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Homemade Lotion Bars: A Great Gift

How to Make Homemade Lotion Bars 

We like making stuff at home, especially when it is better than what you find in stores, or we can make it cheaper. Cosmetic products can be insanely expensive, but we love them. Ever heard of lotion bars? They are a great, luxurious bath item, but we do not like paying the retail price. These can range from $5-$15 dollars in the store  Lotion bars are super easy to make, there’s no need to worry about making a big mess in the kitchen.  This is a great way to save money on a cool gift, even if it is just for you.

With the holidays approaching, it’s nice to know how to make beautiful, aromatic lotion bars at home.

 They make perfect gifts for those dear to you. For those who received or accidentally picked up tiny little molds for baking, yet you don’t have any idea where you’re going to use it, you’ll certainly be thrilled to kn0w exactly how to put those to use! Any basic shape works for a mold. If you do not have a mold, use wax lined paper cups.


Homemade Lotion Bar Recipe

The simple ingredients:

  • Shea Butter
  • Beeswax
  • sweet almond oil (you may utilize other kinds of carrier oil)
  • 15 drops of any kind of essential oil (optional, but we recommend it) Use oils like rose, geranium, peppermint, lemon, orange, basil, or any others you like

Tools and other items:

  • large pot
  • stirring spoon
  • molds to make bars (lots of options here- silicon muffin cups, muffin pans, silicone ice cube trays, candy molds, Altoid tins and even wax lined paper cups work. You can also use something larger as a mold, for instance a bread pan, then simply slice pieces of lotion bar when your bar is completely cool.)

The Process:

Though you can do this process with a little less precision, it’s still much better to have a kitchen scale. Generally, the 3 primary ingredients must be weighted out; so that they have similar measurements (3 oz is a decent way to start with)


  • You may opt to grate the beeswax, and then smash it in a measuring cup. The measurement of your beeswax must be the basis of the measurement of other ingredients. For instance, if you only acquired ½ cup of beeswax, then the oil must also be 1/2c. The Shea Butter on the other hand must measure below ½ cup, and it is due to the fact that it is quite heavy and dense.


  • Using a double boiler (or can be a little pot that is on top of a big pot, which is filled with hefty amount of water), heat the water close to boiling. If you’ll use the good old fashion double boiler, ensure that water won’t reach the top pot, since it could ruin the lotion bar recipe.


  • You should let the water in the pot at the bottom, reach steaming point. This is also the right time to add the beeswax.


  • Stir the beeswax, but not too much, until it begins to melt down. Add your desired oil.


  • Continue to stir the ingredients, until the beeswax completely melts down.


  • Once the beeswax melted, you can already add the Shea Butter. Note: Shea Butter is quite finicky,  if heated in too high temp or for long amount of time, it may become course and unusable. It is important to get this heated at the right temperature for to proper amount of time.  You only need to heat it until it melts completely. It will melt quickly. Just be sure to check the temperature before you start and watch it as it melts.


  • Add the smooth stuff into the mixture, and then stir.


  • If you’re sure that the Shea Butter has melted thoroughly, and that the mixture for the lotion bar has been incorporated completely, remove it from the heat and place it to your desired molds.
  • Before it begins to cool, pour the mixture in the mold.


  • While cooling, yet far before it finally sets, add 15drops of your chosen essential oil/oils, and then stir using a toothpick.


  • You may opt to place the mold in the freezer to speed up the setting time, or you may simply leave the mold in room temperature for couple of hours.


  • If placed inside the freezer, after 15 minutes, you can already view your master piece(s)


Every lotion bar enthusiast will definitely enjoy doing the process, we love to get creative with the many pretty accents, shapes and scents.



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