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DIY Projects: How To Make Soap Without Lye

homemade soap | DIY Projects: How To Make Soap Without Lye | featured

If you’re looking for a DIY on how to make soap without lye, then you’ve come to the right place! Homemade soap making is a big trend right now, with a lot of people looking to be more conscientious with their product choices and opting for a natural soap.

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Here’s How to Make Soap Without Lye!

The Things You Will Be Needing:

Step 1: Melt Your Soap Base

process-making-soap | how to make soap without soap base

First off, grab your organic melt and pour soap base and cut them into small pieces so that they will be easier to melt. Melt them over your stove at the lowest possible setting.

Step 2: Add Your Pigment

creative-woman-putting-spoon-green-yellow | how to make liquid soap without lye

The next step in how to make soap without lye is really fun because you get to play around with colors! Once you have melted your melt and pour organic soap base, you are going to add a heaping tablespoon of your chosen powdered pigment.

Step 3: Spray Your Alcohol

This step is optional and is only advised if you’re finding it a bit difficult to get rid of the chunks of powder pigment in your mixture. You can spray regular rubbing alcohol directly onto your pan with your melt and pour soap base to dissolve and clumps.

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Step 4: Time to Pour!

close-image-woman-pouring-soap-mixture | homemade glycerin soap

Now that your solution is nice and smooth, it’s time to pour them onto your molds! For your soap molds, you can use standard silicone ones that you can buy from your local provider.

Step 5: Add Your Second Color

making-hand-made-soap-home | soap making recipes free

Just like step 3, this one is also optional and really depends on your preference and what you’re trying to go for. If you’re going for layering different colors, now is the time to pour it over with your alcohol still on the surface.

Step 6: Let Dry and Pop It Out!

Let your soap dry completely. This usually takes 2-3 days or more. Once it’s completely dry, pop it out of the mold and place it down on your counter for cutting.

Step 7: Measure and Cut!

woman-making-handmade-natural-soaps-on | how to make soap from scratch

With a straight knife, cut your soap according to your set width with one slow and accurate motion. It’s important to slice it down slowly to ensure that each cut is even.

It should look like this:

free soap | soap without lye

Watch this video from How To Make Soap to learn other ways on how to make soap without lye:

And there you have it for a very easy step-by-step tutorial on how to make soap without lye! We hope you got even more inspired to go creative with your approach. And remember, patience is key!

What did you think of this easy tutorial on how to make soap without lye? Tell us in the comments section below!


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