To Repurpose Old Stuff

There are people who don't want to throw away some of their old stuff. It's like there's a certain special attachment between them. And for that reason, they are not aware that they are simply cluttering up their basement or garage with these unusable odl items. But do not worry. If you want to clear your garage or basement but don't want to throw these items away, why not upcycle these items? To repurpose old stuff and turning them into something new is what we DIY enthusiasts like to do frequently, and I am going to show you a few tricks that I learned.

From Junk To Treasure | 9 DIY Projects To Repurpose Old Stuff

Think twice before you throw something away — it could be made into something even better. There are plenty of ways you can transform old things into something useful. Some of these may take a little work, but the end result will always be fascinating. Below is a list of ways how you can repurpose old stuff. Don't worry if they are a tad bit unconventional or unique because this is what sets them apart. A barrel griller will always catch the attention of other people compared to a brand new griller.

1. DIY Cinder Blocks Garden

Who needs pots when you have cinder blocks to help keep your plants and shrubberies organized and protected. To top it off, you can even create your own layout. Lay them out all on the floor or you can stack them on top of one another. You can even paint it to make it more appealing. Do you think you can stack up to this project? Click here.

2. DIY Wall Pocket From Old Jeans

Nothing beats having your own organizer made out of denim jean pockets. You read it right, folks. DENIM. JEAN. POCKETS.  A one of a kind storage with a rugged feel. Check out the full details here.

3. DIY PVC Pipes Toothbrush Holders

These toothbrush holders fit perfectly inside your cupboard, and all it really took for this project were a bunch of old PVC tubes and a whole lot of creativity. Keep your cabinets organized by learning more about this project here.

4. DIY Recycled Crate Shelves

For those people who live in an apartment looking for the right spot to stack their books or other items. Crates are perfect because of their modular shape and thus you can easily gather a few of them to make one awesome shelf. Check out this awesome tutorial right here.

5. DIY Upcycled Tables

With some rough-cut lumber and some old metal chair legs, you can make one of these stylish and rustic tables. If you're interested to make these, click on the tutorial right here.

6. DIY Clawfoot Bathtub Couch

This clawfoot bathtub couch will absolutely be a highlight for any living room. It can be a bit difficult to build but it will be rewarding once you're done. Check out the detailed instructions of this half-a-tub turned couch right here.

7. DIY Upcycled Skateboard Stool

This is one of my favorite projects on this list. Being a skateboarding and other extreme sports enthusiast and a DIY fanatic at the same time, this project is exemplary. A broken skateboard deck turned into a cool piece of furniture is awe-inspiring. Skate rhymes with create, and there's no better way to create than with skateboards.

8. DIY Upcycled Drum Kit Chandelier

This remarkable project undeniably caught my attention. One unique approach to upcycle and utilize old stuff. Any musician or percussionist to be exact will be fascinated with this drum kit turned chandelier. Drum up some creativity in your ceiling by reading the tutorial right here.

9. DIY Repurposed Chair Back Photo Hanger

Bring back those memories with this photo hanger with a rustic and vintage feel. An interesting project that is so easy to make. Take a trip down memory lane and turn your coat hanger into photo hanger right here.

Check out this video from J.o.h.n Studio that will give marvelous ideas for your old stuff :

I believe that there will always be something valuable out of very old items. A crate can turn into a bookshelf, a broken tub can turn into a couch, and a pair of shoes can even turn into a birdhouse. It's all about finding purpose once more for old stuff lying around in your house. For DIY enthusiasts like me, there will always be something to make out of anything, and that's the big challenge of DIY that we're always ready to face. The satisfaction of transforming something and giving it another purpose cannot be explained. What was your favorite tutorial? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Featured Image Via Twisted Sifter


  1. That bathtub couch is pretty cool! My parents have a whole bunch of old pianos that would look great as planters


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