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17 Pine Cone Projects To DIY This Fall

I love finding ways to use the things I scavenge outdoors to decorate my home, so these fabulous pine cone projects are top of my list this fall!

Pine Cone Projects | Incredible Fall Home Decor Crafts

Every time I walk outside these days I see lots of pine cones on the ground – and the first thing pops into my mind is, what can I make from them? It’s a free, natural material with an awesome shape. Without any further ado, let’s get things to work. Here are some astounding ways to turn pine cones into a beautiful piece of art!


1. Lighted Pine Cone Arrangement

This lighted pine cone arrangement is a stunning example of the art of repurposing. It’s bound to become a fabulous centerpiece on a mantel or dinner table and will definitely set the mood better than candles.


2. Pine Cone Roses

Since pine cones have exchanging scales similar to petals – they can be an exquisite array of artificial blooms. Simply gather some big and small pine cones, and a couple of twigs to serve as their stems, and paint them with your favorite hues.


3. Rustic Pine Cone Garland

A rustic pine cone garland truly adds a sense of coziness and a warm charm to your home as the weather starts to become colder. You can even add your own touch by adding in some greenery, ribbon, or whatever elements come to mind.


4. Pine Cone Candle Holder

This is one of those amazing projects that are extremely simple yet so very beautiful and effective. Mix and match different-sized pine cones; you can also paint them gold for added stunning effect.


5. Pine Cone Topiary

This eye-catchy pine cone topiary would look pretty in your door entrance or garden and practically anywhere that requires a little facelift. The secret to making the pine cones look like roses is to allow them to dry out so they open up.


6. Pine Cone Wreath

There are tons of ways to create a pine cone wreath, but this one stands out. It has a cheery display of autumn colors in time for the glamour of the season.


7. Pine Cones Zinnia Flower

This marvelous pine cone craft takes its cue from the firmly-bundled scales at the bottom part of a pine cone, similar to a flower. Give it couple coats of your favorite paint and you got a lasting bouquet of the lovely zinnias.

8. Gilded Pine Cones

These gold gilded pine cones would make any home decoration sophisticated and elegant. Hang them somewhere in your dining area, or show them off at your front door for a welcoming vibe.


9. Spring Flowers

These wonderful spring flowers will surely flourish in your home this fall! It’s a lovely display sure to leave a lasting impression. I’m sure this kind of creation is not only great for one season, but perfect year-round.


10. Scented Pine Cones

Won’t you love it if your home smelled and looked good at the same time? These DIY scented pine cones will give you both, the aroma and beauty all in one without the hefty price of store-bought scents!


11. Framed Pine Cones

Everything looks perfect in a frame, right? This easy framed pine cones craft is such an ingenious project if you’re looking for a unique way to decorate for the season.


12. Washi Tape Pine Cone Turkey

Thanksgiving is here before you know it, and the Thanksgiving tablescape is not complete without its staple, turkey! This washi tape pine cone turkey is an adorable decoration you can do with your kiddos and add your Thanksgiving table!


13. Painted Pine Cone Door Swag

One of the many reasons why I just love fall is its brilliant colors and the many decorations come with it! This painted pine code door swag is just a loud outburst of fall hues! A quick and easy DIY you can put together in no time.


14. Yarn Pine Cones

If you don’t want to deal with some messy paint, these yarn pine cones are a clever solution. Another fun project you can share with the kids, and you can both pick any color perfect for the season.


15. Pine Cone Place Cards

Your fall gathering will fall to its proper place with the help of these super cute and natural pine cone place cards. Simply stick a tag with your guest’s name on it and place it on the designated seat.


16. Pine Cone Bird Feeder

The season is busy and festive, yet let us also not forget to present a treat to our feathered friends outside. This pine cone bird feeder is not only an amazing way to use up all those pine cones lying around, but this also makes a great gift for someone who loves attracting feathery friends to their yard.


17. Scented Pine Cone Fire Starters

Planning to go camping this fall? Better have these scented fire starters ready, so your family can marvel at how quickly and easily you can get a warm fire going.


Want more pine cone projects? Check out this video from Mary Tardito:

Who knew a pine cone could be very versatile? You can do tons of pine cone projects that are entirely original and unique. Create one or all of these pine cone projects and enjoy the wonderful things you can make!

Which one of these pine cone projects catches your eye? Let us know in the comments section below.

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