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7 DIY Projects | Things You Can Make Using Dried Herbs

Wondering how you could use dried herbs in your DIY projects? Check out this quick and easy list of dried herb projects that will add a rustic touch to your home decor.

There are a lot of wonderful DIY projects you can make from dried herbs. From home decor, all-natural beauty products, to food preparation. All you need is just a few simple crafting supplies and you’re ready to use your herbs in the best way. So, read on and check these project ideas below!

Best Ways to Use Dried Herbs

Did you know that drying herbs at home can be as easy as hanging bundled herbs to dry?  All you need to do is secure the herbs with a rubber band and hang them upside down in your kitchen. Herbs make lovely decor and they also make your home smell fantastic. Of all the kinds of foods and methods of preserving them, dehydrating herbs is probably one of the simplest methods. Most herbs contain virtually zero moisture, which makes preserving them quick and easy.  A common practice  in herb drying is to use twist-ties so you can easily tighten the bundles!

Besides all the food preparation benefits of drying herbs, there are great DIY projects to be made! Check out these simple home decor projects that you can make using a few simple crafting supplies.


Freshly grown herbs, right in your own kitchen. Summon your inner chef with an effortless kit that allows you to have a herb garden in your home, and it fits compactly into mason jars. These make great gifts or nudges to kickstart your DIY projects. Don’t hesitate, order today! More info right this way.

1. Dried Flowers & Herbs Wall Decor


This idea is absolutely wonderful and so inexpensive. All you need are a few clothes pins, some tea, and dried herbs! Print out your dried herb names and/or descriptions on the paper you’re using.  Soak the paper in a baking dish filled with water and a tea bag. Leave it for as long as you like, depending on how dark you want it to be. Once the desired texture of your paper is achieved, hang it to dry. Finally, place the paper and your dried herbs in the frame. You’re now ready to hang your frame on the wall or display it anywhere you want! This is definitely a great idea for a happy little home.


2. Dried Flower and Herb Wall Hanger



Simply tie the stems of your dried herbs together with string and hang them upside down from a wooden hanger. This is a great spring or summer DIY project for you to hang above your door! Try making one yourself – it’s all worth it!


3. Dried Herb Wreath Project



We just adore this simple dried herb project. Here, she fashions the herbs into a wreath shape. Perfect for the holidays! Start off by building the frame of the wreath using the long sections of the rosemary and outline them into a round shape. Using a natural garden twine, bind the sections of the rosemary until you have firmly bounded the branches together. Make little bunches of every herb you have collected, and attach them to the rosemary frame using the same twine. You can attach as many bunches you want around the wreath. Once done, hang your finished wreath anywhere you want.


4. Hang Dried Herbs On A Drying Rack

This is a great way to store your herbs for fall and winter. Just tie them to an old drying rack with some jute string!


5. Herb Bouquet Breadsticks

Inspired by a recipe from France, Lucy’s Kitchen Blog made these lovely herb bouquet breadsticks! They look almost too pretty to eat. If these were sitting on my table, they wouldn’t last long!


6. Make Mini Clothes Pin Bouquets

These are a cute idea for adding a bit of rustic feel to your home. All you need to do is nail or glue some clothes pins onto a pallet or cut-off lid from an old steamer trunk, then simply pin your dried herbs for a useful and beautiful display. What a great DIY dried herb project for the weekend!


7. Make Homemade Incense Burners With Dried Herbs & Flowers

Make Homemade Incense Burners With Dried Herbs & Flowers | Things You Can Make Using Dried Herbs
Image via freepeople

Lighting homemade incense is a wonderful way to fill up a room with the revitalizing aroma using your favorite herbs and flowers. Create a bunch of herbs such as rosemary and sage, and some additional plants like rose petals and fresh lavender. Using natural cotton string, tie them together. Hang and let your bundle dry for few days to a week, until it’s completely dried. Then it’s all ready to use!

*Some plants can create dangerous fumes so make sure to use those that are safe to burn.


Want to see even more project you can make out of dried herbs? Watch this video from Guidecentral English and learn how to make a unique frame with dried flowers and herbs:

That’s all, folks! We hope you enjoyed all of our dried herb projects! If you are growing herbs in your garden, then it’s the perfect time to use them for these DIY projects. There’s no need for you to be an expert crafter, as they are quick and easy to make.

Which projects using dried herbs will you make for your home this weekend? Let us know in the comments below.

Have you ever tried drying your own herbs? Then learn how to dry your own herbs with this tutorial!


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