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Leather-Feather Metallic Statement Necklace

Leather-Feather Metallic Statement Necklace

Leather-Feather Metallic Statement Necklace

Supple, shimmery, and oh-so-elegant, this stunning leather-feather necklace will blow your friends away.  Accented with metallic gold paint in a sweeping, ombre gradient, this eye-catching accessory is sure to be a show-stopper!


Leather-Feather Metallic Statement Necklace
Get these supplies to make this DIY necklace.

-Sheet of leather from Michaels Crafts (about $10).

-Thread that matches your leather.

-Gold necklace chain from Michaels or a bead store.  Make sure you get a chain with links in it.

-2 gold jump rings.

-Metallic spray paint (you can use gold, silver, copper, etc.)

-Very sharp exacto knife.

-Jewelry tools (snippers, pliers, etc.)

Other Things from Around the House:



-Cutting surface (cardboard worked great for me!)

-Plastic to cover your spray painting surface.


Step 1

How to Make Necklaces

Using light strokes with a pencil, sketch out the shape of a feather on your leather swatch.  It helped me to draw the basic shape (sort of like a banana), and then add all of the wispy edges after I had the general shape and size sketched out.

Step 2

Leather-Feather Metallic Statement Necklace

Use an extremely sharp blade on your exacto knife to cut along all of the edges of your feather drawing.

Step 3

How to Make Necklaces

When you’ve cut it all out, it should look like a lovely feather (see picture).  Take a sharp pair of scissors and trim away the “fuzzies” around the edges of any cuts that got a little ragged.

Step 4

Jewelry Making Ideas

Thread your sewing machine with the coordinated thread that matches your leather, and do a simple stitch down the center of the feather.  Do a single backstitch at the top and bottom of the feather (this will help anchor the necklace chain later).

Step 5

Handmade Jewelry

Time to bust out that metallic spray paint!  Use a generous amount of spray paint on the tip of the feather, and then move the spray can further away as you spray towards the other end of the feather.  Starting with the spray can close to the leather and then getting further away as you spray in a quick, sweeping motion, is what gives the “ombre” look to the piece with that gold gradient.

Step 6

How to Make a Feather Necklace

Use your jewelry wire cutters to snip your necklace chain right in the middle.

Step 7

Leather-Feather Metallic Statement Necklace

Time to attach the jump rings – one to each end of the feather.  Use the exacto knife to poke two little holes on each end of the feather (one on either side of the sewing machine stitching).  In the Step 7 photo, you can see the way to stick the jump ring through the leather.  It should only be visible a tiny bit on the front of the feather.

Step 8

Jewelry Making Ideas

Once the rings are threaded through the leather, don’t pinch them closed just yet –  first, hook the ends of the necklace chain through the jump rings, and then you can pinch them closed.
Ta-dah!  You are finished with your lovely, soft, elegant leather necklace.

DIY Necklace Tutorial
Don’t you just love this eye-catching DIY necklace? We sure do.

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